Letting Go of “Stuff” (+ Announcement!)


All my worldly possessions...Like most people, stuff tends to accumulate for me. I’m well aware, that I probably have less stuff than the average Dane, and definitely less things than the average American, it’s nonetheless something I’m continuously working on.


Every now and then I’ll do a big sort-out, go through my clothes, my toiletries and everything else. It continues to amaze me how whenever I do it, I keep finding things to get rid of.

I did a huge sort-out a little less than a year ago, I got rid of a stuffed IKEA-bag full of clothes, 5-6 pair of shoes, a bag full of make-up and hair products and several boxes of other things.

And now I’m doing it again. And once again I have an IKEA-bag stuffed with clothes, several pairs of shoes and another bag full of make-up and hair products.

But the thing is, I can see huge progress. None of the clothes I’m getting rid of, are things I have bought in the past years – it’s only older things that I’ve realized I really don’t wear any more. Ditto for the shoes and toiletries. So not only am I getting better at getting rid of things, but I’m also getting better at not buying things I don’t need or won’t use.

What to Do With All Your Stuff

Stoff leshcew  /  Second HandSome things most obviously go straight to the bin, but at least for me, most of the things are still great quality and could be useful to someone else. I just really hate letting things go to waste.

For clothes and shoes my sisters get first pick, whatever they don’t want goes to a non-profit second-hand shop.

Same thing goes for other stuff, if I have kitchen ware, books, decorative items etc., I’ll first check with family and friends if they need/want anything, if not I’ll give that to a non-profit second-hand shop as well.


The Four CourtsSo you might’ve noticed that I haven’t really updated my blog as much as useful for the past couple of weeks. My apologies, things have been rather hectic, but I didn’t want to post anything until everything was sorted out.

Well, I’m moving to Dublin, Ireland! I’ve been offered a job (which I didn’t even apply for), and since I love Dublin and Ireland in general I didn’t hesitate to accept it.

I’ve been getting everything sorted out for the past couple of weeks, and they had to run a background check as well as check my references as well. But it’s all sorted out now, and I’m set to move on the 29th of August.

So this is why I’m busy going through all of my things and figuring out what to bring, what to toss and what to store.

I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity – and about the chance to live in another country. There will probably continue to be slightly less blogging than usual for the next month or so, but after that I hope to get back into my  usual routine. If not I’ll have to re-evaluate my standards and possible settle for less frequent posting.


How do you feel about letting go of stuff? How often do you go through your things, and get rid of some? What do you do with those things? Have you ever lived in another country than the one you grew up in? If not, do you want to?



  1. Well … every time I go on vacation, I secretly hope that my downstairs ‘senior citizen’ neighbor has an oven-malfunction or some such and burn the house down so I will come back to a clean slate. That pretty much sums it up. I also fantasize about emigrating (to the US in my case, a gun-friendly state), and getting rid of all the junk is a somewhat major factor in this. I’m pathetic.


    • Haha I can really relate to that feeling, just wanting it all gone, a clean slate. Well, maybe you should just emigrate 😉


  2. I’m always holding onto things…I find it hard to let stuff go because of the sentiment attached to it, but I try! I got rid of a ton when I moved out (and prior to that) and I need to go through it again and get rid of some more too.


    • I understand, I feel the same way, most of the things I’m not letting go off are for that reasons, things that belonged to my dad for example. What I do, is I try to prioritize smaller items, and things that I personally really like as well, and let go of the other things.


  3. LK

    So glad to hear the job went through! Congrats!


  4. I think I’d like living in another country for a while. Just to see how it is. Best wishes in your new job!


    • I think you’d enjoy it Susanne, you’re always so curious about different cultures and living really is very different to visiting.


  5. This post comes just in time because I am in a need to clear my apartment. I feel clutter-minded when I have too much chaos around, and since I’ve been working and studying a lot during the past, um, years, my apartment looks accordingly. There are boxes I haven’t even cleaned out after moving in almost two years ago … 😛 So, I have this project going on. I’ve already gotten rid of two bags of clothes, and shoes are going to follow since I want to switch to Vibrams mostly now. Books, sheet music, and study stuff are on my list as well, and then the kitchen … I need to take care of my kitchen. But this is nothing that could be done in a day, so I’ll gradually work my way through that during the next time.

    I’m so happy and excited that you got an job in Ireland! (You know I already knew you were going to move there because you told me about your guitar plans. :D) I haven’t been to Ireland yet but it’s a place I want to go to with all my heart, probably with my friend Cel. We could visit you there then! What kind of job is it, and for how long will you be staying there?


    • I’m the same, I think better when everything is tidy around me. At the same time I easily feel over-whelmed so I can find it difficult to do the tidying. Catch22 eh?

      And yes… I had 2 boxes from when I moved in 4 months ago that I hadn’t gone through until this weekend. Oops 😛

      Vibrams are great! I need to get a new pair because I lost my old one in a move.

      Yeah I know you knew, I haven’t exactly kept it a secret on Facebook 😉 I just wanted to have everything official before I announced it here.

      You guys should definitely visit me! I’d be so thrilled to meet you – and your friend.

      The job is entry-level, sales support for the Nordic markets kinda thing (business-to-business),the contract is for 10 months, but with great opportunity for a promotion to a higher role at the end. I’m probably open staying for a few years 😉


      • That sounds great, we’ll surely make it for a visit then! The friend I’d travel with is Celina (we’ve thought about traveling to Ireland together, she’s such a traveler and has been there for a couple of times already and I haven’t), we’ll have to meet for traveling now that she goes to Canada. 😉 She’s the friend I feel the closest to, and I think you’d get along really well because she’s very much into LGBT rights and women’s rights and politics etc.


      • She sounds great! I’d be delighted to meet up with you both, and then she already knows that Ireland is a lovely lovely country (I’ve visited Ireland 5 times already and love it).

        Incidentally one of my online besties and I had planned to visit Dublin together next summer, so she’s coming to visit me too, I’m so blessed 😀


      • That’s wonderful! 🙂 🙂

        I can write my friend a note on fb if you like, so then you can befriend her. She’s always open to meet interesting people, and she reads your blog and likes you Dinosaur page 🙂


      • Oh that would be marvellous I’d really enjoy that! More readers, yay 😀 That makes me very happy.



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