Link Love (22/05/2012)

As discussed at my previous Link Love, I wanted to experiment a bit with the format. In this Link Love I’ll write a line or two about most of the links. Please let me know what you think of this, and if it makes a big difference to you or not. Enjoy!

News Across the World:
Bangladesh: Young Bangladeshi woman learns to write again after her husband’s vicious attack: Brave recovery of mutilated Bangladesh woman – BBC & Bangladesh teacher arrested over burns on pupils’ legs – BBC

Germany: A group of young, Muslim men question the concept of honour in Germany: In the Firm Grip of Honour – Qantara

India: Muslim families have more girls than Hindu families: Muslims show better sex ratio in India – India News

Kuwait: Women are given legal permission to be hired in entry-level positions with the Justice Ministry: Court Victory for Women’s Rights – Eurasia Review But the men aren’t happy about this: Bill proposed to prevent ‘female judges’ – Kuwait Times

Oman: Once again female Muslims have to fight for the right to pray in the mosques: Women seek entry to mosques to offer prayers – Oman Tribune

Turkey: These women are often isolated cause they don’t speak the language and are kept at home: Kurdish Female Migrants Meet Isolation in Istanbul – Womens eNews

“We do not choose the sexual identity into which we are born. So let’s celebrate the glory of a gift that is mysterious and which gives us some of the most transcendent moments of our fleeting lives.” Choosing If, Not How, We Love – Care2

“You see, it’s not the first impression that matters, but the fifth. The one after the few awkward exchanges at the beginning — that’s where real relationship happens.” Why First Impressions Aren’t Nearly As Important as We Think – Goins, Writer

“One thing that has been lost in the internet is that just like in life, you don’t have to share your every passing thought. For while you may well be entitled to your opinion, you are also more than entitled to keep it to yourself.” Are You Entitled to Your Opinion? – Bangs and a Bun

“This article brought together all the problems I have with believing Christianity. The argument here is that God created the world and mankind knowing that man would sin and knowing that Jesus would have to die on the cross and knowing that millions and billions of people would refuse his “gift” and wind up in hell. This just seems weird and twisted.” Omniscience, the Trinity, and Free Will: Why I Can’t Believe – Love, Joy, Feminism

“To argue, “We don’t know exactly how this happened, therefore it’s reasonable to say that God made it happen” is called arguing from ignorance, and it’s a logical fallacy. There’s no more need to explain the cosmos with intelligent design than there is to explain life with it.” The Argument From Design – Greta Christina’s Blog

How to cope with leaving a religion that shaped your life: Losing My Religion – A Muslimah Apostate

When religionists draw straw men rather than coming up with proper arguments: Dear Bad Catholic, You Haven’t Knocked Down Our Arguments – Friendly Atheist

“To create this profile, she’s pulled from research in sociology and psychology and condensed the findings into three categories: atheists are likely to be highly individualistic, systematic thinkers, with a penchant for pragmatism.” Atheism: a personality profile – Science on Religion

“Religious believers often try to defend the ridiculousness of God’s commands in the Bible by asking me, “Who are you to question God?” Who am I indeed? I think the question I would like them to answer is, “If we don’t question God, who will?”” If We don’t, Who Will? – Dangerous Talk

“But it’s a JOOOOOKE.” Here’s the thing about jokes. They only work when they’re aiming up.” A Complete Guide to ‘Hipster Racism’ – Jezebel

“I hear people talk about how much harder and more violent life has been for black Americans than for gay Americans, as if there’s an Oppression Olympics. The comparison is irrelevant. Hearing of the legalized discrimination of a group of people should send chills down black backs. We know what that feels like.” Will Black Voters Punish Obama for Gay-Marriage Support – TIME

“The targets feature a faceless figure wearing a hoodie and carrying skittles, like Trayvon Martin was the night he was shot by George Zimmerman. The ten packs were so popular, they sold out within two days.” Trayvon Martin shooting targets sold online – Feministing

Gendered Pricing: The Surprising Costs of Being a Woman – LearnVest

SPLC Wants End to Gay Cure Therapy – Care2

“Now this being so, how much happier and better would the world not be if only it could be purged of women?” Ought women not to be abolished altogether? – Letters of Note

“Researchers say the culprit is academic ambition: spending too much time studying indoors and not enough hours in bright sunlight is ruining kids’ eyesight” Study: Up to 90% of Asian Schoolchildren Are Nearsighted – TIME

“If you’ll allow a repetition: any motion is better than no motion at all. ” The 9-5 Guide to Staying Active – zen habits

Delicious-looking recipe: Grain Free and Paleo Friendly Strawberry Crepes/Strawberry Sauce Recipe – Budget Paleo

Beauty & Body Image:
“But my main problem with this rationale is that it seems to absolve men from any responsibility for their own thoughts and puts it all on the woman and her clothing choices. And its only a small step from that to saying that rape victims only have themselves to blame if they were wearing revealing clothes” Modest dressing – Oranges and Apples

““At the shop” we were sisters, even when we were strangers, because being without a done ‘do was like being naked in public.  But between our sing alongs and gossip, no one noticed.  The salon was a meeting place, the great equalizer—like church, but without the judgment.” Beauty Parlor Politics – The Crunk Feminist Collective

““Lots of women have no idea what they look like,” said makeup artist Chrissie Eden DiBianco when I interviewed her last year. And looking at this list, it’s clear I’m one of them.” My Own Private Beauty Myth – The Beheld

“I do empathize with the pressure Johnson is under, though a dancing career that never materialized is obviously a different animal than a historical showing at the Olympic Games. But what I find so utterly disappointing is that Johnson, in recognizing how utterly destructive the manufacturing of ‘acceptable’ body standards are, is uniquely positioned to reject those standards, or embrace them.” Why Shawn Johnson’s Weight Loss is Not Heroic – Adios Barbie

“We are all works in progress and our level of confidence and self-belief fluctuates regularly which is perfectly normal and ok.  We all have down moments, days and even weeks.  The most important thing is to get back up and on with the business of being your best self as soon as you can.” Beautiful Tips for Building Your Confidence – Beautiful You

“grief lives in the photographs, in the clothes that will never be worn, in the watch collection that sits in a drawer, in the chain around your neck he’ll never wear, in the blog posts she’ll never read.” grief – Margarita Tartakovsky

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.” 9 Things No One Wants to Regret When They’re Older – Marc and Angel

“The process of following one’s dreams, intuitions, and inner guidance, however, is not as easy as we would like. It requires facing fears that we have long ignored, taking risks we have felt too scared to take, and learning more about ourselves than we ever have before.” Fears, Risks, & Following Our Dreams – these light footsteps

“See, sometimes you can’t let everything go all at once, sometimes you set pieces down one-by-one-by-one. You need to say goodbye to them, and examine why you kept trekking along with all that mess for so long.” What are you holding on to that is no longer serving you? – Roots of She

“Which I finally identified as a deep part of me holding tight-fisted to the belief that my work is all for naught until I understand everything about everything. Which, clearly, means my work will always be for naught.” How to learn to believe what you only “believe” – Trust Tending

10 Productivity Hacks for Freelancers – The Renegade Writer

The best copywriters in the world are those who are curious about life, read a great deal, have many hobbies, like to travel, have a variety of interests, often master many skills, get bored and then look for other skills to master. They hunger for experience and knowledge and find other people interesting. They are very good listeners.” The New Style of Writing for the Net (Are You Up With the Play?) – Write to Done

Yes, You Can Stay on Top of Email – Michael Hyatt

“But you first need to recognize and acknowledge where these weaknesses lie–for me, a lack of sleep can have a serious effect on my productivity. Once you know what your weaknesses are, though, you can start to overcome them one at a time and push through from idea to done.” How to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write – Livehacked

“Introverts often need some time to work through a difficult problem or think things over before coming to a decision. Since people are not mind readers, this can sometimes be misunderstood. Extraverts—by definition who process information by talking—may mistakenly think that an introvert is indecisive, slow, lacking in social skills, or unwilling to collaborate. It is our human nature to make such judgments. It is unfair, but you can be proactive in managing the impressions that others have of you.” How to Be More Effective: Tips for Introverts – The QuickBase Blog

“There’s a difference between superficial love and mature love. Mature love does not lose itself in another person, but rather fuses with another person while still maintaining a sense of individuality. When a couple is so engrossed in each other that they do not strive to improve themselves, but are only obsessed with serving or dominating their partner, this is dependence, and not love.” 4 Important Characteristics About Love – Simple Marriage

How to end an emotional affair – Project Happily Ever After

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