Link Love (12/06/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: Afghan ‘poison attack’ on schoolgirls in Takhar – BBC

Bahrain: “A leading Bahraini rights activist has written an impassioned letter from prison condemning the continued abuses in the country and refusing to accept the country’s legal system.” Jailed Bahraini activist AngryArabiya pens prison plea – Al Akhbar

India: Uttar Pradesh may give inheritance rights to Muslim women – Times of India & Free bicycles help keep Indian girls in school – BusinessWeek

Netherlands: “Being imprisoned in a religious marriage can have dire consequences. Muslim women, for example, who have remarried or have a new partner, often risk arrest when visiting their lands of origin. They can face prosecution for adultery – and sentences of stoning or hanging, depending on the country.” Imprisoned in a marriage? Contact Femmes for Freedom – Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Saudi Arabia: “She is the Saudi woman who became a symbol of female emancipation when she was filmed behind the wheel of a car. In a rare interview, she tells Guy Adams of the persecution she has endured in her fight for equality – and why she will not be silenced” Manal al-Sharif: ‘They just messed with the wrong woman’ – The Independent

Tajikistan: “Four years ago, Farida Hajimova’s husband left Tajikistan to work in Russia. After a time, he stopped calling. Ultimately, he never returned. She was left at home in Dushanbe with two daughters and not a lot of options. Now she says she has no choice but to follow in her ex-husband’s footsteps — not to find him, but to find work herself.” Divorce Spurs Female Labor Migration – EurasiaNet


“I’m no genius, and I certainly didn’t do very well in most of my classes, but I’ve always felt as if I had some kind of edge, some kind of secret knowledge, over the general public. I’m here to tell you–whether you’re more interested in catching a summer blockbuster or going out and having a life with friends, it may be in your best interest to develop a habit for reading.” How to Make Reading a Habit – LiveHacked

“What we do know is that trying to make meaning out of suffering helps us to create coherent narratives of our lives, and this leads to us feeling more fulfilled, content, and healthy.” What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger… Or Does It? – Nourishing the Soul


“Here’s the thing you have to remember about religious beliefs in an afterlife: They’re only comforting if you don’t examine them.” Do We Concede the Ground of Death Too Easily? – Greta Christina’s Blog

“I have no problem picking and choosing what parts of the Harry Potter series I like and which parts I don’t like. I can do this because I know that the author wasn’t the perfect creator of the universe. I can do the same thing with the Bible, which believe it or not does have some good stuff in it.” Progressive Christians Don’t Understand Why They Are Hateful – Dangerous Talk

“Somehow, the questions of whether she will be unhappy, whether she will be abused (or whether she is being abused by being pressured into a marriage she doesn’t want), what the long-term impact will be on her life, her future, her physical and mental health… weren’t seen as really important. They certainly weren’t seen as an issue of “sin” on par with fornication, nor as things that would likely make her vulnerable to temptation to “sin” in future.  For when moral values (meaning, avoiding sexual temptation or scandal) are at stake, what do individual women’s hopes, concerns, aspirations or lives matter?” Better miserable (or even suicidal) than sinful? – A Sober Second Look

“In other words, they don’t answer a different question to the one asked and for which the only answer you will accept is that the Christian god did it. Sorry, but there is no requirement for science to include your magic friend in any explanation to make it’s answers satisfactory. If you insist on complaining that science doesn’t agree with your superstition you merely betray the fact that your superstition is wrong.” How Creationists Lie to Us – Rosa Rubicondior

I Left Islam – K H A L A S !


“The word “chicked” is built upon the premise that men are always physically superior to women, and that any inversion of this hierarchy is an anomaly.” Words I could do without: “chicked” – Fit and Feminist

“Gallup’s writers suggest that our societal failure to recognize the difficulty of staying at home and raising children contributes to the emotional differences — and adds, wisely I think, that if it is the prohibitive cost of child care that is keeping a mother at home, then her “choice” was not really much of one — never a circumstance that contributes to happiness.” Survey Says: SAHMs Less Happy Than Employed Mothers. Cue the Debate. – NY Times

TV Boosts Self-Esteem!… If you’re white and male – Beauty Redefined

““Facebook has grown off the backs of women, who make up the majority of its users and are responsible for the majority of sharing and fan activity on the site,” the group says in a blurb accompanying the video. An all-male board, the group says, is “not just wrong, it’s bad for business.”” Facebook Comes Under Increasing Fire for Its White-Male Board – The Daily Beast

“Doesn’t everybody know by now that it’s a tad insulting to attach the words “a token” to the words “black” and “female” automatically like that, as if it were simply obvious and universally acknowledged that a black and a woman couldn’t possibly be qualified? ” Token women – Butterflies and Wheels

Legos, spaceships, breasts – Kate Bachus


Looks delicious! Vegetable Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower – A Weight Lifted

“So you’d think that it would be a simple choice right? Wheat free and merrily skipping around with my youthful energy?? Wrong. It is harder for me than anything that I can possibly imagine, and something that I feel like I struggle with at every meal. And the more that I’ve been working with my compulsive eating, the more that I realize how important it is for me to make healthier food choices.” what intolerance, pizza and body dysmorphia – Medicinal Marzipan

“Our diets, accordingly, shouldn’t cause stress. They shouldn’t cause worry, regret, or sleepleess nights, and they shouldn’t prove fertile territory for the never-ending battle between you and what you see staring back from the mirror.” How to Eat Well – Make Every Day Count

” But, according to the hypothesis of the authors here, high cholesterol levels are simply a marker for a lack of sunlight exposure, and it is this lack of sunlight exposure (and the link to vitamin D status), which is behind the development and progression of coronary heart disease.” High Cholesterol and sunlight deficiency – That Paleo Guy

“Regardless of their fussiness, preschoolers in the trials ate more raw vegetables, either carrots or red peppers, when they were served water instead of a sweetened beverage.” Study: Kids Will Eat More Veggies If They Drink Water Instead of Soda – The Atlantic

Beauty & Body Image

“Hating yourself and loathing your body sucks up energy. LOTS of energy. If you can diminish or eradicate those circular thought patterns, you’ll liberate that energy for other tasks, goals, and ruminations. I promise you’ll be amazed at how invigorated you feel once you’ve cast off that incessant fretting.” An Argument for Self-Love – Already Pretty

“Not sharing the majority culture’s beauty standards is not the same as not having any at all. The black community has its own standard for what women should look like. It’s not more relaxed and it can be just as oppressive as the more mainstream standard.” The Black Beauty Standard – Clutch Magazine

“No, there’s something else that bothers me about this, something that runs a lot deeper than simple resentment of body ideals.  I think that what bothers me is that the way our culture treats celebrities – particularly female celebrities, but male celebrities too – is essentially objectification in action.  We as a culture don’t care to think of celebrities as people.” Want to see objectification in action? Look no further than celebrity culture – Fit and Feminist

In the Name of Egalitarianism, We Alternated Our Kids’ Last Names – Role / Reboot

“I know that bras can be confusing little minxes. When I try and explain to someone that besides their 34G bra they could also wear a 32GG they look at me with bewilderment. This post aims to give you an easy-to-understand guide to how cup sizes work.” Not all D cups are the same size – Big Bras Blog


This is an excellent speech, and excellent advice: Neil Gaiman: The Best Commencement Speech You May Ever Hear (20 Minutes) – Tim Ferriss

I can’t. I don’t have time. And other hugh jass lies we tell ourselves. (Plus a healthy helping of the truth) – Body Alchemy

“If you want to see the world, do not obsess over where to go. Do all the research you want, but don’t let research stand in the way of action (remember: $2/day to go anywhere). Set a deadline and determine to yourself that you’ll be at the airport by your deadline, no matter what happens.” Some Things You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Life – The Art of Non-Conformity

A Summer Manifesto: You Are Worthy of Your Own Attention – Medicinal Marzipan

This is an excellent guide, it has worked really well for me: The Tiny Guide to Creating the Flossing Habit – zen habits

“What you love, what you long to do, is really, really important. When you live in alignment with those things, life becomes joyful, alive, full color, move-you-to-tears gorgeous. But most of us get lost from our true loves along the way in life. There is a way to get back on track.” The Big Ideas – Tara Sophia Mohr


“The secret to how I connect with really influential people is quite simple. And brilliantly effective. I ASK THEM.” How to Influence People: The Most Overlooked Secret – Goins, Writer

“Why? Because many days we feel like did nothing but spin our wheels, but when we write a list of what we got done, it’s always more than we think. Nothing boosts your confidence more than feeling productive!” The Special List that Will Boost Your Confidence and Productivity – The Renegade Writer

Pillar Content: The Secret to Building a Blog People Love – LiveHacked

“Here is the deal: Even if stretching your comfort zone may feel unpleasant, the payoffs can be huge and you can reach your goals much faster. But if you are not willing to do anything that puts your comfort zone in danger – at least temporarily – then reaching success and achieving big things is going to take a much longer time.” One Uncomfortable Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People – Dumb Little Man

“He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red X over that day. “After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.”” Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – Lifehacker


“Now it doesn’t help if you are the kind of person that is easily taken advantage of [guilty], because you just cannot say no and you are genuinely good at taking care of people. But the reality is this: You have to put yourself first.” learning how to end harmful and toxic relationships – Medicinal Marzipan

“So many people think that abuse is hitting. I thought so growing up. Now I know better. It is one form of abuse, but not the only one. For years, I watched and listened as my dad abused my mom without ever laying a hand on her. He never cussed her out. Even if I had understood the concept of verbal abuse, I probably would have said what he did wasn’t *that* bad.” But He Never Hit Her: An Anonymous Guest Post – Dulche de lech

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