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Egypt: “Maria TV targets just a small minority of Egyptians – some of whom say the broadcaster is not conservative enough. The women’s voices could entice men, and, as such, should be voiced over with male voices, said one critic identified as Sheik Ibrahim.” Fully veiled and on air – DW

India: “Doctors say that decades of conflict and political uncertainty in the Kashmir Valley have negatively affected the reproductive health of women with an epidemic of stress-related disorders. For women, doctors say that ongoing conflict means a perpetual cycle of post-traumatic stress disorder, hormone imbalances and the heavily stigmatized possibility of infertility. Psychologists and psychiatrists confirm the link between mental and emotional strain and physical consequences. Experts recommend counseling for conflict-related disorders and in vitro fertilization for women who can’t conceive.” Stress-Related Disorders: Lead to Infertility in Kashmir – Global Press Institute

Iran: “So two different arguments have dominated the decision to block women from university. One posits that the ratio of students in universities needs to be equal, rather than a dominating 65% of women. The other rationale posits that female graduates are unwanted in the workforce. Both arguments inherently suggest that women should be wives and mothers rather than career-focused.” Women Banned from Universities in Iran – Care2

Pakistan: “Akhtar, who quit school after the sixth grade to care for her sick father, has mastered not only Swati embroidery, but Multani and Kashmiri as well. She can earn from $11 to $50 for every shawl she embroiders.” Devotees Aim to Restore Pakistani Province’s Cultural Identity – RFERL

Somalia: “Sarah, of Somali descent but born in the Netherlands, was 16 when she was forced to marry her uncle in Somalia. After several attempts she managed to escape from Mogadishu last month and go back home. She now lives in hiding in a women’s shelter in the Netherlands.” Holiday in Somalia turns into nightmare (part 1) – Radio Netherlands Worldwide & Part 2

UK: “Mrs Justice Parker said that forcing marriage on someone who lacks mental capacity is a “gross interference” with their dignity and autonomy, particularly as it means having sex and possibly becoming pregnant without being able to consent.” Judge attacks forced marriage that put disabled woman ‘at risk’ – Telegraph


“But over the past few years, experts have argued that narcissism is on the rise, both in adults and in teens.  And if this is true, it means that normal childhood self-absorption may stick around longer than predicted, and mutate from appropriate to alarming as kids fail to outgrow it.” Is Facebook Making Your Child a Narcissist? – The Body and the Brood

“Moreover, it will also be harder to maintain your regular level of functioning when you are under stress load – I think this is something most of us will know from experience. In consequence, when you feel that life is demanding a lot from you, it is especially important to be kind to yourself. This means care for yourself but also forgive yourself when you do not manage to care for yourself as you wanted to. Look at yourself with the eyes of a friend and treat yourself accordingly.” Self Management – My Funny Little Life

They are successful career women in loving relationships – and they all live with an affliction that will surprise you – Daily Mail

“Moral issues aside, there are enough reasons not to succumb to the greatest scam in history. If you hang around a group of diamond dealers for a day, there’s a word you’ll hear passed around quite a bit — “illusion.” ” Ira Weissman: 7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are a Waste of Your Money – Huffington Post

“Your fear (or society’s fear) of death should not be used to hold back the rights of others. Just as religion should not be used to hold back the rights of women, blacks, the oppressed, etc. Those like Nicklinson who conscientously choose the warm embrace of death over the continued pain of existence have made their own choice. We should accept that and allow them to die with dignity. If the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you want to be able to choose for yourself? I know I would.” The right to dignity = The right to die – The Atheist Pig


“I’m not convinced either way (as to the historical existence of Jesus), but thought-provoking either way.” The Historical Evidence for Jesus – Rosa Rubicondior

“The evil nature of children is one of the premises of the book, and parents are actively cautioned against thinking otherwise: “One dangerous, humanistic idea…is that children are basically good” (p. 18).  The role of parents, therefore, is to work against their children’s natural badness, to “bring them up to maturity by twisting them against their nature.  Twisting requires firm effort, sustained throughout their childhood.” (p. 17). ” “Biblical” Parenting, Criticism #1: A Parent Who Assumes the Worst – Past Tense, Present Progressive

Friar Claims that ‘the Youngster is the Seducer’ When Priests Rape Kids – Friendly Atheist & Catholic Leader Blames Kids for Seducing Priests – The Atheist Pigs

“When it comes to arguing with creationists about the actual science, the first group is the one with the capability to listen and potentially be persuaded. I am proof of this. The second group is obviously not reachable. But what of the third group? Must we give up on them? Actually, I think that Christians who believe in theistic evolution may have the best chance at reaching those in the third group. After all, this group essentially says “I will never give up my faith, ever, and accepting evolution would mean rejecting my faith.” If  the goal is to convince that person of the evidence behind evolution, the best way to start would be to dismantle the assumption that they cannot maintain their faith without young earth creationism. Only once they’re open to the idea of changing their minds can they actually consider the evidence and perchance be persuaded.” A Taxonomy of Creationists – Love, Joy, Feminism


“I love my life, but that does not mean that I cannot wish for something better for my mother. In fact, I wish I had been aborted precisely because I love my life. I have the kind of education that led to work that I enjoy and find meaningful. I have a marriage where I am loved and treated as an equal. I thoroughly enjoyed raising children and we continue to have a good relationship as they are entering early adulthood. My mother has never had any of these things. And when I compare the richness and joy of my life to my mother’s, it breaks my heart. The anti-choice crusaders who believe that my writing is the result of deep unhappiness could not be more wrong.” Being a Pro-Choice Advocate Does Not Make Me a Proponent of Death – Role / Reboot

“You told me at a very impressionable age that all of my doubts were someone else’s point of view. The message doesn’t have the same impact if you’re simultaneously planting seeds for doubt in girls’ minds.  And this isn’t just about your female fans. It has been found that “exposure to images of sexually objectified women causes male viewers to be more tolerant of sexual harassment and rape myths.”” An Open Letter to Green Day: What the Hell, Guys? – Gender Focus

“We soon came to realize that we were That White Woman. The kind of white woman who just unreflectively assumes that she knows what’s best for everybody—even if she doesn’t have a clue about the actual lives of the people that she is talking about. And who thinks that she has the right and duty to tell the rest of the world how to live. It was quite painful, looking in the mirror and seeing That White Woman. We absolutely didn’t want to be her.” Whiteness, privilege… and critical thinking – A Sober Second Look

” Society has always been more accepting of girls who want to take up traditionally masculine pursuits than of boys who want to be like their mothers” Brave just enough – The F-Word

“Ten years ago the opposition used to speak in coded language about how their attacks on women’s sexual equality were about “protecting women” from themselves, promoting “a culture of life” – because everyone knows that without guidance from wise, misogynist politicians, women just aren’t smart enough to make personal decisions about their own sexuality. Today the opposition has dispensed with its dog whistles entirely, and taken to openly smearing women who dare to exercise control over their health and reproductive rights as sluts and threats to the moral foundation of America. ” Finally, open misogyny is cool (again) – Feministe


Diva’s raw chocolate fudge brownies – Dexterous Diva

CDC Warns that Oral Sex Is Still Risky: How Queers Who Like Vaginas Can Keep them Safe – Autostraddle

Body Types: How They Affect Your Shape – Paleo Non Paleo

Beauty & Body Image

“If the store employs a fitter, they frequently utilize outdated or blatantly incorrect techniques designed to produce a size that works “good enough” for the sale but inadvertently leaves women, women who place their faith and trust in them, believing they wear a size that does not fit.” Guest Post: Traversing the Bra Desert: Navigating the Misinformation about Bra Sizing – Braless in Brasil

“I think there are several reasons I don’t see more flat women. Gender perception or being received and understood as female is at the top of the list. From the standpoint of a woman who has chosen not to reconstruct her body, I can say that people really do want to classify and sort you into a specific gender. ” I Chose to Live as a Flat-Chested Woman After Breast Cancer – Role / Reboot

“The more common a hair color becomes, the less often it is preferred,” Frost said. “It’s a kind of novelty effect. The moment you become ordinary, you no longer have the same appeal. There’s selection for being a bit different and eye-catching.” Why Do So Many Women Go Blonde? – Discovery News


“There is so much pressure to be “okay”. During the short time I’ve had this particular blog, I’ve received a lot of messages from folks, fat, queer, and otherwise, who feel really crappy about themselves for feeling crappy about themselves. They feel like all their “role models” are able to reach that high level of self-esteem, and they can’t because they’re fundamentally flawed. It’s basically meta low self-esteem, and I think the internet and social media in general really contribute to the illusion that there’s some kind of pinnacle that you reach when you’ve achieved something like OT 7 of self love (excuse the Scientology reference).” Guts and Glory – Silence, Cupcake

“I gained weight, my body had never, ever existed as an adult without some sort of diet or restrictions to keep my weight low. I had never found a way to love my body inside of all the deprivation. Not even after being a health coach for two years. I was still finding ways to convince myself that if only I could make one more plan…lose a few more pounds ‘healthfully’ I would find that love.” Stepping into the ease – Hannah Marcotti

“Within every one of us, there is an invisible force that guides us through our lives. All of our decisions and behaviors are driven by the stories we tell about ourselves. It is our personal story—our narrative.” 5 Unhealthy Narratives that Will Sabotage Your Life – Pick the Brain


How to Organize Your Stuff (Without Spending any Money) – xoJane

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