Link Love (11/08/2012)

This one is shorter than usual, I’d filled it up as usual, but when I went to publish it, some error happened and more than half was gone. Next one should be back to normal, my apologies. Enjoy!


News Across the World

Afghanistan: “The Afghan government’s rhetoric on women’s rights and condolences when yet another woman is killed are not enough.” Afghanistan must stop the murder of its female leaders – The Guardian & “Afghanistan’s independent human rights commission has recorded 52 murders of girls and women in the last four months, 42 of which were honour killings, compared to 20 murders for all of last year.” Afghan teen murder spotlights growing violence against women – Reuters

Egypt: “Wealthy Arab tourists from Gulf countries are paying money to purchase under-age Egyptian girls as “summer-brides”, claims a new report on human trafficking released by the U.S. State Department.” ‘Summer Brides’: Under-age daughters sold as ‘sex-slaves’ in Egypt, report claims – Al Arabiya

Kyrgyzstan: “Allegations that a member of Kyrgyzstan’s KGB-successor agency organized the brutal rape of his wife have outraged women’s rights activists in Bishkek. But what rights defenders call an ordinary crime is having an extraordinary effect because of the victim’s response: she pressed charges.” Rape Trial Spotlights Women’s Plight – Eurasia

Sudan: “The young woman, Ms. L.I.E, who did not have any legal assistance, pleaded guilty to the charge of adultery. International human rights law prohibits death sentences resulting from unfair trial.” Sudanese court sentences woman to death by stoning over adultery claims – Sudan Tribune

Turkey: “Renewed debate over abortion rights in Turkey has women wondering whether gender equality is being left behind as the country seeks to position itself as a model for the Middle East.” Turkish Women Blow Whistle on Rights Crackdown – Womens eNews

UAE: “Today, things have changed. The highest percentage of women does not comprise of stay-at-home mothers and housewives anymore. In a changing Arab society, women are becoming an important part of the workforce and in most Arab countries they are encouraged to work and contribute to raising the family income. To cope with this socio-economic trend, many women have opted to postpone their plans of marriage to an older age in order to give more time to their careers.” The “Problem” of Spinsterhood in the Gulf – Muslimah Media Watch


“It almost feels heartless to tell someone they need to change, that not only were they abused but now they also have to pick up the pieces of their lives and be responsible for growing and healing.  Survivors face a tall order when it comes to healing from childhood  trauma and the subsequent abuses they endured while still trying to make sense of their world.  Yet, loving the people in our lives, and loving ourselves – sometimes has to take the form of tough love through rules, strict boundaries, and consequences for abusive behaviors and actions.” The Lifetime Effects of Abuse – Rooted In Being


“This week a read an article in Answers in Genesis’ Answers Magazine asserting that if you think God’s cruel for sending people to eternal torture in hell, well, you just don’t truly understand God’s goodness” Answers in Genesis: Are we more moral than God? – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has long championed LGBT rights both within Africa and the world over. This week, Tutu reaffirmed his commitment to the affirmation of LGBT rights when he demanded that homosexuality be decriminalized everywhere in the world. His call for decriminalization was also a plea to help the fight against HIV and AIDS.” Desmond Tutu: “LGBT people are a part of every human community” – Care2

“Joking aside–for whatever reason many adults crave the gender divisions of kindergarten when it comes to using the potty. As we’ve seen in many discussions here, bathrooms seem to be a visceral symbol for people that there is a concrete and solid distinction between genders and messing with them, messes with the social order of things. Who knew a potty could have so much power?” Navy introduces gender neutral bathrooms – Feministing

“But the Braly piece wasn’t that. It wasn’t a critique of mother-martyrdom, or a look at how these practices can alienate husbands or destroy a couples’ sex life. It isn’t about much more than how Braly’s own wife should also sacrifice for him — as if sex is a “sacrifice,” and something that good women do in order to serve the kings of their castles. And I’m sure when his wife sees her body described as repulsive in the New York Times and reads all about her husband fantasizing about cheating on her, their sex life will greatly improve.” The problem isn’t the breastfeeding, it’s the enormous ass writing the article. – Feministe


Ancient Wisdom Confirmed by Modern Science – Mark’s Daily Apple

Hormonal Acne: Where It’s Coming From, and What to Do about It – Paleo for Women


“Before you can make progress in changing your life for the better there must be a deeply held, highly emotional desire to get out of your current situation and improve your life.” Why Changing Your Life Can Be So Hard – Peak Personal Development


Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub – Under the Table and Dreaming


  1. Thank you for some interesting links again! 😀 I’ll read them when I’ve caught up with your blog, and I think I’ll listen to Miles Davis’ album “Tutu” which he devoted to Desmond Tutu while reading. 🙂


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