Fabulous Female: Emma Thompson

This week’s Fabulous Female is Emma Thompson, and while she’s probably most famous for being an Oscar-winning actress with roles in The Remains of the Day, Sense and Sensibility, An Education, Love Actually and the Harry Potter movies, she’s actually also a screen writer (she adapted Sense and Sensibility for the screen herself) and a human rights activist, a supporter of Greenpeace and a patron of the Refugee Council. Furthermore she is a supporter of Palestinian rights, as a member of the British ENOUGH! coalition which seeks to end the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


Human Trafficking is a cause that is especially dear to Emma Thompson, as she has worked with the Helen Bamber Foundation and the UN to help promote awareness of the cause, and help to stop human trafficking.

An intelligent girl with ambitions, Elena had been enticed to London from Moldova with a promise of a good job and a bright future. Once in the U.K., however, her passport was taken from her and she was kept in solitary confinement to break her will. She was warned that her family in Moldova would suffer harm unless she did what she was told. And then she was put to work as a sex slave, servicing a procession of men in the most appalling circumstances
What made her story so personal for me was where she’d been imprisoned: the same massage parlor I’d once treated as a joke. It underlined an awful truth: that human trafficking is not just a problem for other communities or other people. It exists on our own doorsteps, and our lack of action shames us all.
 Emma Thompson on Human Trafficking – The Daily Beast 

Please be aware that even though the second video is acting, it is still not for the light of heart and brought tears to my eyes, but do watch it because it is such an important issue that we need to speak up about.

What do you think of Emma Thompson, her acting and her work against trafficking?
Do you have any other suggestions for fabulous ladies I can feature? 


  1. I love Thompson’s acting, but I never knew all this about her. Thanks for sharing! She does seem like a remarkable person. 🙂


  2. I love Emma Thompson, she’s probably my favorite actress. The second video you linked is heartbreaking, I couldn’t finish watching it.


    • She’s amazing, isnt’ she? Yeah, the video brought tears in my eyes.


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