Moving to Dublin, Ireland


Yesterday marked my first two weeks in Ireland. I have had a great – but very busy – time settling in, starting work etc.

I have pushed myself to meet new people, and be more social than usual (I am introvert at heart), so out of the past 15 nights I have actually been out 9. Combined with starting new job, and sorting out all the practicalities of the relocation I have had my hands very very full. Hopefully as things quiet down as I get settled into my new routines I will be back to posting more frequently.

PPSN & Bank Account

So, in case anyone wants to move to Ireland I thought I’d share a few things I learnt.

If you will be living and working in Ireland you need a PPS number (Personal Public Service number). Unlike what my agency told me, you do not register for this at the IRS office, but at the Social Welfare Office. (Side note, should you need to visit the main IRS office in Dublin, at O’Connell Street, the entrance is NOT at O’Connell Street, but rather at the nearest side street, you can ask in the Tourist office – everyone does). In Dublin you cannot go to your local social welfare office, but rather must go to the main one at Kings Inns Street. Prepare to wait a while, I waited 1h15, which apparently is “good”, on the upside the guy who handled my case was cute. Oh and they will take a picture with a shitty web cam which will go on your PPS card.

You cannot open up a bank account until you have received a letter from the Social Welfare Office with your PPS number. You will have to bring that and your passport to the branch you want to open with, but aside from that there were no big issues.


I shan’t pretend to know much about best locations in Dublin, and of course it will all depend on where you will be working/studying. I live 10 mins walk from a DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) which I am extremely happy about. I get to live 5 mins walk from the coast line, nice residential area yet only half an hour from the city centre.

The coast line 5 mins walk from me



  1. rootedinbeing

    Awesome! I love your courage to travel and take chances.


  2. I’m very happy you feel so well in Ireland! You also seem to be well-established socially. 😉 I still get the creeps when I think of all the organization that comes with moving to another country, I think I’ll stay in Germany for now. 😉 But one day … Who knows? 🙂 Or I’ll just travel. 😀


    • Actually it wasn’t as bad as I would’ve thought! I’m so happy I had this opportunity practically thrown at me – I think if I had to organize it by myself it would’ve taken me much longer to make the jump! But travelling is awesome too!


  3. Great picture! Thanks for the update. I hope you are still enjoying it. 🙂


  4. K Rachel Buchanan

    Rebekka, I look forward to more posts about your move to Dublin! My best friend and I plan to go a few years’ hence, and any first-hand information I can come with will help tremendously, I’m sure!


    • Thank you Rachel – and thanks for stopping by!

      Do you plan to move here, or just to visit? Any special kinds of posts you would like to see?


      • Rebekka, we are planning to relate to Ireland entirely; probably near Dublin. It would be interesting to me to see information about the emigration process-establishing residency, finding a place to stay, grocery shopping, and the like. Thanks for your reply!


  5. Rebekka, we are planning to relocate entirely; likely in Dublin. It would be great to have firsthand accounts of what’s required when you first arrive & become established as residents, right up through daily things like shopping, housing and transportation.

    Thanks for your reply!


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