Escaping an Emotionally Abusive Relationship


20 months ago today I officially ended the emotionally abusive relationship, which I’d been in for two years. I’ve previously written about a specific form of emotional abuse known as Gaslighting, but today I share my personal story Escaping an Abusive Relationship at Silence, Cupcake:

He never hit me. But at times I wished he would, because at least then I’d know his behaviour was wrong. With emotional abuse it’s all different shades of grey, and with the Gaslighting component it’s so easy to lose trust in your own judgement.

Reading about abusive relationships you might wonder, why would anyone ever put up with such atrocious treatment? Especially a smart, capable and intelligent woman.

The thing is, these relationships don’t begin like this. In the beginning they’re wonderful. You’ll be treated so well, and then slowly, slowly he or she will begin to crawl under your skin.

Read the full story.


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  1. I’ve read your guest post on the other blog and think you nail it really well. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Have you already moved to Ireland? How’s the bank account going? 😉


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