Link Love (28/07/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: “The Afghan government has condemned the Taliban public execution of a young woman accused of adultery after harrowing mobile phone footage of her death emerged.” 22-year-old accused of adultery executed in Afghanistan – TelegraphAfghan Authorities Launch Probe Into Woman’s Public Exection – RFERL & Afghan women protest for rights after public execution – Reuters

Australia: “In a move that has outraged local Muslim women, at least one Preston Mosque committee member authorised a post on its official Facebook page instructing women that polygamy was a better alternative to divorce and husbands were “someone you share”.” Preston Mosque in strife over telling wives to share their husbands with other women – The Telegraph

Indonesia: “A recent multi-agency report ranked Indonesia among 10 countries worldwide with the highest number of pre-term births, where 15.5 babies out of every 100 live births are born too early – about 676,000 babies annually.” Too many pre-term births – Indonesia

Iraq: “Head of the organization, Saif al-Mansouri, told the Iraq-based Al Sumaria TV, that “on the occasion of World Population Day, we have launched a campaign against early marriage as well as implementation on birth control.”” Iraqi group calls for ban on marriage before age of 25 – Al Arabiya

Nigeria: “The International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, said: “It is a shocking fact that pregnancy can be a death sentence for many girls and women in the developing world.”‘I want to stop giving birth’ after nine pregnancies – BBC News

Pakistan: ““In many countries girls marry at a very young age, become pregnant too early and out of necessity  drop education to take care of their young family,” Melesse said in an interview with IPS.  In Pakistan, he added, only 22 percent of married women of reproductive age use a modern contraceptive method.” Birth Control – Roping in Pakistan’s Men – Inter Press Service


“Money really can’t buy happiness, research shows. Instead, a new study suggests, those pursuing a happier life would be smart to sharpen their social skills.” Happiness is about Respect, not Riches – Greater Good

“It is also difficult to know what standards we should hold for ourselves—how can you demand more when you are told that you should be grateful for anything and know that you are the last ones hired and the first ones fired? How do we know how long to put up with certain conditions—sexual harassment, late pay, expectations to be on call and responding to e-mails around the clock—before our need for sanity outweighs our need for economic livelihood? How do we convey that we are trying our hardest?” Millennials and Economic Justice – Feministe

Why Your Handshake Matters (and How to Get it Right) – The Daily Muse)

“The history of the qwerty keyboard – almost certainly the one you are using to access this article, and the one I’m using to write it with – is great example of a design which becomes fixed for reasons which have nothing to do with why it is the way it is in the first place. But you will never be able to work out why that keyboard has its basic layout by examining your computer or smart phone, no matter how detailed your examination is or how completely you understand it.” Evolution at Your Finger-tips – Rosa Rubicondior

“Libertarians: If you want private charities and churches to step in and save the families you kick off welfare, why haven’t they begun? Why is anyone on welfare at all, if private individuals, churches and charities are waiting with open arms? Why aren’t churchgoers going out into the street and gathering up all the homeless people, offering to pay their rent and medical bills and help them find jobs (or better yet, employ them themselves)?” Libertarians, Welfare and Private Charities: Why Haven’t They? – The Phoenix and Olive Branch


“Thing is, a legal obligation that has serious consequences attached to failure to fulfill it is different from a “recommended” practice such as foreplay. There is no equivalence between a wife’s obligation to allow her husband sexual access, and the recommendation that husbands be considerate in their manner of sexual approach. The husband’s choice to ignore this recommendation, or only follow it sometimes, has no legal penalty attached to it.” Slippery Language: “recommended” and “obligatory” – A Sober Second Look

A Guide to Christian Clichés and Phrases – Unreasonable Faith

“When you’re completely sure you’re right, it’s sometimes hard to understand why anyone would hold any other opinion. It’s especially hard to understand why someone raised on the Truth ™ you trust in so implicitly would go on to reject it. And so, you have to find a way to explain it. That person over there left the faith because she wasbrainwashed. That other person left the faith because he wanted to follow his fleshly lusts. Viola. Explanations.” You’ve been brainwashed; or, following after fleshly lusts – Love, Joy, Feminism


Infographic marriage equality is officially mainstream – Feministing

“The fact that Rachel Maddow recently admitted to suffering from depression makes her an even more likeable and better-suited cheerleader for today’s feminist cause, says Lynn Beisner.” Thank God Rachel Maddow Is Depressed – Role / Reboot

Rape jokes: Daniel Tosh “jokes” that woman in audience should be raped at stand-up show – FeministingWhat Tosh’s Rape Joke Says About His Generation – Role / RebootDear Comedians, And People Like Me Who Think They’re Comedians – Anarch*ish* & On Making Rape Jokes – Autostraddle

“But even with the occasional missteps, the principle is clear. You make a gesture, indicating that you would like a certain type of friendly physical contact. Your gesture is either accepted or not. If you’re following these guidelines, then you’re getting consent, and you’re well within the guidelines of the codes of conduct.” Hugs, Handshakes, and Codes of Conduct at Conferences – Greta Christina’s Blog

“Golub commits an egregious crime with his misogynistic and pompous pontification. He is encouraging others to openly objectify women in power. He gives lip service to their merits, but only at the price of reducing them to eye candy. He sanctions sexism by celebrating female power as long as it is accompanied by conventional attractiveness. What better way to disempower them than by reducing them to numbers on a list?” Misogynist musing of the month: Hottest political women of 2012 – About-Face

Ranked: Disney Princesses From Least to Most Feminist – Nerve


Raspberry Butter Sauce with Crispy Salmon and Salad Greens – Mark’s Daily Apple

“So when you’ve got a pack after you, outrunning them isn’t going to work. You need to employ strategies to sustain your physical and emotional energy over the short- and medium-term in order to survive.” Paleo Crisis: 13 Tips – Paleo Non Paleo

Morning sickness: Can more sex help? – Slate Magazine

Beauty & Body Image

“Is there anything we crave more –- and trust less –- than a compliment? It’s axiomatic that compliments can be hard to take; as Anna North put it, accepting them is “a skill that often escapes even the most accomplished women.” While giving praise seems so much easier, there are still “no-go zones” for more than a few women –- like complimenting a straight man you don’t know well on his appearance. Few of us have as much ease accepting and giving them as we’d like.” You Know What’s Great About You? You Just Can’t Take (or Give) a Compliment – Jezebel

“Or, to put it more analytically: The range of socially acceptable clothing for men is far, far narrower than the range that’s available for women. As I said when I wrote my Fashion is a Feminist Issue piece: Fashion is one of the very few art forms/ languages/ forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men.” Fashion Friday: Menswear, and Some Thoughts About Gender Roles – Greta Christina’s Blog


“Every time you come across a human being—a bundle of smiles, just like you—I want you to grin. Square your shoulders, meet their eyes, and unfurl the pearly whites like maybe you never have before — and then do it again.” One Quick Way to Brighten Your Day – Make Every Day Count

“What you’re going through right now is so difficult. And it’s going to be okay. More than okay.” Are you hanging by a thread? – Danielle LaPorte

“The fact of the matter is, when you say I’m to busy to… what you are really saying is I’m choosing not to make this a priority right now.” I’m Too Busy To… Make This a Priority Right Now – Medicinal Marzipan

“It wasn’t easy to make conscious decisions to cut back on drinking, wake up earlier, hit the gym several times a week (and actually work out), and eat healthier — but I did it. Changing my routine was the answer to having better days and being happier overall.” The Benefits of Changing Your Routine – Wise Bread



“Writing is an art as much as it is a business. If you don’t treat writing as an income-producing skill then it will never be that. Med students don’t become doctors by saying they want to treat patients. You have to hone your skills and nurture your craft just like any other profession.” The Art and Business of Writing in Fitness – Mother Fitness Revolution

“This suggests a rather different conclusion than 10,000 hours of hyper focus seems to imply. Perhaps instead of repetitively mastering a single skill, true expertise means building a cluster of tightly related skills, so that most time is spent learning new ideas instead of practicing old ones.” Should You Learn New Skills or Master Old Ones? – Scott H Young


I often hear single women saying that they want to get married but they have to find a guy first. Not ‘the right guy’ just ‘a guy’. I’ve heard single guys say that they just ‘want to be married’. I find that incredibly bizarre. To me it’s like someone saying I want to have a hip replacement, I just need to break my hip first.” Do We Want a Wedding or a Marriage – Smaggle

“However, now that I’ve joined the striving masses I can see that it has so much more to do with what’s lacking in your life than what’s lacking within you. We have ourselves and can be complete, but the world needs to contribute to us too to keep us connected and contributing. Emotional strength is a two-way street, and like I said, that arrangement is set up straight from birth. We form relationships to connect with our realities and confirm with ourselves that we are alive. Take out any of the major relationships that have been bolstering your consciousness and you’ll find yourself clamouring to replace it. The people you see going on dating websites in desperation are just trying to improve their connection to the world – the phrase ‘get out there’ is incredibly apt!” Human Relationships Are Good For You – Silence, Cupcake

“On a more individual level, what message does a parent send his or her children by choosing to stay in an unhappy marriage? That it’s okay to stay in a bad relationship. That it’s fine to deny oneself fulfillment and happiness. That it’s okay to let someone else walk all over you. That your own needs and desires and hopes and dreams don’t matter, aren’t valuable. Are those the kind of messages someone should send their children? Is that really what’s best “for the children”?” Staying together “for the children” – Love, Joy, Feminism


  1. I loved the article on the Disney princesses! 😀 Mulan has always been my favorite one 🙂 🙂


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    thank you for sharing these interesting stories 🙂


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