Link Love (10/07/2012)

News Across the World

Arab countries: “The greatest challenge in that quest is not religion but the lack of economic and social development and a dearth of perceived security, said a Gallup Poll released Monday.”  Religion is not the biggest enemy for Arab women, poll finds – CNN

Egypt: “Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will appoint a woman as one of his vice presidents and a Christian as another, his policy adviser told CNN.” Egypt’s new president to pick woman, Christian VPs – CNN

France: France Will Legalize Gay Marriage Says PM – Care2

Indonesia: “It has become somewhat of a fashion for some women who were dragged before the Lady of Justice to give the public an idea about how pious they are. They wear religious attire or demand a priest visit them behind bars.” More than just a fashion statement – The Jakarta Post

Israel: “In 1999, Shehadeh began a Master’s degree in gender, law and development at Birzeit University in the West Bank. One year later, after having completed only half of her degree, the Israeli authorities imposed a sweeping ban on Palestinians wanting to travel from Gaza to the West Bank for education. Shehadeh, who works as executive director of the Community Media Centre in Gaza, hasn’t been able to attend classes in the West Bank ever since.” Israeli Guns Hold University Degrees Away – Inter Press Service

Morocco: “A “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality appears to be growing. Meryem, 28, who also asked that her last name not be used, dated another woman for two years. She never discussed the relationship with her parents, but they seemed to know anyway.” Moroccan lesbians: should they stay or go? – Alaska Dispatch


“Draw it at the age of 65, 50 or 40. Wherever the line is, the people on either side of it end up looking very different, both economically and politically. The generation gap may not be a pop culture staple, as it was in the 1960s, but it is probably wider than it has been at any time since then.” The Generation Gap Is Back – NY Times

“You have done our work for us, then called us lazy.
You have threatened our teachers, then told us “just an A” isn’t good enough.
You have gotten our jobs for us, and called us underachievers.
You have recorded everything we do, like researchers breeding a better mouse.
You have made us trophy-seekers, then mocked us for our walls of worthless awards.
You have pitted us against each other in a fight for success, which has become survival.
You have given us a world in which even our college degrees are meaningless because there are just too many of us.
You have made us depend on you. When we followed your instructions – went to the best schools, got the best grades, took the most internships and did the most independent study projects, met the right people and got into the right grad schools and chosen the right majors – we’ve ended up stuck in your basement because nobody in your generation is willing to pay us a living wage.
Then you called us the “boomerang” generation that refuses to grow up. When did we have the chance?” Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Tellins Us We’re Not Special – The Phoenix and Olive Branch

“A little more than three years after his popular CPAC speech, Krohn has definitely shifted his ideologies. For one, he likes the new health care legislation. He also supports same-sex marriage. Not to mention that his favorite television series are “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” As for the upcoming presidential election, he says he would most likely vote for Barack Obama… that is if he were actually able to vote. He is only seventeen, after all.” Famed Conservative Child Jonathan Krohn Becomes a Liberal Teenager – Care2

When Does Reverse Psychology Work? – PsyBlog

Reading has become much more than just a way to pass the time for inmates in Brazil’s federal prison system. Prisoners who are approved for the program can now reduce their sentences by 4 days for each book they read, up to 12 books a year. Works of literature, philosophy, classics, or science will count toward the sentence reduction.” Does Reading Make Your a Better Person – Care2

If You can’t Find a Lost Object, Clean Up – The Happiness Project


“This is how my friend feels about God. He had wonderful time as a Christian and Christianity brought him a great deal of comfort and enjoyment, but now that he knows the truth, all that has been soured to him. While he understands that he was never lied to by people who deliberately tried to deceive him, he still feels anger and betrayal similar to that of the high school girl who was the victim of that prank. God stood him up.” Stood Up By God – Dangerous Talk

“So, how can you tell that your god either wrote the Bible or inspired its authors and not Satan, the Great Deceiver?” How Do You Know Satan Didn’t Write the Bible – Rosa Rubicondior

“In a very quick, over-simplified nutshell: This hypothesis asserts that human beings have a cognitive bias. We are prone to thinking that the world is fair, and that people get what they deserve — both good and bad. So if bad things happen to someone, we’re unconsciously inclined to think that it’s the consequences of their bad character or bad past behavior. Similarly, when good things happen to someone, we’re unconsciously biased towards thinking that they earned it. Studies show that our opinion of other people goes up when good things happen to them, and goes down when bad things happen to them — even when those events are entirely random. The obvious form that this bias takes is blaming the victims for crimes or disaster or illness — but it takes other forms as well, such as assuming that rich or privileged people have earned their wealth and privilege.” Religion and the Just World Fallacy – Greta Christina’s Blog

“Fear-based education is unethical. It might even be child abuse. Scaring children into good behavior relies on lower-order reward and punishment mechanisms instead of emphasizing the intrinsic benefits of acting appropriately. Humanists know that educators should put reasonable restrictions on the way they teach difficult concepts to children.” This Is Not How You Teach Modesty – Friendly Atheist

“Answers in Genesis seems to want to have its cake and eat it too. It claims to be in favor of students approaching both creation and evolution analytically and using critical thinking to determine for themselves which is most sound, but when one of its own young people does so and comes to a different conclusion the organization is quick to jettison its argument from evidence and argue that we can know creationism is true because the Bible says so. Furthermore, Answers in Genesis is quick to appeal to argue for teaching both sides in public schools, but it does no such thing for its captive audience in Christian schools and homeschools, who are taught creationism and only exposed to a straw man version of evolution in order to pillory it.” Answers in Genesis wants to have its cake and eat it too – Love, Joy, Feminism


“The problem of fathers accepting the role of domestic help rather than embracing a role as a full partner in parenting is a social problem, and I don’t know how to resolve it on that level. But I think that in our individual families we can eliminate the roles of The List Holder and The Help. The keys to success are changes in how each parent envisions himself or herself. Those of us who see ourselves as incompetent need to understand that The List is something we can learn. Those of us who have seen ourselves as the primary or key parent have to give up on seeing our children or our homes as reflections of ourselves. Above all, we need to acknowledge that our way is not always the best way.” Why Some Men Feel Like Domestic Servants to Their Wives – Role / Reboot

“”I just didn’t get it,” he recalls. “I didn’t have a reference point to understand what they were going through. And that’s really terrifying, because everyone assumes that’s what should be happening for you. Sexuality is a really big deal for almost everyone, from middle school on. It’s a really central part of a lot of people’s lives.”” Life Without Sex: The Third Phase of the Asexuality Movement – The Atlantic

“Within these definitions, sexual violence comes under the umbrella of torture. As perpetrators, armed groups fall under this definition too; it’s not always your average Government Joe in a fancy uniform. I think what bugs me is that this sexual violence, this torture occurs, and we do nothing. We hear of atrocities and we do nothing. We draft a few fancy regulations and Conventions but practically, on the ground, little is achieved. No justice is served.” Sexual Violence as Torture – Gender Focus

“According to research published in the Journal of Men and Masculinity, the men that were more interested getting cut and shredded were more likely to agree with statements that included: “I feel that many times women flirt with men just to tease them or hurt them,” and “Intoxication among women is worse than intoxication among men.”” Men obsessed with their muscles are more sexist, more likely to believe thin women are more attractive – NY Daily News


Chocolate not oat meal (instant breakfast cereal) – Domestic Diva

“One day last year when her daughter, Ainsley, was 9, Tracee Sioux pulled her out of her elementary school in Fort Collins, Colo., and drove her an hour south, to Longmont, in hopes of finding a satisfying reason that Ainsley began growing pubic hair at age 6. Ainsley was the tallest child in her third-grade class. She had a thick, enviable blond-streaked ponytail and big feet, like a puppy’s. The curves of her Levi’s matched her mother’s.” Puberty Before Age 10 – A New ‘Normal’ – NY Times

21 Tips: How to Complete the 21 Day Sugar Detox With Ease – Primal Toad

Beauty & Body Image

“Never once do we consider that all of THAT is a source of pain. Never once do we consider that the time we spend worrying about the wrinkles is actually causing them. Never once do we ponder the money we’re wasting on creams and potions, when we could be spending that money on things like vacations and carefree outings. Never ONCE do we look at taking all these precautionary and fixative measures as a completely unconscious response to a stimulus that someone else has set up for us. Someone else. Faceless. Nameless. The boss of our self worth.” Wrinkle, Wrinkle Little Star – Crunchy Betty

“Shame is an inevitable powerful social control tool that causes us to disconnect from others, retreat into secrecy and avoid vulnerability. Knowing that our bodies have physical and emotional shame reactions can help us better manage shame. It can help us learn that although shame is often thought of as a negative thing being able to navigate our shame reactions can help us turn shame into a positive thing.” Enjoying Sex, Avoiding Shame – Silence, Cupcake

Packaged Facts report on Ethnic cosmetics in US – Cosmetics Design

““Look how that automatically color-adjusts to blend in with your exact skin color!” The salesperson proclaims, pleased with my transformation from pork-smeared barbarian to civilized mall customer.” The $332 Fantasy Facial (Or: An Anthropological Expedition to the Mall) – Northwest Edible Life


“Always concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have left to go.” ~Unknown How to Find Motivation – Think Simple Now

“Dig inside yourself. Find one thing, something, that you really believe in with your whole heart, and that you want to achieve in this lifetime. It can be something as domestic as having the toilet paper wind around the roll in a specific way (I’m an over-the-top person, if you’re curious), a business goal, something as personal, as outwardly world-changing (or both!) as you want it to be. The vision itself doesn’t matter. And then take one step to support that thing. One tiny step.” Small Steps – Silence, Cupcake

“If your decision is binary (there are only two options), think long and hard about each choice. Then get out a coin and prepare to flip it. Assign each outcome to one side of the coin, take a deep breath, and throw it in the air. Important: you don’t need the results to make the decision. When the coin lands, cover it up and don’t look at it. Think about each choice again. Which side did you want the coin to land on? There’s your answer. No need to look at the actual coin toss results, since they may just confuse you. The point of the exercise was to learn what you actually wanted. Now you know.” How to Make Decisions – The Art of Non-Conformity

“I find gray areas very difficult to work with. I think most people do. If I simply told myself to “eat healthier”, I would probably barely change my diet at all. However, when I give myself black and white rules, I follow them pretty well. The difference is that with black and white rules, you don’t have a thought process to go through– you just act. With gray areas you require yourself to think over every decision, opening the window to excuses.” Tynan’s Rules for Living – zen habits

“Why is it that we hate to be caught succeeding? What is the part of our hearts that sabotage our best of intentions, but allowing all of our old narratives to pop up and overwhelm us during a moment of tender, new vulnerability? What do we need to bolster our fledgling superstar tendencies, so that they are sheltered by the storms of our own making?” DANGER: On Getting Out of Your Own Way – Medicinal Marzipan

Happiness requiresaction. It demands some thought, sure, but there’s just as much emphasis on making that thought a reality — on seeking out your smiles instead of standing around and waiting for the magic to happen.” What They Don’t Tell You About Happiness (Part 2) – Make Every Day Count


The DIY Degree: Using Self-Education to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 1 Year – Scott H Young

“We get the work done on the ground level. And the kindest thing I can do for you is to tell you to get your ass on the floor. I know it’s hard to write, darling. But it’s harder not to. The only way you’ll find out if you “have it in you” is to get to work and see if you do. The only way to override your “limitations, insecurities, jealousies, and ineptitude” is to produce. You have limitations. You are in some ways inept. This is true of every writer, and it’s especially true of writers who are 26. You will feel insecure and jealous. How much power you give those feelings is entirely up to you.” Dear Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column #48: Write Like A Motherfucker – The Rumpues

“What’s critic’s math? It’s the mathematical formula most of us use when it comes to criticism. Here is an example of how it works:
1 insult + 1,000 compliments = 1 insult.” Larry David & the 3 problems with critic’s math – Jon Acuff’s Blog

“What if the road to finding your life’s work was actually quite simple? What if it required you to do less, not more?” Downsizing Your Life to Live Your Dreams – The Minimalists

A Primer for Blogging – Chris Brogan


“Having enough space, or privacy, in a relationship is even more important to a couple’s happiness than a good sex life, according to a recent unpublished analysis of data from an ongoing federally funded longitudinal study. And women tend to be more unhappy with the amount of space in their marriage than men.” How to Negotiate More Space in Your Relationship – Wall Street Journal

“The cells in your body are always on the move. This is especially true in the brain. Scientists tell us that the brain is plastic. It can be changed or molded like putty. This is a good thing. The plasticity of the brain is what allows us to shed bad habits and form new ones. It’s what enables us to forgive, forget and move on.” Warning: Your Spouse Has Changed – Project Happily Ever After

“Even in an otherwise healthy relationship, a lack of forgiveness will slowly erode away positive feelings. As resentment and anger builds, the relationship begins to dissolve. It becomes impossible to feel positive and loving toward a person that you cannot forgive.” Myths About Forgiveness: Relationship Killers – My Super-Charged Life


8 Clever Ways to Use Lint Rollers – Care2

How to Speed Up Your iPhone When It Starts Slowing Down – Michael Hyatt

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