Link Love (16/06/2012)

News Across the World

Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz Women Take to Hijab – Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Mauritania: “These demands occasionally turn into action, as in the recent alleged attack by salafists on a girl in Rabat over the length of her skirt.” ‘Morality Police’ demand resurfaces in Mauritania – Magharebia

Switzerland: “A new Swiss study has found that some Muslim women have more say in their communities than many Christian or Jewish women.” Muslim women can be religious leaders: study – The Local

USA: Muslim woman told to ‘remove face covering or get out’ of New Jersey shopping mall – Mail Online & “Translation: “I can’t believe you would make such a heinous accusation! Paying off priests who raped children, to get them to leave the Church quietly? Outrageous! Insulting! How dare you!” (shown evidence) “Oh, right! Those payoffs!”” Just When You Think They Couldn’t Sink Any Lower… – Greta Christina’s Blog

Yemen: Girl Brides in Yemen: the fight for the right to say no – Guardian

Zanzibar: Problems of abandoned families escalates in the Isles – DailyNews Online Edition


“It’s amazing the way that our minds fill in the blanks. Our brains don’t particularly like uncertainty, so it’s like we have to make that go away by creating the truth for ourselves. Assumptions are propositions that are, to some degree, taken for granted. We make an assumption so that we might be able to make a decision, usually.” Assumptions, Assumptions – Nourishing the Soul

Everyone is afraid, somewhere. People just don’t always claim it. I dare you to read the entirety of this list, with a keen eye for recognizing yourself:” Da Nile of Fear – Your Courageous Life

Did you realize that the phrase “In God We Trust” didn’t appear until US paper money until 1957: “In God We Trust”: Communism, Atheism & the U.S. Dollar – Sociological Images

“Stop treating successful people like they are ego-starved, as if they need your high fives and pats-on-the-back. They are people, just like you and me. And it’s time you started treating them like peers, not celebrities.” Start Treating Your Personal Heroes Like Peers – Goins, Writer

“While some doctors were figuring out how to give women orgasms, others were equally determined to make sure that women couldn’t feel any sexual pleasure at all. In fact, the same era, the same place, and the same profession that gave birth to electromechanical sex toys also gave birth to the widespread practice of clitoridectomies.” Vibrators and Clitoridectomies: How Victorian Doctors Took Control of Women’s Orgasms – Jezebel & ‘Hysteria’: What the New Movie About the Fascinating History of the Vibrator Leaves Out – AlterNet

“The weird thing is that my parents always told me that it was the heart attitude that mattered rather than outward appearances, and that the “spirit of the law” mattered more than the “letter of the law.” Somehow this didn’t apply to using swear words. Swear words were bad, no matter how they were used, and using one of them in any circumstances, no matter how innocuous, could get you punished.” “That’s a Bad Word” – Love, Joy, Feminism


“All you have to do is to tell me what it is that convinces you that there is a god and what convinces you that it is your particular god. This has to be something I can verify for myself so don’t just expect me to take your word for it.” Why Should I Not Be An Atheist? – Rosa Rubicondior

‘The Atheist Challenge’ – Dangerous Talk

“When I say, “This atheist philosophy of death offers comfort,” I mean, “This atheist philosophy can, to some extent, alleviate the suffering and grief caused by death. It can make the suffering and grief feel less overwhelming, less unbearable. It doesn’t make the pain disappear — but it can put the experience into a context that gives it some sort of meaning, and it can offer the hope that with time, the pain will diminish. It can give us a sense that there’s a bridge over the chasm: a feeling of trust that, when the worst of the grief passes, we’ll have a solid foundation to return to. It doesn’t make the grief go away — but it can make it better.”” Atheism, Death, and the Difference between Pessimism and Realism – Greta Christina’s Blog

Laura Sevier: When God Was a Woman – Huffington Post

“He then quotes Romans 1:18-20 because when you start by establishing that atheists don’t place any weight on the Bible, the logical next step is to use the Bible to tell me why I’m wrong.” Atheist(s) Don’t Exist… God Said So – Friendly Atheist

“It would be as if I had a relative who was dying from cancer, and I went to see a therapist who could hypnotize me into forgetting their existence, so I wouldn’t have any desire to visit them in the hospital and comfort them. By Craig’s reckoning, this is a “morally neutral” choice. By any rational system of morality, however, this would be an act of supreme callousness and depraved indifference to the suffering of others.” Rebutting Reasonable Faith: Remembering the Lost – Daylight Atheism


“As I was reading a statement issued by a number of Arab LGBTQ groups about IDAHO, I began thinking about the complex relationships that gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgendered, genderqueer, and asexual converts often have to Islam and Muslim communities. And more specifically,  the toll that conversion often tends to exact, depending on when, why, and under what circumstances people convert.” A deep and narrow closet – A Sober Second Look

The modesty doctrine isn’t about clothes, it’s about bodies. It’s a method for punishing women who do not conform to an idealized, asexual, inoffensive body type. The “offenders” are women with large breasts, wide hips, or discernible “booty.” The modesty doctrine claims that the right clothes conceal a woman’s figure, and that the wrong ones expose her curves. The problem is,some women have figures that cannot be concealed.” Modesty, Body Policing and Rape Culture: Connecting the Dots – The Phoenix and Olive Branch

“What a long way we’ve come in forty years!   The outrage is no longer at the girl who wishes to play with the boys; now it’s aimed at the institutions that cannot accept that society is changing.” Why I find hope in the story of Paige Sultzbach and the forfeited baseball championship – Fit and Feminist

“While I do prefer longer sleeves and habitually wear flowing skirts, and even considering what I cover merely in terms of surface area being more conservative than the average woman in my society, what I wear is nearly always form-fitting. And to boot, I look men straight in the eye.” Sweater. (and modesty) – the fatal feminist

“While Warning behaved foolishly and unprofessionally, she was also the victim of what seems to have been an elaborate (and expensive) set-up by a group of legally adult men. The Board of Education ought to consider that as a mitigating circumstance when contemplating her fate.” Hot for Teacher or Hot for Praise? What a School Sex Scandal Shows Us About Young Men – Role / Reboot

“”Men are credited with inventing the internet.” There. Fixed it for you.” “MEN invented the Internet” – Boing Boing


Golden Flax Bread – The Medicine Woman’s Roots

“Many of you, though, have barely dipped your toes into more natural living, and to you I say this: This is your time to shine. This is your time to explore and walk, little by little, into something more authentic and fulfilling.” Navigating Your Natural Health… One Step at a Time – Crunchy Betty

Hot Apple Pie Smoothies (and Popsicles!) – Peas and Thank You

“Paleo isn’t a diet. It’s a way of eating you try out and do long-term in a way that aligns with you and your needs.” Paleo Primer: What It Is & Who’s Doing It – Good Disruptive Change

Foolproof Homemade Mayonnaise – Crunchy Betty

““Fat is the body’s preferred and most reliable form of energy, which is why we store excess energy as fat on our bodies. Unless you think we accumulate body fat just to make pants fit tighter.””Why A High-Fat Diet is Healthy and Safe – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

“We’ve already established that the cycle of self-loathing is inextricably linked to the cycle of self-neglect: Feel bad, look bad, feel worse, look worse, and on and on. But I maintain that a cycle of self-love can be perpetuated by a cycle of self-care. If you feel awful about how you look and allow yourself to LOOK as awful as you feel, you spiral down. But if you feel awful about how you look and work against that negativity – beautifying yourself with the tools you have at hand – you spiral up.” Self Care and Self Love – Already Pretty

“We all know sultry lingerie ads which counter-intuitively seem to be targeted towards men rather than women and I do not believe that will ever change, but that does not mean that the bra in and of itself has to be an item associated with male desire and sex.” Feminism in Double G Cups – O M Double G Cups

“When it comes to pants we have the same issue.  Let’s say we have woman A who has a larger butt, smaller hips and woman B who has wider hips and smaller butt.  Even if you assume that they have about the same high hip/thigh measurements they could have very different needs when it comes to pants and underwear.” A hip situation – Braless in Brasil

A Guide to Getting Your First Well-Fitting Bra – Boosaurus!

“I’m not saying that you SHOULDN’T be pretty if you want to. (You don’t owe UN-prettiness to feminism, in other words.) Pretty is pleasant, and fun, and satisfying, and makes people smile, often even at you. But in the hierarchy of importance, pretty stands several rungs down from happy, is way belowhealthy, and if done as a penance, or an obligation, can be so far away fromindependent that you may have to squint really hard to see it in the haze.” You Don’t Have to Be Pretty – A Dress A Day

“Fashion companies could be missing out on the bottom line when they use only one kind of model.” Can using different types of models benefit brands? – Elle


“Why is it so hard to break free of a life that’s good enough to pursue the life we truly long for? We like to think these things are complicated, but the root cause is pretty simple: change is hard, so we tend to put it off until it becomes urgent.” The Need for Change – The Art of Non-Conformity

You start small. You build from there. One mile is a great goal to start with, and eventually you find yourself running dozens at a time.” How to Start Reading – Make Every Day Count

“I make perfect plans. At times, when I’m really working on my plans, I forget to live my actual life.  Because I’m planning. Perfectly.” Let Go of Perfectionism: It’s the Leap that Counts – Tiny Buddha

“So often we are so hampered by our own self-doubt, fear, and worry that we barely stick our toe into the life that we know we could have if we were only brave enough.” 5 Steps to Renovating Your Life – Medicinal Marzipan

“Making a positive change in your life does not have to be about making a huge leap. But I believe that belief is one of those things that hold people back from improving their life and world.” 10 Simple Ways to Change Your Life in 2 Minutes a Day – The Positivity Blog

“But although false choices can be comforting, they can leave you feeling trapped, and they can blind you to other choices you might make.” Do You Fall Into This Happiness Trap? The False Choice. – The Happiness Project


“No wonder we freeze up. Lose our confidence. Start doubting our ability to crank out quality content. Fear that we aren’t good enough. There is just too much conflicting advice out there.” 10 Blogging Fears and How to Chase Them Dowm – Cat’s Eye Writer

6 Ways to Beat Procrastination – on Big and Little Tasks – Pick The Brain

“I’ve gone through days when I didn’t accomplish a single thing on my to-do list. Yet, somehow I was busy the entire time!” 7 Ways to Get Super Focused When You Need It – Michael Hyatt

Warning: Common Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make – Freelance Switch

“When I say you should “start doing my work for me,” it’s really just a silly way of saying you should “look to help others along the path before you look to help yourself.”” Why You Should Start Doing My Work For Me – LiveHacked

10 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Writing a Book – Goins, Writer


“In my defense, I have been feeling defensive. I have been feeling fat and unproductive and lethargic, which has of course led me to be insecure and anxious and low-self-esteemed, which in turn has me banging around in my relationship under the misconception that since I don’t deserve positive attention, I’ll settle for whatever else I can get, thereby returning to my previous deep-rooted penchant for negative attention. ” learning to love (and hold out for) positive attention – Medicinal Marzipan

“The problem is that Mr. Popularity was not a creep. And that is something we need to remember: sexual predators—the truly dangerous kinds—are rarely creeps. They are sociopaths, and are therefore socially skilled, incapable of feeling shame and completely unlikely to set off the average woman’s alarm bells.” I Dated A Charming, Popular Sexual Predator – Fem2pt0

Tips for getting your sweetheart to do chores – without nagging – The Happiness Project

“Modern Americans do put less emphasis on marriage as an institution that should organize everyone’s life, but they put much more value on it as a relationship based on fairness, intimacy and fidelity. That is, paradoxically, one reason they have become more tolerant of divorce.” Five myths about marriage – Washington Post


Heat Got You Down? Make Some Keep Your Cool Spray – Crunchy Betty

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