Link Love (04/09/2012)

News Across the World

India: Muslim girls’ enrolment in primary schools up 33% against average of 5% – Times of India

Iran: “A 9-year-old girl is not physically or emotionally ready to start in engaging in sexual activity, not to mention carrying a child. If a young girl does become pregnant, her health risks increase dramatically. In fact, girls under 15 years old are five times more likely to die during childbirth.” Iranian Wants to Legalize Marriage for Girls as Young as 9 – Care2

Kazakstan: Disability Still Seen as Bar to Motherhood – Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Mauritania: “Mbarka Mint Aheimed first met her father on the day he forced her intoslavery. The man who dragged her from her mother when she was aged five needed “a drudge” in his wife’s mansion. Since Aheimed was the result of him raping her mother – one of his slaves – she was a natural choice, he told her.” Slavery still shackles Mauritania, 31 years after its abolition – The Guardian

Pakistan: “A pro-al-Qaeda group in Kashmir has warned women it will kill them or disfigure their faces with acid if they are seen unveiled or using their mobile phones in public.” Kashmir women ordered to cover up or risk acid attack – Telegraph


” I’m not claiming that getting rid of your stuff will make you a better or more prolific writer.  But it will help to eliminate debt, distractions and dependence on a job.” What It Takes: Lighten the Load – Steven Pressfield

“What can safewords do for non-kinky people? Permission communication. In a culture that delegitimizes communication — especially women’s communication of limits or needs — this ishuge. Safewords permission “no.” That which permissions the free exercise of “no” also, necessarily, creates space for the free exercise of “yes.”” The Annotated Safeword – yes means yes

““Awe-eliciting experiences might offer one effective solution to the feelings of time starvation that plague so many people in modern life,” write the researchers, who were based at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.” Can Awe Buy You More Time and Happiness – Greater Good

“On average, resource-rich countries have done even more poorly than countries without resources. They have grown more slowly and with greater inequality—just the opposite of what one would expect. After all, taxing natural resources at high rates will not cause them to disappear, which means that countries whose major source of revenue is natural resources can use them to finance education, health care, development, and redistribution.” Why resource-rich countries usually end up poor – Slate Magazine

“The authors suggest there is a higher-order process at work that they call global coherence that overrules local contradictions: “Someone who believes in a significant number of conspiracy theories would naturally begin to see authorities as fundamentally deceptive, and new conspiracy theories would seem more plausible in light of that belief.” Moreover, “conspiracy advocates’ distrust of official narratives may be so strong that many alternative theories are simultaneously endorsed in spite of any contradictions between them.” Thus, they assert, “the more that participants believe that a person at the centre of a death-related conspiracy theory, such as Princess Diana or Osama [bin] Laden, is still alive, the more they also tend to believe that the same person was killed, so long as the alleged manner of death involves deception by officialdom.” Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories – Scientific American


“Finally, this comparison makes every assertion that husbands and wives are equal, and simply have different roles, into a lie. That’s right, a lie. See, Jesus and the church are not equal. There is no frame in which you can make them equal. After all, as the story goes, Christ created humankind, Christ is infallible and perfect while humankind is wicked and deserving of eternal torture, and Christ now requires mankind’sobedience to his every word.” If he’s Jesus and I’m the church, that’s not equal – Love, Joy, Feminism

“I was exactly what a Boy’s Club wanted. I was a young, not-hideous woman who passionately supported their cause. I made them look diverse without them having to address their minority-repelling privilege. They liked that I joked about sex and boobs not because it was empowering for me, but because they saw it as a pass to oggle and objectify. But the Boy’s Club rescinds its invitation once they realize you’re a rabble-rousing feminist. I was welcome at TAM when I was talking about a boob joke, but now I’m persona non grata for caring about sexual harassment. I used to receive numerous comments about how hot and attractive I was, but when I politely asked for people to keep the discussion professional, the comments morphed into how I was an ugly cunt. I was once considered an up-and-coming student leader, but now I’m accused of destroying the movement.” How I Unwittingly Infiltrated the Boy’s Club & Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Atheism – Blag Hag

“My biggest issue with what he’s doing can be summed up in two words: false hope.
When he talks about having a positive attitude, I’m completely behind him. But when he pushes a religious form of magical thinking, I get angry. Sick people are already scared and vulnerable — they need real help. How many of those people listen to Andrew and toss out their medication? How many of them stop chemo? Or worse, how many of them refuse to provide medical care for their sick kids because they think God will just take care of everything?” My Night at a Faith Healing Service – Friendly Atheist

“The atheist movement already exists. It is powerful. It is a name and an identity that many people feel strongly about. It is a name and an identity that many people have done extraordinary things done for. Many of us have grown to love it. We see value in it, and we don’t want to abandon it. We want to form a subset of it that makes it better: a subset that is specifically devoted to making atheism more welcoming to women, people of color, poor people, working class people, trans people, and other marginalized groups, and that is specifically devoted to doing work in the places where atheism and other social justice issues intersect.” Humanism Is Great – But It’s Not Atheism Plus – Greta Christina’s Blog

A Primer on Mormonism for the 2012 Presidential Election – Wicked Glitch


“A same-sex couple in Nevada is raising awareness about the inequality couples experience without marriage after Spring Valley Hospital refused to recognize their relationship. Brittney Leon and Terri-Ann Simonelli have a domestic partnership, which under Nevada state law grants couples all the same rights as married couples. When Leon checked into the hospital last month because of complications in her pregnancy, the admissions officer told Simonelli she would have to secure power of attorney to be with her partner.” Same-Sex Couple Denied Hospital Visitation Despite Domestic Partnership – Care2

“I asked myself what messages I’d gotten about rape while growing up, and I finally had to admit to myself that the only messages I remember getting were along the lines of “don’t put yourself in a compromising situation where you might get raped, because then you would no longer be pure.” I don’t know if that was the message that my parents and community intended to send, but it’s certainly the message I got. Sure, rape was seen as bad because it was a violent crime. But the sex part? It was, well, premarital sex. Sure, it wasn’t voluntary, but it was still premarital sex.” Rape. That’s a kind of premarital sex, right? – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Talk to your male friends. It’s sad but true: For a lot of people, men have more credence when talking about gender issues than women do. If your friend tells a rape joke or says that women just aren’t as good at science as men are, challenge them on it.” 11 Ways Men Can Be Better Feminist Allies – AlterNet

“According to the two women, the owner of the New York city based perfumeries had intimated her employees to use the phrase “We need the lightbulbs changed” whenever a dark-skinned customer would enter a store as Rahme feared that her goods might get stolen once again since she herself claims that the only thieves she saw, but apparently did not have arrested, had been African-Americans….” Racist Stereotyping Scandal Surfaces at Bond No.9 Perfumery Hit by a Lawsuit in New York City – The Scented Salamander

Women Can and Do Sexually Harass Men – Role / Reboot

Todd Akin & Rape: Don’t you hate it when – Feministe, A thank you note for Todd Akin – Feministing, Biology 101 Anyone? – No Longer Quivering, Rep. Todd Akin: Wrong, But Not Alone – Mother Jones & Republican Todd Akin Says ‘Legitimate Rape’ Can’t Cause Pregnancy


Simple Homemade 3-Ingredient Facial Oil Moisturizer – Customize It For Your Own Gorgeous Skin – Crunchy Betty

Why Men and Women Store and Burn Fat Differently – Mark’s Daily Apple

Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Part 1 – Chris Kresser

Beauty & Body Image

“What moral judgements are we projecting onto the working poor—especially women—when class politics, health policies, food accessibility, and body shame are so closely intertwined? Considering that poverty is a major risk factor for any number of conditions from diabetes to HIV and that the poor have less access to quality medical care, food and nutrition education, it is especially cruel that we are so quick to judge them for what we perceive as inferior bodies. Then we associate those bodies with some sort of ill health for which we hold them responsible. It would seem that looking out of shape is the same as looking impoverished and unhealthy, two conditions over which we collectively (and incorrectly) assume complete personal agency.” Is the Fitness Ideal Any Less Damaging to Women than the Beauty Ideal? – Role / Reboot

“So it’s time all people stood up and helped make the world a fairer place, the next time you hear anyone use the word  ”girl” as a derogatory term, please point this out to them and ask them to desist.  I am proud to be a girl.  I love being female.  I really hope that you love being a girl too!” Why is Being a Girl so Bad? – Inside Out Style

“When we allow the deepest parts of ourselves to be seen, touched and loved, everything changes.
When we feel connected to ourselves, to another person and the world at large, we finally feel fed with the right food.
When we have that, our layers of protection evaporate. Years of trauma and pain can dissolve in seconds.
There is no better balm and spontaneous healer than cataclysmic, love-infused sex.” Food and Sex – Kim Anami

Travelling Notes with Bras and Clothes – Braless in Brasil

“Of course it’s the very thing that patriarchal men deny: that it’s not the woman who adorns herself who is immodest, but the men who look down on her and police her. Another inversion—this time one that is far from charming and is downright reprehensible and inexcusable.” Examining Modesty – the fatal feminist


“Does loving my body mean that I’m going to just give up becoming healthier?
Does loving myself mean that I’m going to become selfish and arrogant?
Does putting myself first mean I’m the asshole who doesn’t care about anyone else in my life?
If I don’t push myself to become better, will I fall into an abyss of slovenly, self-important, food-riddled misery?” Self-Love + The Reality of Settling, Stagnation, or Giving Up – Mara Glatzel

6 Tips to Help You Apply What You’ve Learned – Tiny Buddha

“It happens to all of us. When you left yourself open in the early part of your life, you likely would get hurt from time to time. That pain taught us to close ourselves off in different ways: don’t let others in, use humor to keep some distance, hurt others before they hurt you, back away from anything new, and so on.
I close myself off, and miss the world. I miss out on life when I do that.
And so I’m learning to become more open. It’s a slow process, but in many small ways I’ve learned a lot, and am much more open now than I’ve ever been.” How to Become Open to Life – zen habits


Why it’s OK for women to use girly language in the office – The Grindstone

Etiquette: Auto-politeness, revisited – The Economist

5 Things You’re Forgetting to Ask During Your Review – The Daily Muse


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