About Me

rebekkaI believe that learning how to look after ourselves is our most important task.

My name’s Rebekka K. Steg, and I’m passionate about learning and figuring out how we make the most of our talents, get better at loving and caring for ourselves.

I work with brave, courageous women helping them reclaim their self-love, energy and passions.

My life has been a journey of figuring out how to best stay true to myself – in health, self-care work, religion + more. Learning how to best care for my body – with various health challenges such as Endometriosis, eczema, asthma + allergies etc. Learning how to look after my mind, learning how to be kind to myself, how to deal with anxiety, depression and perfectionism, embracing being an introvert, INFJ and my unique strengths.

My passion is helping people figure these things out for themselves. Be a sounding board. Ask a thought-provoking question. Provide an insight. Be a glimmer of hope and encouragement.

This site is for women who want to learn how to look after themselves. All of themselves.


About me

I am Danish, INFJ, feminist, Atheist (ex-Christian, ex-Muslim), avid reader (52+ books a year). I’m passionate about personal development, asking the hard questions and seeing the beauty in every moment.

I write about..


Gaslighting + Emotional Abuse

Book reviews

Love Languages

Paleo/Primal Recipes




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