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Bangladesh: “A Bangladeshi court has ordered officials to explain their failure to stop a 12-year-old girl allegedly being married to a 14-year old boy.” Bangladesh court acts in weekend ‘child marriage’ row – BBC

Lebanon: Manar employees are often embarrassed when their contacts lead them to a guest who would be informative on a subject under discussion, but who does not fulfill the new condition: “She has to be wearing the hijab.” Manar TV: Hiding the Unveiled – Al Akhbar

Morocco: “Women in remote parts of Morocco are benefiting from a literacy scheme that also teaches civil rights, numeracy and beekeeping” Rural education offers Morocco’s women promise of a quiet revolution – Guardian

Saudi Arabia: “Her woes started when her former husband denied her the right to see her children for a whole year on the pretext that her British husband will molest her daughters, although Islamic Shariah law accords the status of Mahram (male legal guardian) to a step-father over his wife’s daughters born in a previous marriage.” Citizen Alya Al-Ghamdi – Saudi Gazette

USA: “Even though criminal charges were never filed against Harkin because the first two cases were so old, it all makes you question how reliable TSA security really is when they didn’t even catch this during his background check. Or worse, they did catch it and let the guy have this job, regardless.” The Guy Kicked Out of Church for Molesting Kids Has a New Job Doing What? – Friendly Atheist & “However, if you are a woman and you received this flyer (see below) from the United States Senate Federal Credit Union, the banks have a different idea. No, you shouldn’t get a loan from them to start a new business or buy your first home. You should get a loan to finally get the breast implants you’ve always wanted…or maybe never wanted, but still feel pressured to get.” For Boob Jobs: Head to the United States Senate Credit Union – The Current Conscience

Zimbabwe: “Make women less attractive by forcing them to shave their heads and to stop taking baths. Those are the suggestions of Morgan Femai, a senator for  the opposition Movement for Democratic Change representing Chikomo.” How to reduce HIV in Zimbabwe? Make women uglier – GlobalPost


“We add the word “just,” to shrink the power of what we are saying, “I just think…” “I’m justthe local manager…” We use tentative questions, when we really have a statement to share. We discount what we are about to say: “I’m no expert, but…”” Power and the Pause – Tara Sophia Mohr


“So yeah, many atheists are angry, but not necessarily at a fictional character. Instead, we tend to be angry at those who worship that fictional character. As for the fictional character himself, if that character is as described in the Bible, then he is a real jerk and has far more anger issues than any atheist. Any rational person would be justified in strongly disliking such a fictional character.” Atheism 101: Are atheists angry with God? – Examiner

Just Imagine if Science Was a Religion – Rosa Rubicondior

“It’s not demeaning to be given a list of all the things that you cannot do because you are female, then told that this is honoring and respectful and you should be thankful to be surrounded by godly men that “value” you enough to put limits on you.” “You’re not being insulted, you’re being honored!” – Darcy’s Heart-Stirrings

“When the female perspective of a disadvantaged position in society is acknowledged and assumed in the Qur’an, it is read as validating male privilege rather than noting andchecking it. Yet here is an instance when the Qur’an privileges the female testimony, the testimony of a woman over a man, and yet verse 24:9 is not read as validating female privilege as the will of Divine Ordinance.” Patriarchal Hypocrisy and Shifts of Privilege: The Qur’an and the Woman’s Perspective – the fatal feminist

“What do we call someone who either fails to consider the alternative teaching of his or her religion or rejects that teaching because it doesn’t lead to continued condemnation of gays and lesbians, someone — in other words — who doesn’t actually have both a religious belief and a belief in equality? With apologies to Loury and Althouse, I think I have to call it bigotry.” Both Glenn Loury and Ann Althouse have gay sons – Running Chicken

“No, Sister. You’ve got it all wrong. All of these things are most definitely fair, just, compassionate, equitable, dignified, in accordance with what is natural….  If you think these things are degrading, undignified, insulting, unfair… then this is because of the Shaytan’s whisperings.” How we were sold on patriarchal religion: reason #316 – A Sober Second Look


“It isn’t: women in both cases are subject to objectification and misogyny, both of which ultimately transcend cultural and ethnic barriers.  A recent Jezebel article by MMW‘s Sara Yasin addresses the Western obsession with Muslims and sex, suggesting it stems from a desire to peek into the harem and to understand whether or not Muslim women are, in fact, oppressed.” “Lost” Girls Are Not Sex Objects – Whatever Their Race – Muslimah Media Watch

“As we’ve seen time and time again, the line between “man” and “woman” is not as clear-cut as people would like to think it is, but because we live in a society that still looks at sports through the prism of the gender binary, governing bodies find themselves in the position of finding ways to allow trans athletes to compete while still maintaining fairness for the cis athletes.” Sports Illustrated puts spotlight on transgender athletes – Fit and Feminist

“Others are made uncomfortable when I describe the blatant injustices done worldwide due to the cultural segregation of gender because they see ways in which they have participated in this or support it and it’s scary and frustrating and sad and unhappy to realize that you have hurt many people that you love out of ignorance and you didn’t ask to be raised that way, and that is why I am a feminist.” A Few Things to Stop Doing When You Find a Feminist Blog – Fugitivus

“The truth is, I worry about both my children becoming victims. But it is only my son whom I worry might himself become a victimizer. That’s not based on “misandry” (the irrational hatred of men), nor on any special insight into my baby boy’s character. That fear is based on statistics about which sex commits most physical abuse and it’s based on an all-too-intimate familiarity with a culture that mythologizes and glamorizes masculine violence. I’ve spent years and years unlearning the destructive tropes with which I was raised, just as I’ve spent years and years making amends for the very real harm I did when I was young. It wasn’t until I was well into my 30s that I began to love and accept my own maleness.” Why I’m More Afraid to Raise a Son Than a Daughter – Role / Reboot

First of all, of course, is the glaring double standard. If changing her name to his is necessary to show that he is “important” to her, then why is the reverse not true? Why should Andree’s fiance expect her to change her name to his without ever considering changing his name to hers? How is her refusing to change her name a sign that she is uncaring while his not even considering changing his name means nothing of the sort?” On World Magazine, Misogyny, and Name Changing – Love, Joy, Feminism


Make it STOP: Natural Remedies for Gas and Bloating – Crunchy Betty

“Do not keep yourself from indulging, but don’t indulge your every whim. ” compulsive eating: situations and solutions – Medicinal Marzipan

“So whenever brown adipose tissue is invoked as the “good” kind of body fat, a body fat that cannibalizes other body fat, flabbers audibly gast. Is such a thing even possible?” Is Brown Fat Good For You? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

“One would think that everything was perfect, right? I found someone who loves me, holds my hand, takes me on dates, introduces me to her family, and adores me unendingly. But – if I have gotten everything I’ve ever wanted, why do I still feel inadequate?” on body image, sex, and relationships – Medicinal Marzipan

“Let me tell you a secret. It’s something that cosmetics companies don’t want you to know, and retailers hope you never find out, and the diet industry assumes you’ll never believe. But I’m gonna spill the beans anyway: There is nothing wrong with you.” The Big Secret – Already Pretty

Sizing Me Up – The Full Figured Chest

 Without the other markers of adulthood, the ways I mark my age are internal, amorphous; I say I “feel” differently now than I did at 26, and I do, but I’d be hard-pressed to tell you exactly what that difference is. The biggest differences between my life now and my life when I was undisputably young are inarticulate” Life at 36: Anne Bancroft, Phylicia Rashad, Reese Witherspoon, and Me – The Beheld

“The more experiences I pursue for this column, the less I am convinced that life was simpler in 1812. People might not have been distracted by technology then, but they were certainly busied in production. Even beauty took effort.” Beauty was a beast in 1812 – Brockville Recorder

“But the problem with subversion and its relatives, irony and reclamation, is that not everyone is savvy enough to get what you are doing.  I might have this whole idea constructed in my head about how I’m sticking it to The Man when I race in pink, but The Man may very well not see that.  In fact, The Man looks at me and goes, “Yep, I knew it – the ladies loooove pink.”  I’m no longer a warrior fighting against stupid gender stereotypes; I’m yet another embodiment of those stupid gender stereotypes.” The Paradox of Pink – Fit and Feminist


“It is advisable that you do this step prior to any such falling apartLearn what pulls you up and pieces you back together. Identify your support system. Write a map to happiness. Create a safety plan, an in-case-of-emergency plan. Figure out who you’ll call, what you’ll need, and what your favorite distraction is. Tuck away for any such necessary occasion.” The Post That Almost Was: What to Do When Nothing Goes Your Way – Medicinal Marzipan

“It’s a matter of letting go, and realizing you can’t ever, ever possibly read 1% of the good stuff that’s out there. It’s absolutely impossible. And so you must let go, or the anxiety will never end.” Beating the Anxiety of Online Reading – zen habits

10 Reaons to Keep Learning Once You’re Done With School – Pick The Brain

“This simple formula employs a “Yes-No-Yes” response. “In contrast to an ordinary No which begins with a No and ends with a No, a positive No begins with a Yes and ends with a Yes (p. 16).”” How to Say No When You Feel Pressured to Say Yes – Michael Hyatt


“The right questions to ask aren’t about time (“how long until I’m rich/famous/sexy/etc.”) or numbers (“how many visitors until I’m rich/famous/sexy/etc.”). The right questions to ask, at least when it comes to building a profitable and long-term online business, are questions that get you thinking about your vision.” How to Know If You’re Asking the Right Questions – LiveHacked

7 More Ways to Gain Control Over Your Freelancing Life – The Renegade Writer

“But just as important are the spectators. They are the ones Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self blog calls “comment mice.” They read. They may hang around and consume lots of content. Sometimes they become your biggest fans. But they are your silent supporters.” Players and Spectators: Why Your Blog Needs Both – Cat’s Eye Writer Blog

“In order to do that, we have to be willing to explore our self—what are our issues? No really. The ones we don’t like to face or talk about. The ones that make us squirm, or we’re reluctant to admit even to our therapist. I hate to be the one to tell you, but those are where some of our most powerful writing will spring from.” Going Deeper: A Process Rather Than A Technique – Writer Unboxed

“I believe that we have a responsibility for what we say out loud. I believe that we are responsible for our actions. I believe that we cannot permit the anonymity of the internet compromise our personal integrity.” On Blogger Responsibility – Medicinal Marzipan

Six-Figure Businesses Built for Less Than $100: 17 Lessons Learned – Tim Ferriss


“If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that one of my basic philosophies is: secrecy breeds shame. And thus MM places a heavy emphasis on being honest and having faith that someone will love you for EXACTLY who you really are, because you are just so very wonderful and lovable and unique.” Should You Let Your Partner in On Your Emotional Baggage? – Medicinal Marzipan

“How do we know when it’s time to move on? It’s when we find the courage to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that staying will do more harm than good.” When It’s Time to Move On – Tiny Buddha

“And I couldn’t see a way out of the mess that I had gotten myself into. I had very low self-esteem, and little self-confidence—my ex’s constant put-downs and disrespect, reinforced by conservative Muslim attitudes that foster guilt and constant self-doubt for wives, and further confirmed by the scorn and prejudice that I tended to encounter in the wider society was a toxic combination that eroded any sense that I had the power to make my life better.” Why leaving rotten marriages is hard – A Sober Second Look

“I realized that when I actually nourished my own inner self, all the problems in my relationship just went away.” Will You Join Me? (And Be One of the Countless Lights Filling the Night) – The Path to Passion


Thrift Store Shopping 101 – 10 Tips – Care2

25 Practical Uses for Bobby Pins – Wise Bread


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