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Writer’s Wednesday: Yes Means Yes! by Jaclyn Friedman & Jessica Valenti

Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape is a fantastic anthology edited by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti. It is groundbreaking in dismantling our beliefs around rape, but instead putting in a framework of enthusiastic consent and respect for female sexual pleasure. Friedman and Valenti have found an incredible array …

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Link Love (2014-03-11)

Thought-provoking “In practice, that means HSPs tend to avoid violent movies, are easily overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises, get rattled when two people are talking to them at once, and need time and space to regroup during especially busy days.” Let’s talk about highly sensitive people – Modern Mrs Darcy 10 of the …

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Link Love (2014-03-08)

Thought-provoking “You might not realise, but real life is a game of strategy. There are some fun mini-games – like dancing, driving, running, and sex – but the key to winning is simply managing your resources.” Life is a game. This is your strategy guide. – Oliver Emberton The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design …

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Link Love (2014-03-01)

Thought-provoking Infographic: Science of Happy Relationships – Happify “Like most mortals out there, I suffer from a sometimes-paralysing sense that, unlike everyone else in the world, I’m just making it all up as I go along, flying by the seat of my pants, and someday someone’s gonna find out I’ve been faking it all this …

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Writer’s Wednesday: Power by Shaun McGonigal

Power (Protection) by Shaun McGonical takes you into a fascinating, sci-fi, future dystopian world. A world that battles with issue of religion, issues of power and how far we should be allowed to go in our “protection” of others. Shaun McGonical is one of the author’s and founder of PolySkeptic, which is how I came across …

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Link Love (2014-02-25)

Thought-provoking “No. I didn’t know. I didn’t know or think any of this. I was a kid who got good grades and went to college and worked hard. I thought everybody had the experience I was having with alcohol. I thought I was “having fun” like everybody else. And by the time I realized I …

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Link Love (2014-02-21)

Thought-provoking “Quitting something can be hard, it’s true. But not quitting them is harder — you have to live with health problems (or other problems) for the rest of your life. That’s years of pain vs. a few days or weeks of struggle. To me, the choice is clear — choose yourself.” I Tried to …

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Twitterature February 2014

Welcome to Twitterature for February 2014. As always linking up with the wonderful Moderns Mrs. Darcy. Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape by Jaclyn Friedman & Jessica Valenti: Powerful, thought-provoking and oh so important. #MustRead How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk by Bruce Kasanoff: Great introduction on networking & …

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Writer’s Wednesday: How to Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk – Bruce Kasanoff

Full disclosure, I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk by Bruce Kasanoff is a quick and easy read, but that doesn’t take away from the timeless and inspirational content. Kasanoff’s writing style is very clear, precise and easy to understand. The basic …

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Link Love (2014-02-04)

Equality “If you haven’t heard of CeCe, here’s the deal: She’s been in prison since 2011 for killing a man in self-defence. And not the kind of self-defence where you think someone’s looking at you funny or walking around the place carrying suspicious Skittles so you shoot them point-blank and get away scot-free. This is …

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