Link Love (02/06/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: “Now Kabul’s only female driving instructor, she teaches women a rare skill that confronts harsh opposition in ultra-conservative, Muslim Afghanistan.” REFILE-Afghan woman pushes for rights from behind the wheel – AlertNet & “Despite the best efforts of the international community and some of the more ‘enlightened’ elements of the current Afghan government, the kind of aggressive ultra-misogyny that marked the Taliban years (when religious police forced all women off the streets of Kabul, and ordered people to blacken their windows so that women would not be visible from the outside) is still evident in parts of the country.” Girl Power – Al Jazeera

Algeria: “Algeria’s legislative election saw women take almost a third of the seats, making the national assembly the most gender-balanced in the region but activists say the battle is far from being won.” Algerian women claw their way into parly – News24

Indonesia: ““They said that if societal norms, regardless of whether they’re based in culture, are exploitative and violate human rights, then they need to be reformed,” she said. “Instead of protecting the rights of women, a lot of regulations criminalize and victimize them.” ” Pushing for Women’s Progress – The Jakarta Globe & Indonesian Islamist mob hurls bag of urine at Christians – WorldWide Religious News

Iran: “Until now, conservatives and traditionalists have prevented women from attending matches, and as things stand they are most likely to oppose any change to the status quo.” Iran’s women football fans dream of a return to the terraces – BBC

Niger: “The average woman in Niger has 7.5 children. For every 1,000 people in this African nation, there will be 50 live births this year, according to Nigerien estimates. Though offset somewhat by high child mortality, the Nigerien population is nonetheless growing at a rate of roughly 3.5 per cent per year.” More mouths but less to feed them – Winnipeg Free Press

USA: American Airlines bars a passenger from her flight for wearing a pro-choice t-shirt – Feministing


Unreliable or endo? – The Dexterous Diva

“Science seems to be the rudder that steers the nerdy women in the attachment parenting community to make the decisions they do, starting with prenatal care and resulting in less conventional parenting methods.” How brainy women think about attachment parenting – CNN


“I have heard many times that atheists know more about religion than religious people,” Mr. Silverman said. “Atheism is an effect of that knowledge, not a lack of knowledge. I gave a Bible to my daughter. That’s how you make atheists.Richard Dawkins Voices Support for Bibles in School – Friendly Atheist

“I am over conservative members of my community trying to impose religious teachings, practices and gender segregation in community gatherings, weddings etc and expecting women to cover their hair during a prayer that none of us asked them to perform.” “Over It” – The rant of an angry, Agnostic, British, Indo-Pakistani woman of Muslim heritage – The Opinionista

What Is It With North Carolinian Pastors? – Care2

You are powerful beyond words, because you threaten to unravel the control of corrupt men who abuse their authority.” Soraya Chemaly: A Message to Girls About Religious Men Who Fear You – Huffington Post

“So, if Catholics want to convince me that active homosexuality is incompatible with the faith, I’d like to hear about why my objections to the above don’t cut it or hear some new arguments about why different means disordered.” Go Ahead, Tell Me What’s Wrong With Homosexuality – Unequally Yoked

“What do we call someone who either fails to consider the alternative teaching of his or her religion or rejects that teaching because it doesn’t lead to continued condemnation of gays and lesbians, someone — in other words — who doesn’t actually have both a religious belief and a belief in equality? With apologies to Loury and Althouse, I think I have to call it bigotry.” Ur Doing It Wrong – Unreasonable Faith


“I’m tired of the guilt game. I’m tired of all of it. Can we acknowledge for once that every mom is different, and that there are many ways to parent, and that that’s okay? ” “Are You Mom Enough?” Really?!? – Love, Joy, Feminism

“The inevitable road to increased diversity has brought about some of the most unsavory elements of “white power” rhetoric we have seen in generations–people that should never be given access to the mic are using direct race-baiting to discredit our President (who’s clearly now much more all-American then we ever realized!), or lashing out with super anti-immigrant or anti-black rhetoric. The anxiety some white Americans feel around the growing majority of people in this country not being white is pretty obvious.” White births have been outnumbered by non-white – now what? – Feministing

Gaydar: Fact or Fiction? – Care2

“We have agreed culturally that women must bear a certain amount of harassment and assault before it’s actually counted as violence.” On What it Means to be a Woman in this Culture – Gender Focus

“But what’s more alarming than a bunch of dumb candles (because really, who cares) is the fact that this keeps on happening over and over and over. A product that’s inherently gender-neutral is rebranded as a “man’s thing” — and sometimes, it actually works.” Marketing Stuff As “Manly” Is Stupid. Here’s Why It Should Stop. – The Jane Dough

“But at another level, the photo encouraged a certain kind of gaze – an exoticized voyeurism in the viewer in which we could look without the risk of anyone looking back.” Downcast, Decapitated and Dead: Why Don’t Women on Book Covers and in Ads Stare Back? – Adios Barbie


“I am obsessed with green smoothies. OBSESSED. There is literally nothing that makes me feel better in the morning.” marzipan LOVES: green smoothies – Medicinal Marzipan

IUDs Are 20 Times As Effective As the Pill, So Why Aren’t More Women Using Them – GOOD

Beauty & Body Image

“Playtex have not changed. This is a company who – in spite of their acceptance that their fitting advice was flawed – sticks by the appalling guidance of boob mangler ‘fit expert’ Alison Deyette (above) – champion of the +5/6″ method and the face of awful marketing campaigns based on taking women with terribly fitting bras and refitting them in to… other terribly fitting bras.” Playtex ignores customers’ pleas for help. For shame. – Busts 4 Justice

” We are limiting ourself with the enormous amount of perpetual shame we feel in regard to the way we look.  Think of how much time you would have in your day if you could teach yourself to replace negative feelings of self-loathing, with feelings of joy and love and abundance.” learning to love your body regardless of your size – Medicinal Marzipan

“Never let anyone tell you that you are not a real woman. NEVER. Not even another woman who seems wiser or more worldly or prouder or louder or prettier or sexier or stronger than you. No one can take your realness from you.” Reality Check – Already Pretty

“But when you’ve internalized the social messages that you are weak because you are a woman, well, just existing in the world becomes a lot harder than it needs to be.  And when you pursue fitness simply so you can fit a new definition of “sexy,” you are continuing to buy into a system of thought that says women’s highest value lies in how they look to others.” Fit is a feminist issue – Fit and Feminist

” Years ago, I was copy editing at a women’s magazine, and one of the beauty pages was all about food-scented products—lemon cookie body souffles, cotton candy lip gloss, caramel body polish. Something about it just nagged at me, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. The promotion of these products felt somewhere between belittling, infantalizing, and placating—even as I admitted they smelled nice—and though I’d never really thought much about the products on an individual, something about seeing all of them grouped together on the page vaguely unsettled me.” The Sweet Smell of Sexcess – The Beheld

We all too often forget that creating a world in which weight stigma doesn’t exist means creating a safe space for people of all shapes and sizes. ” Are skinny women shamed as much as fat women? [And, does it matter?] – Nourishing the Soul


“This is my brain when it retreats back into its nice, comfy old patterns of self doubt, fear, and unending I’m no good, no one loves me, I need to dramatically alter who I am to become better. This is the EXACT opposite of the me that I work so hard to nourish and become.” what if: I stopped comparing myself to others? – Medicinal Marzipan

The Absolute Easiest Way to Set Habits in Anything – Livehacked

“Lucky people are ordinary people who make their own good luck by thinking and behaving in ways that create good fortune in their lives. ” 10 Things Lucky People Do Differently – Marc and Angel

“If you can do it anyone else can do it too. Do you know that to be true? We all have the ability to stretch beyond our believed capacity and reach for the stars. But many of us have self-imposed beliefs that prevent us from getting to the next level.” How to Succeed by Changing Who You Think You Are – Pick The Brain

“These are the “booby prizes,” the “I’ll feel good about my life when…” head trip that gets just about everyone who’s an entrepreneur.” don’t settle for the booby prize – Your Courageous Life

“This is key information we can use to do some brain wiring. With some thinking, we can turn a now vs. later battle into a now vs. now battle, which is more winnable. This post shows you how.” On Ice Cream, Behaviour Mod & The Ku Klux Klan – Good Disruptive Change


“But in the adult world of the creative arts, I find that the best writers, bloggers, and plain old communicators, the ones whose stuff I can’t wait to read, have a certain vulnerability. They let me in close, tell me what they’re really feeling.” How Honest Should Writers and Bloggers Be? – Cat’s Eye Writer

Motivation doesn’t make you act…action makes you motivated.” 7 Motivation Hacks for Freelancers – The Renegade Writer

“My “10-year vision” involves a world of choosers–people who aren’t satisfied taking their cues from others and receiving their “permissions” from a systematic culture. I envision a population that can go to college but isn’t expected to.” On Growing Up, Living the Dream, and Getting Paid for It – Livehacked

“Blogging is communal, and those who participate in the community win.” Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post – Michael Hyatt

The Benefits of Building a Writing Platform – Goins, Writer

“So your great work gets put on hold. Sits on the sidelines like a second team player, waiting for another day. It gets filed away in the attic of your mind for later.” ATTN: Stop Putting Off Your Great Work – Illuminated Mind


” The same as with the texting, when you give only to receive, and then find yourself not receiving ideally as you had imagined, you are not only setting yourself up for disaster, you are also attempting to control the natural flow of our relationships.” learning to bow out of the i-love-you competition – Medicinal Marzipan

“There’s a lot of dating advice out there, and, like most things on the internet, most of it is really terrible. So much of it is focused on what YOU ARE DOING that is TOTALLY WRONG and how YOU MUST CONFORM TO THIS SINGLE STANDARD OF DATEABILITY or else you will DIE ALONE SURROUNDED BY CATS. And I’m calling bullshit.” Classic Dating Don’ts (that are actually Do’s) – Hello Alle

I hope you enjoyed this Link Love. As always, please let me know if you come across any links that you think I might enjoy. You can email them to me at rebekkaksteg[at]gmail[dot]com or tweet them @rksteg


  1. Thanks for the mention–glad you liked the post!


  2. Great articles again! The one about nerdy mothers was really interesting. (My mom faked the feeding reports when she was in the hospital after getting me, because I would always drink more or less than the amount recommended by the doctors, and she thought it was better to just let me do how I wanted, haha.)


    • Thank you Kath! Yeah I really enjoyed that article as well. I think your mum is absolutely right, and I think doctors (we?) often over-analyze and over-think things, when we don’t need to.


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