Link Love (20/05/2012)

On my old blog I used to do bi-weekly link-collections, and I was asked to continue them. I am however considering changing up the format, so I will be experimenting a bit and asking for your advice. The following is a “standard” Link Love as I have done them so far.

News Across the World:
Afghanistan: Afghan girl’s school shut down, Taliban blamed – Al ArabiyaWhat It Means to Be a Mother in Afghanistan – Care2 & They are living in hell – DV

Indonesia: Islamists Stall Gender Equality Bill – IPS

Kyrgyzstan: Justice Elusive for Kidnapped Brides – Eurasia

Tunisia: “Terrified to be Penetrated”: Deconstructing Virginity – Tunisia Live

US: Amendment Two – Unreasonable Faith & Muslim woman wins $5 million verdict from AT&T for discrimination – Reuters

Worldwide: It’s More Dangerous to be a Woman than a Soldier in Modern Conflict – Gender Focus & Rape culture rampant in Missoula, Montana and everywhere else too – Feministing

The Real Reason Women Work – Psychology Today

The Place Where Things Collide – The Good Men Project

Whatever You Do, Don’t Be a Celebrity – Goins, Writer


The Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Believe in God – Greta Christina’s Blog & Part 2

Rebutting Ken Ham’s Response – Love, Joy, Feminism

The World: (Not So) Evil and Dangerous – No Longer Quivering

Ricky Gervais: Why I’m An Atheist – Wall Street Journal

A Response to ‘Five Reasons Christians Should Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage’ – Friendly Atheist

The Ladies of the Avengers – Gender Focus

A Primer for Men on Women’s Rights – Care2

Obama, gay marriage, and the law: what his support means – Slate Magazine

Online Dating’s Icky “Yellow Fever” Fetishists – Buzz Feed

Top GOP Pollster to GOP: Reverse On Gay Issues – The Daily Beast

Can Hipsters Be Racists, Too? – The Good Men Project


Chicken Cordon Bleu – Wellness Mama

Raw Milk Reality: Is Raw Milk Dangerous? – Chris Kresser

Eating Disorders and A Paleo Diet – Paleo Diet Lifestyle

The Truth about Circumcision – Authentic Parenting

29 Kid Friendly Ways to get Cultured Foods into Your Child’s Diet! – Domestic Diva

Beauty & Body Image:

Clothing for Busty Women – Inside Out Style Blog

Hillary Clinton’s Makeup-Free Photos: Putting On A Brave Face – The Daily Beast

Guest Post: Can Large Busts Do Delicate – The Full Figured Chest

Oh bikini season, up yours! – Fit and Feminist

Modernizing Modesty: the Hijab and Body Image – Boing Boing

Throwing off the shackles of modesty – Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care

Happiness Myth No. 8: You’ll Be Happy As Soon As You… – The Happiness Project

Are You Postponing Your Life Until Tomorrow? 8 Ways to Start Living NOW – Pick The Brain

How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – When I Grow Up

If You Want Something, Ask – Danielle Dowling


How Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Blog – Goins, Writer

How to Gain Control Over Your Freelancing Life – The Renegade Writer

1,000 Books A Year: How to Read Faster and Understand More – Livehacked

How to Shave Ten Hours Off Your Work Week – Michael Hyatt

9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster – ProBlogger

Why Posting Every Day is a Silly Strategy (And What to Do Instead) – Boost Blog Traffic

If you come across any great articles, please send them my way at rebekkaksteg[at]gmail[dot]com .


  1. Thanks for the Renegade Writer shout out!


    • You’r very welcome – love your site, and your book! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Thanks for the link!


  3. Hey there–thanks for the mention!


    • You’re very welcome, only found your blog recently but I love it!


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