Link Love (23/06/2012)

News Across the World

India: “Marginalised Muslim craftswomen and weavers in UP, Bihar and Delhi are making an international connection with their work thanks to two projects by the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), one of the country’s oldest crafts and women’s empowerment organisations” Poor Muslim women connect to global fashion with crafts – Midday

Nigeria: “On the contrary, instead of ascribing misfortune to a factual root cause or circumstance, personal adversity is often attributed to witchcraft. An illness can said to be instigated by the curse of a neighbour or, more tragically, a death in the family could be blamed on a young child.” Witch-hunts: The darkness that won’t go away – Daily Maverick

Turkey: “Women of all ages held aloft banners with slogans including “My body, my choice” and “I am a woman not a mother, don’t touch my body” as they marched to the city’s Kadikoy Square.” Thousands protest at Turkey anti-abortion law plan – AlertNet

UAE: “They have misconstrued new bachelor rule in Sharjah, and ruled single women cannot live in the city” Sharjah landlords claim single women not allowed in city – Gulf News

Uganda: “The United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has urged the public to take the HIV test before marriage as a compulsory practice, if Uganda is to continuously cut on the HIV infection rate.” Compulsory HIV tests before marriage key – UNAIDS

US: “She said the sisters had been “stunned by the severity” of the Vatican’s pronouncement, which accused them of transgressions that included promoting radical feminism and contradicting the bishops.” Nuns Speak About Vatican Criticism – NY Times


“I got the point: I may have lacked formal education, but I benefited from those who had gone before. One way or another, I had learned from my peers.” On Destiny, Influence, and the Impossibility of Being Self-Taught – The Art of Non-Conformity

Before You Send That Angry E-mail – Michael Hyatt

“The belief that the world is just enables the individual to confront his physical and social environment as though they were stable and orderly. Without such a belief it would be difficult for the individual to commit himself to the pursuit of long-range goals or even to the socially regulated behavior of day-to-day life.” The Belief in a Just World: A Fundamental Delusion – PsyBlog


Richard Dawkins’ Eulogy for Christopher Hitchens – Friendly Atheist

“The oldest complete Bible which is going online is much more removed from the alleged events. It also is quite different from the Bible people find in bookstores and hotels. This Bible has several changes from the Bible that Christians today read out of context and love. ” Oldest Bible goes online – Examiner

“A moments thought should lead you to see the fallacy there. There are not just two possible alternative hypotheses. In fact there are an almost infinite number, limited only by human imagination. Each hypothesis must stand (or fall) on its own. If no evidence is available to support it, it falls by default. No single theory, no matter how fond it’s proponents are of it, has the special distinction of being accepted as the right one in the absence of any supporting evidence.” The False Dichotomy Fallacy – Creationism’s Moral Failing – Rosa Rubicondior

““Different but Complimentary.” I cannot shake how similar that phrase is to, “separate but equal”I have attempted to write on this subject numerous times, but the truth is I am still too angry and raw. I just want to scream at everyone, “THIS IS NOT EQUALITY!” …” “Different but Complementary” and “Separate bug Equal” – Love, Joy, Feminism


“I’ve spoken to other non-mothers around my age and whether they’ve chosen to not have children or haven’t conceived yet, pretty much all have said they’ve felt this vibe from mothers. A kind of superiority – as though their womanhood has been validated by giving birth. They are now part of a club that us non-mothers are not welcome to. Phrases like ‘such and such made no sense to me….until I became a mother’ are bandied around, as though we cannot fully understand the meaning of life until we’ve procreated.” The Mother Vs Non-Mother Divide – Bangs and a Bun

“Is every man with a stay-at-home wife sexist? Of course not. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that traditional marriage structures often reflect traditional views on gender roles, and traditional views on gender roles mean that women are considered inferior. And men don’t leave those views behind when they leave home and come into the office.” Men with Stay-at-Home Wives More Likely to be Sexist in the Workplace – Feministe

“But you are noticing something odd: the toolkit that kept you winning at school isn’t helping you win at work. All the rigor, the care, the work ethic? That was fine for the worker-bee stage of your career. But for the now-I’d-like-make-a-big-impact phase? Not so much.” Tara Sophia Mohr: The Dark Side of Girls’ Success in School – Huffington Post

“Barack Obama won 52.9 percent of the popular vote in 2008 and 365 electoral votes, 95 more than he needed. Many naturally concluded that prejudice was not a major factor against a black presidential candidate in modern America. My research, a comparison of Americans’ Google searches and their voting patterns, found otherwise. If my results are correct, racial animus cost Mr. Obama many more votes than we may have realized.” How Racist Are We? Ask Google – NY Times

Purity Balls, and All They Represent, Are Absurd – April Line Writing


Looks delicious: Paleo Pavlova – Primal Cooking Diary

“Interesting to me was that my period pain had become increasingly worse during my years as a vegetarian. I ate virtually no food with any decent amount of omega 3 and my body must have become increasingly deficient.” Pre Menstrual Syndrome and Menstrual Cramps, how I eliminated them completely – Julianne’s Paleo & Zone Nutrition

Chocolate Coconut Butter – Good Girl Gone Green

“The main issues with traditional bakeware like non-stick and aluminum is that they can leach hormone disrupting chemicals and toxins into food… probably not the best choice! Some of the new-old-fashioned options are a lot better, and are much more fun to cook with once you get the hang of them!” Safest and Most Natural Cookware and Bakeware – Wellness Mama

Paleo Primer: Why People Do It – Good Disruptive Change

Beauty & Body Image

“I’ve heard it. I’ve read it. And back before I really considered the impact of casual language on self-esteem, I even said it myself. But nowadays when I hear that phrase, I absolutely cringe. It strikes me as more damaging than many of the other phrases used to criticize style choices related to figure flattery.” Shouldn’t Wear That – Already Pretty

“Having amassed a dominant share in the Indian men’s cosmetics market, fairness creams are emerging as a key trend in the country according to a new market report. ” Skin whitening trend driving male cosmetic market in India – Cosmetics Design

Beauty Myths Dispelled – Stylish Thought

“Why is being perceived as pretty so important to me and to countless other women? Is it because at some point we girls, who believed our intelligence was the key factor to success, were led astray and made to believe that being pretty was more important? Can it be that the media with all their air-brushed models and celebrities has made us think that “brains without beauty” is not acceptable? That a girl who is lauded for her brains is a myth and not a reality?” Kristen Houghton: Why Do I Still Want to Look Pretty – Huffington Post


“The truth is – when we ignore our body’s needs, we aren’t being sweet to ourselves – we are letting our overwhelm, fear, and, for me, addictions run the show.  And it isn’t body hatred when we remind ourselves, gently, that we aren’t acting in our own best interest.” Taking a Dose of Your Own Medicine – Medicinal Marzipan

Take a good, long look at your daily routine. Find the fluff. Find the hours you spend on TV, social media, and other entertaining distractions, and trim accordingly. For today, at least, try and spend less time on easy entertainment.” How to Do Everything – Make Every Day Count

“It is a safer conclusion to say, This agreeth not well with me, therefore I will not continue it, than this, I find no offence of this, therefore I may use it.” Tips on how to be happy – from the year 1625 – The Happiness Project

“In the same way, humanity thinks it needs to constantly evolve so that maybe someday, old age and sickness will be eradicated from existence. However, our folly isn’t the goal of a life without suffering; it’s our assumption that life can exist without suffering.” A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect – Tiny Buddha


“Overestimating risks and avoiding losses is a fine strategy for surviving dangerous environments, but not for thriving in a modern career. When risks aren’t life-threatening, you have to overcome your brain’s disposition to avoid survivable risks. In fact, if you are not actively seeking and creating opportunities—which always contain an element of risk—you are actually exposing yourself to more serious risks in the long term.” How to Take Intelligent Career Risk – Tim Ferriss


“Do you have one of those marriages that just doesn’t feel so great? Nothing’s awful. You’re not in any danger. You don’t really want a new spouse; you just want to feel terrific about the one you married again.” When Your Marriage is Limping, Fix Your Life – Assume Love

“Remember that experts say successful marriages have five positive interactions for every one negative interaction. (Read Avoid Divorce with 5:1 Ratio.) And a ratio like that takes effort. The negative interaction may be addressing a concern one of you has, but it should still be communicated with love.” Focus on Loving Communication with Spouse – Marriage Gems

“Have you ever been involved with someone you were totally into, who seemed much less interested than you did? Or have you ever been with someone who was way more into you than you were into them? These situations happen to almost everyone eventually, and as a culture, we’ve devised a few ways to discuss them.” How To Handle An Imbalance of Power in a Relationship – Role / Reboot

How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse’s Hobby – Project Happily Ever After


Off the Rack: Sew a Simple Fitted Tank Top – Hourglassy

Packing How-to’s: Beauty Products, Part 1 – Fashion For Nerds & Part 2

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