Primal/Paleo Pear Pie


This is a recipe I came up with half a year ago, for a primal/paleo pear pie. The recipe is more primal than paleo, but you can make it strictly paleo by substituting butter for coconut oil and sour cream (or whipped cream) for coconut cream.



2dl almonds (0.85 cup)

4 pitted dates

3 eggs

1-2 tsp cinnamon


3 large pears

Cinnamon for sprinkling on top

2-3 tbsp butter

  1. Blend the almonds until they’re rather finely ground (it’s fine if there’s a few larger pieces).
  2. Add the pitted dates to the blender and blend those finely as well.
  3. Remove the mix from the blender, and mix in 3 eggs and 1-2 tsp cinnamon (or however much you like).
  4. Grease the pie pan with butter, and then spread the crust mix in the pan:
  5. Peel the pears, quarter them and take out the insides. Slice them on the long side and spread them evenly across the crust, making a circle.
  6. Sprinkle with cinnamon:
  7. Add a couple of pats of butter.
  8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 175 degrees Celsius (350F), for about 35-45 mins, until the crust is cooked and the pears are tender:
  9. Serve with a dollop of sour cream, whipped cream, coconut cream or whatever you would like:



  1. Wow, that looks good, Rebekka, and pretty easy, too. I ought to bake more.


  2. This looks gorgeous! 😀


  3. This looks delicious! What is primal/paleo – I’ve never heard of it before!


  4. Maria Steg

    Hi sis!
    Looks beautiful and delicious.. I was wondering, when I’m baking GF pie I’m still prebaking the crust for about 10 min. And the filling for 25-30 min. Depending on the filling.. Is there a reason why your not?
    The crust is almost the same I use for “dinner-pie”, only I use lots of seeds and a bit of NGF flour.. 🙂
    I’ll buy some pears and try it out 🙂
    Hope your doing good 🙂
    – Maria..


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