Link Love (21/07/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: “But now, in what will hopefully prove to be a shift from their restrictive attitude towards female education, the Taliban has approved a British-funded scheme to give English and computer classes to Afghan girls.” Taliban OKs Girls’ Classes: Glimmer of Hope for Afghanistan? – Care2 & “A mysterious wave of sickness has affected a number of schools in Afghanistan. Hundreds of schoolgirls have been taken to hospital, and many teachers and officials suspect poisoners are to blame. But no poison has yet been found.” Afghans fear mysterious school ‘poisonings’ – BBC

India: “Heena’s story is different though, but is also not unique. She chose to become a sex-worker in Kashmir, as well as working as a prostitute in New Delhi, India, to come to the aid of her mother. Her personal situation, growing up in a family that was increasingly plagued by poverty, is very common for most women in her profession.” Sex-workers. Victims or victimless members of India’s society? – Women News Network

“She and her friends, who carry the latest technology gadgets, are hard to differentiate from young people the world over. While these women do not necessarily represent Indonesia in its entirety, they deserve to be heard. They’re young, and their mission now is to bridge the gap between East and West and tell the world that Indonesia is not anti-Western.” Who Has the Last Word on Lady Gaga – Qantara

Palestine: “The women, all over the age of 50, claim that Israel is discriminating against them on the basis of their Muslim faith. The petitioners cite Christian women in Gaza, who are allowed access to holy sites within Israel. Gisha, an Israeli NGO that deals with Palestinian freedom of movement and is representing the women, argued that Christian women aged 35 and over are allowed access to Israel based on government-set quotas, whereas Muslim women are categorically denied.” Gaza women petition Supreme Court for right to pray in Jerusalem – The Times of Israel

Saudi Arabia: “Saudi women have to rely on drivers as they are not allowed to drive and do not have access to public transport.” Saudi women bear high cost of transportation during Ramadan – Al Arabiya News

Syria: “Tens of thousands of desperate refugees have poured into Jordan. Here, some of them tell the stories of how their lives were shattered by the fighting that has torn their homeland apart” Syria’s widows: Hungry and homeless, but undefeated – The Guardian


“How do they do this to us?  They play out roles that we have been conditioned to in our societies.  Because Narcissists are excellent at reading emotion, although incapable of feeling emotion, they can tap into our insecurities, our desires, and our most basic wants and needs – and give it to us full force.  They are excellent at giving their victim exactly what they need.  I cannot stress this enough.  If a woman is insecure about her looks, he will make her feel like the most beautiful, perfect woman he has ever laid eyes on.” The Narcissistic Abuser, And Why We Blame Their Victims – Rooted In Being

“Translating swear words is hard. Often there is a literal equivalent. But some words are strictly taboo in one language, used only by the roughest of characters in their angriest moments, while the exact same word in another language might be pretty mild.”Swearing: Very much lost in translation – The Economist

“If you have a good relationship with your parents, you probably know that all they want is for you to be happy. They told you that when you brought home a bad grade on a math test and when you went through a tough breakup. They reminded you after arguments in which you all said some things you shouldn’t have. Really, chances are they’ve been thinking about your happiness since before you were even born.” 17 Ways to Be a Good Daughter – Huffington Post

“Fundamentally, attachment parenting is about an infant forming bonds and secure attachment with his or her caregiver. It is a way of relating to your child and responding to his needs in a compassionate way.” Dispelling the myths of attachment parenting – She Knows Parenting

“Multiply it out and that’s 30.5 hours that I save every year just by riding a motorcycle. Subtract the 9.3 hours that I’m losing (on average) by accepting a small chance of death, and I still get 21 hours of extra time every year. This equation gets better every year, too, because as I get older, I’m risking less future years of life and becoming a more experienced and hopefully safer rider. The time I’m getting is also “young time”, time when I’m at my fittest and most productive, which is more valuable than the time when I’m, say, 90. ” Live Longer by Riding a Motorcycle (sort of) – Tynan

“When I started changing my views while in college, my father told me I’d been “brainwashed.” But, like this young man says, “it’s just that I thought about it more.” And yet, the idea that I could simply have thought through these issues further and formed new opinion on my own is somehow anathema. And that, my friends, is maddening.” Conservative Kid Grows Up – Love, Joy, Feminism


“I think if I could ever meet my religious doppelganger, we’d get along well. But there’d still be one large gulf, one irreducible difference between him and me: he would have to spend a lot more time, energy and intellectual effort trying to come up with ways to justify religious beliefs that falter in the face of the evidence.” Because I’m An Atheist… – Daylight Atheism

“Many people insist that they have had reliable religious or psychic experiences. Yet there would appear to be good evidence that many of these experiences are delusional.” Religious Experience and Karen Armstrong’s God – Stephen Law

“I think you’re worth it: “But I don’t see it that way. When I argue with a believer about religion, I’m not saying, “I think your beliefs make you stupid.” I’m saying, “I think you’re smart enough to get this. I think you’re open-minded enough to be willing to change your mind. I think you’re strong enough to deal with changing your mind about something important.””” “I think we were worth it”: Arguing About Religion – Greta Christina’s Blog

“So, after five changes of mind and after being given a lesson in justice, this omniscient, inerrant source of morals has agreed to spare the cities if they can find just ten righteous people in them. It still hasn’t learned to forgive it’s enemies or show mercy. That’ll have to wait for another day.” How God Learned About Justice – Rosa Rubicondior

Church of Scientology in France convicted of fraud – a1social


“I recently came across the concept of “Straw Feminism.”Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency defines the Straw feminist as “a trope that is a deliberately created, exaggerated caricature of a feminist that is used to undermine and ridicule feminist movements.” Straw feminism is probably the main factor behind why many people associate feminism with crazy, radical, militant women, fighting against sexism and inequality that really doesn’t exist.” Straw Feminism – The F Bomb

New Report Says The U.S. Isn’t The Best Place For Women To Live – And It’s Right – The Jane Dough

“The first step to getting men to get help, I think, is to treat mental illness and emotional distress as an ordinary part of life. It’s not shameful or a sign of weakness or failure to have depression or suicidal urges. It’s just a thing that happens sometimes, to all kinds of men—the most masculine as well as the least. Once it’s been reframed as a routine misfortune, there might be less stigma around seeking help for it. ” ‘Real Men’ Get Therapy – Role / Reboot

“A new study by the Center for Talent Innovation has revealed yet again that the “opt-out” myth is still an invalid excuse masking the real obstacle that keeps women from the top. As Secretary General of the Council of Women World LeadersLaura Liswood has put it, it’s the thick layer of men that’s keeping women from reaching the upper echelons of the business world.” Opt Out Myth Dismissed – Again – The Glass Hammer

“It’s work. Some organizations and companies care about having the input of several different backgrounds in their work. Others simply want to appear to be upholding the tenets of affirmative action, all the while keeping their hierarchies alive and well. In the media world, there is a frequent fetishization of having writers from a variety of different backgrounds, who, like the men who want to fuck an ethnic girl just because she is ethnic, are wanted for their (our) race or ethnicity before our talent.” Sex, Lies and Fetishizing Race – Feministe

“The bottom line is that there’s no perfect way to have a family, and the parents have to do what they think is best for them because, ultimately, that will be best for the child, too.” Should We Wait Until We Are Older to Have Kids? – Care2


“Perfect tomatoes may have the appearance, cookability and mouthfeel of the genuine article, but more often than not, the flavor is missing — a fact that many people never even realize until they buy a tomato at a farmers’ market or travel overseas to a place without massive grocery stores and marvel at this wonderful fruit they seem to be tasting for the first time.”Why Tomatoes Taste Bad: Science at Root of Missing Flavor – TIME

Dear Mark: How Much Protein Can You Absorb and Use from One Meal? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

“I know what you’re thinking: If your clothes don’t fit properly, get rid of them! Well, yes, but then I would have nothing to wear. Okay, that’s not true. I don’t have issues with all of my garments. Just certain items. And yet: I find myself reluctant to get rid of those pieces. It seems like after I take them off, I end up washing them, and putting them back in the closet or drawer from which they came, only to be faced with them again another day.” My Clothes and I Are Not Speaking to Each Other – Jezebel


“By talking about the things that are hard for us – the moments that stick in our mind, mucking about and kicking up old triggers and hurts we thought we’d tucked away for good – we are collectively stronger for it.” Becoming a Bridezilla + Living Authentically While Planning a Wedding – Medicinal Marzipan

“I am an ocean. I am deep and wide and blue and green, with white foam on the tops of my waves. People visit me to go swimming in me – those are the people I encounter in my life.” The Others and Me – My Funny Little Life


The most important time to do something is when you don’t want to do it. That’s the mark of a champion– someone who knows what he has to do, doesn’t want to do it, but does it anyway. Anyone can write when they want to write. That’s easy. The hard part is when you’re not motivated, uninspired, and distracted. ” Doing Things When You Don’t Want to Do Them – Tynan

“The secret to succeeding in anything is to increase your probabilities.” The “Secret” Formula for Outrageous Success – Wake Up Cloud

“When I’m writing, and I find myself drawing a blank, it’s usually because I’m trying to be someone else’s idea of a writer.” What Writers Should Do When Drawing a Blank – Write to Done

5 Stupid Things You Do in Social Media that Brand You a Pariah – Make a Living Writing


“These guys figure that if they say truly awful things about themselves, they’ll force their partners to cease the search for legitimate discussion and turn to the more traditionally feminine role of soothing male anxiety. “I’m such an asshole, I don’t know why you stay with me.” (Batterers use that line a lot in the remorse stage, following an episode of abuse.) It often works, particularly on a woman who wants to believe she can show the guy she loves a side of himself he has never seen. And a lot of women, torn between exasperation and compassion, give in at this point in the argument (whether it was about housework or porn or whatever) and say, “Oh Roger, you’re not a bad person. I really do love and admire you.” They break off the attempt to push through to the man and resolve the problem, instead moving on to comforting him. The conflict is only temporarily smoothed over, and invariably erupts again. This cycle can go on indefinitely.” ‘I Suck’: How Guys Use Self-Deprecation Against You – Jezebel

“There is a time for helping reduce your spouse’s unhappiness, but it’s not while you’re seeing him or her as the cause of your own unhappiness. It’s when you’re happy. It’s when love frees up your generosity and kindness and delights in doing whatever you can for the wonderful person you married.” Got an Unhappy Spouse? – Assume Love

“The truth is, marriage requires a large application of empathy, compassion, and acceptance. We can encourage each other with affirming and influencing words to make new or different choices. But the more negative and condemning our words are, the less likely our spouse is to want to change. Or to make changes that are color-bright and work long-term. If he or she slaps on a coat of shiny green in resentment and anger, we might like the color for a brief while, but it will be hard to live with over time.” Home Improvement Project – Simple Marriage


  1. Thank you for linking me again! I never manage to read everything you link, but I always find some really good articles via your posts, and this time I did again! 😀


    • You’re welcome – and no worries, just read whatever you find interesting 🙂


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