Link Love (17/07/2012)


“The repeated refrain I hear on posts about any sort of injustice – economic, gender-based, religious, etc. – is “stop complaining on the internet and do something about it.” This is a fallacy. Talking about injustice is doing something about it. Feminists in the 1960s called this consciousness-raising. Other movements have done the same thing, some of the most recent being the LGBTQ rights movement and Occupy Wall Street.” Millennial Problems and What to Do About Them: Let’s Talk Economy – The Phoenix and Olive Branch

“Independence Day just seems like a way to beat our chests as Americans rather than think about the ideals of this nation’s more prominent founders. It seems like this type of patriotism has become a religion all its own and the religious believers of American Exceptionalism seem to be exceptional at one thing – claiming how exceptional they are. Oh, that and being completely brainwashed by politicians.” Dangerous Talk – Patriotism

“The state is coercing couples to get married with the idea that then you have cured the problem. Some people want to cure poverty by doing this, others want to cure crime, some immorality. But it turns out you can’t cure these things in these ways. One major reason is you can’t make people stay put once you marry them off; they often don’t stay married.” Live in sin, break the law – Salon

“The Air Force is investigating a growing sexual-misconduct scandal in its basic-training operations, with a dozen male boot-camp instructors under suspicion of assaulting, harassing or having sex with female recruits.” Air Force investigates growing sex-abuse scandal – The Washington Post


“Conservative politics to me seem very selfish and completely unChristlike, although I want to be careful when I say that to make sure that I DON’T say that all conservative Christians are unChristlike, because that is not true.” The Christian Left – Part 1 – American N Aussie

“So this god has put temptation in the Garden of Eden yet poor Adam does not yet have knowledge of good and evil so he doesn’t yet know it’s wrong to disobey this god. The words ‘set up to fail’ spring to mind.” Why God’s First Words to Adam Was a Lie – Rosa Rubicondior

The Millennials: America’s Secular Future – Daylight Atheism

“Paraphrased: “We try to insert our religious beliefs in their science articles, but they keep fixing it! WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN?!”” Intelligent Design Crowd Whines About Wikipedia ‘Censorship’ – Friendly Atheist

What kind of atheist are you? – Pharyngula


“For many men, the standard to which they compare their own domestic output is the one set by their fathers. Like most guys of his generation, my daddy didn’t change diapers. I do, like so many of mine. But “helping more than dad did”—with all due respect to papa—sets the bar too low. The question isn’t “how does what I’m doing compare to what my own father did?” The question is, “am I pulling my weight compared to what my partner’s doing?”” Dudes, Get It Together – Role / Reboot

20 Questions About Virginity: Scarleteen Interviews Hanne Blank – Scarleteen

Beauty & Body Image

Body Image Booster: Make Your Mornings Body-Positive – Weightless


“Looking back on my twenties, one of my biggest shockers was that I didn’t ripen evenly. I didn’t know then that nobody does. I graduated from college, and I thought that made me mature–and I was, in some ways. But in other ways, I needed more time on the vine.” Like Blackberries on the Vine – Modern Mrs. Darcy

“Killing time isn’t a sin — it’s a misnomer. We’ve framed the question entirely wrong. It’s not a matter of “killing” time, but of enjoying it.” Why Killing Time Isn’t a Sin – zen habits

“He said, “no one should have that much power over you.” I quickly agreed, and understood that I have a tendency to hand over my power too easily and try to control situations of which I do not have any control over.” No One Should Have That Much Power Over You – She Takes on the World

How to Tactfully Speak Your Mind – Real Simple


“The answer is simply simplicity. I learned very early on that my family was my most important thing, but that I didn’t have enough time for them. And so I made time, by simplifying my commitments, one by one. I had time for my family, but I also needed time for doing the work I loved, so I made more time by simplifying more commitments, simplifying my work, and simplifying my family life. If you can simply your family life, your other commitments, and the steps it takes to pursue your passion, you’ll have enough time. If you don’t simplify, you’ll just be trying to cram more things into an already crowded container.” How to Build a Passion Business While Supporting a Family of 8 (the post to kill excuses) – Live Your Legend

4 Ways to Turn into Your Social Media Powerhouse – Michael Hyatt


Why Your Husband Does Those Annoying Things He Does – Assume Love

“It’s not easy to learn that you can be in love with someone, and they can be kind to you, and think you’re great, and want to spend time with you, and never love you back or be willing to give you the relationship you want. But it’s also not easy to care about someone and be afraid that you’re hurting them, or screwing up their incentives. Because that, I think, is what the “power position” really risks doing: When someone’s in love with you and wants a certain kind of relationship, and you’re willing to give them less than they want, you risk giving them just enough that they don’t find someone else who will love them the way they deserve.” Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back – Role / Reboot

When you find yourselves arguing over the same heated topics.  You can love someone + still not be suitable life partners. If you’ve broken up and rekindled the romance 9 times and you’re still having the same gut-wrenching, insomnia-inducing fights, OR slightly different versions of the same problem AND! you have exhausted therapy + every self-help book, cd and relationship seminar under the God-given sun…it’s probably best to end the relationship” 4 Signs You Should Break Up With Him- Danielle Dowling

“College-educated, women-studies-minored, interned-at-Ms.-magazine feminist me, of course, knew better. I knew so much better that the first time I woke up with bruises across my torso I knew it was because we’d “wrestled”; that I was partly responsible for whatever mess had happened the night before. I knew that the hurled objects, the “tussles,” the phoned-in threats to hurt himself, and the time he spat at my face were signs of anunusually intense relationship—we were intense people, we had this energyother people just couldn’t understand, we were explosive and dynamic andyou can’t put a word on this kind of love, people.” “I Can Handle It”: On Relationship Violence, Independence, and Capability – Feministe

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