Link Love (05/06/2012)

News Across the World

India: Woman accuses father-in-law of raping her, goes missing – Times of India & “The villagers allegedly punished the man, identified as Beju Majhi, for casting an evil influence on them through witchcraft.” Man beaten to death for practicing ‘witchcraft’ – The Times of India

Morocco: “Witnesses told Magharebia the girl was stoned and beaten because she was wearing clothes that were too revealing in the eyes of the assailants.” Rabat Salafists assault woman over dress – Magharebia

Nigeria: “It is the first of a batch planned by religious authorities for Muslim women who have been divorced or widowed – a total of 1,000 couples are to be wed.” Nigerian Kano divorcees marry in mass ceremony – BBC

Oman: “However, some other young women were not so fortunate. They lost their lives after primitive and painful abortions carried out by self-taught ‘quacks’, which ended up killing both the mother and the baby. “These are often unmarried women who get pregnant. ” When abortions kill more than babies – The Times of Oman

Pakistan: “Despite criticism and even death threats from militant groups, Shehrbano has worked unremittingly to shed light on the hundreds of victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and to encourage the government to take necessary steps to promote religious tolerance, the press release added.” Promoting religious tolerance: Shehrbano Taseer receives human rights award – The Express Tribune

Palestine: “It seems that public violence between strangers is just not acceptable whilst abuse that occurs behind closed doors between a wife and husband or even a daughter and father is a different beast altogether.” Life in a Women’s Shelter in Palestine: Q&A with Samar Hazboun – Muslimah Media Watch


Sometimes we don’t realize how much what we saw modeled as children continues to affect us as adults.” Marital Blind Spots: Miming Our Parents’ Mistakes – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Through this lens, you find that the God of the Bible still endorses polygamy and sexual slavery and coerced marriage of young virgins along with monogamy. In fact, he endorses all three to the point of providing detailed regulations. Based on stories of sex and marriage that God rewards and appears to approve one might add incest to the mix. Nowhere does the Bible say, “Don’t have sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you.”” Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Actually Followed the Bible – AlterNet

“This blog is in reply to a blog entitled Twenty questions atheists struggle to answer by Dr Peter Saunders, CEO Christian Medical Fellowship. Dr Saunders claims in his blog: I am not, in posting these, saying that atheists have no answers to them, only that as yet in over forty years of discussion with them I am yet to hear any good ones.”20 Questions Atheists Have Answered – Rosa Rubicondior 

““I use this,” he said pointing at his nose, “or him,” and his finger pointed upwards. “I don’t need a devil on the wall to tell me if my house is burning.” I asked him what would happen if he did not wake up and all his children were burned to death. “If God does not wake us, well, that must be part of his plan,” Mose told me.” Smoke Detectors Violate Our Religious Beliefs, Say Amish – Friendly Atheist

11 Things the Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway – Monicks

“Christian Patriarchy is built on making women afraid of men. Women are told that they need protectors. That they are weak and can’t survive on their own. Only if women stay under the protection of their male relatives will they be safe and protected.” Christian Patriarchy: Fear, Fear, FEAR – Love, Joy, Feminism

“I’ve got very bad news for Tony Perkins. I grew up the right way. My parents honestly could have been the poster people of American evangelicalism. Now of course since I’ve come out as a transgender woman, the whole crowd will suddenly dismiss their parenting, claim they made some mistake or whatever.” When You Are Everything You Were Taught to Hate – Permission to Live


“At the heart of these cases is the idea that forcing someone to conform to a privileged or preferred gender performance is discriminatory even if those decisions did not stem first from complaints by transgender employees but rather by professional, heterosexual women. The discrimination faced by those women is inextricably linked to the gender discrimination that other people face, including and especially transgender people.” Transgender Rights Are A Feminist Issue – Care2

“Harvey Milk day is a reminder to put hate and separation in their place, a place of learning of wrongs that have been righted and reminders not to repeat them, a day to create the dream and vision of what is possible, even in the all too many places around the world where it is still so hard to visualize that dream, as it was when my uncle spoke out over 38 years ago in the US.” Happy Harvey Milk (teen predator) Day! – Femisting

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Rules That Anti-Trans* Discrimination Is, In Fact, Discrimination – Autostraddle

“The headline and standfirst of the article are bad enough: if women and girls were merely “lagging at school” and “the butt of cruel jokes”, rather than victims of systemic violence and inequality, we’d count ourselves damn lucky. ” It’s not feminism that hurts men – The F-Word

“Sperm kills.* For hundreds of millions of women over the course of millenia, the riskiest action they ever took was having sex (consensual or otherwise, married or not) with men.” Men’s Desire, Women’s Mortality: Do Historical Rates of Maternal Death Affect Our Views of Sexuality Today? – Hugo Schwyzer


“I believe that we can repair our relationships with our bodies, decide to relearn how to honor our body’s needs/wants, and can learn how to eat in a way that is not restrictive or obsessive or complicated or scary or overwhelming.” Food As Medicine – Medicinal Marzipan

Optimized Almond Milk Production – My Funny Little Life

“Sensitivity to pain is on the HSP Scale because it is a feature of the larger trait we know as high sensitivity (HS) or sensory processing sensitivity. I suspect that many of those measuring high on the physiological measure of pain Yunus describes will also score high on the HSP Scale.” HSPs and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and “Central Sensitization” – Comfort Zone

Beauty & Body Image

“Anyway, not that I think any of you need it, but apparently I am living in a time warp over here: not all queer people look the same.  I like my hair. I like wearing dresses. I like my girlfriend. And I find all of these elements perfectly suited for one another.” On being “gay”, looking straight, and a new  generation of queer – Medicinal Marzipan

“But, depending on how you’re wired, feeling and looking pretty can help you connect your mental and emotional selves to your physical self.” What is the importance of feeling pretty, and can it be reclaimed? – Already Pretty

“Now, I am very much interested in conversations about valuing the traditionally masculine at the cost of the traditionally feminine.  I’m constantly trying to root out my own internalized misogyny and femme-phobia, because I recognize that disdaining things that are traditionally coded as “feminine” puts me on the same continuum of woman-hating as the preacher who says parents should beat the gay out of their sons or the social trends that lead trans women to be murdered at a disproportionate rate than pretty much everyone else. ” I reject the notion that physical strength is a masculine ideal – Fit and Feminist

“The way a woman feels about her body when breastfeeding is incredibly complex. Breasts are so sexualized in our culture that they’re viewed as a means for men’s pleasure alone and not for their true purpose, feeding a child. ” Boobs are for Sex: Body Image, Breastfeeding & the Media – Part 1 – Adios Barbie


“Over the course of our lives we manage to soak up millions of messages about how we should look, act, think, feel, or be. Like little hungry sponges, our brains are working double-time to make sense of the world around us, and, in doing so, filing away all of the messages that we encounter on a daily basis.” Forgetting About the Life You “Should” Have – Medicinal Marzipan

“Everyone has gifts and chances. You can waste them or use them. You can squander what you have and miss your opportunity, or you can be grateful and seize the day.” Stop Looking for Excuses to Not Be Awesome – Goins, Writer

Feel Good Cheat-Sheet – Already Pretty

5 Hard Truths You’re Afraid to Admit – Your Kick Ass Life

“When I say I want you to cry in public, what I am encouraging you to do is to feel what you feel, peel off the masks and let others (whether close friends or strangers) see you as you are. When we can do this, we heal, we connect, we give others permission to do the same and we are more in touch with the flow of our lives.” The Importance of Crying in Public – Rachel W. Cole

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships With Everyone – Pick The Brain


How to Write Faster: 7 Tips – The Renegade Writer

“Often, introverts describe how they interact with the outside world as a performance, and acting is work.  Similar to professional actors, introverts may appear enthusiastic, lively and entertaining.  However, many describe the experience as being ‘on stage’ – for an introvert to spend a significant amount of their day using non-preferred characteristics requires a great deal of energy.”” Being Spider Man: How Introverts Can Excel at Extroverted Roles – The QuickBase Blog

How to Know If You Are Ready to Start a Blog – LiveHacked

“You do your best, but often you get to the point where you are in danger of breaking something if you press any harder. Then you realize that the best strategy is to let go—at least for a while.” The Fine Line Between Working Hard and Letting Go – Michael Hyatt

4 Simple Ways to Create a Well-Written Ebook – Men With Pens

Eight Powerful Ways to Build a Loyal Readership for Your Blog – Cat’s Eye Writer Blog


The Official Marzipan Guide: Long Distance Relationships – Medicinal Marzipan


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    • You’re very welcome Kath! And no worries, I know what it’s like 🙂 I’m sure it’ll get better 🙂 Hope the launch goes well!


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