March for Choice Rally in Dublin, Ireland

Yesterday I attended the March for Choice rally in Dublin and it was awesome!

Ireland is one of very few countries in the Western world where abortion is still banned, resulting in an average of 12 Irish women travelling to England every day for an abortion.

Pro-lifers tried to spread lies at the beginning claiming only a few hundred pro-choicers had showed up for the march, as someone who was actually there, that is clearly a lie. There were several thousands, the Gardaí (police) have confirmed that at least 2000 people took part (as can also be seen in this video).

You can read more about the demonstration as well as see some great pictures here:

2,500 attend pro-choice march in Dublin city centre – The Journal

Thousands attend pro-choice rally – The Irish Times (although I am less than impressed with their original coverage, claiming only 800 attended, but at least they’ve updated it now).

*edit* updated with a few more links:

Marching for Choice in Dublin – Feminist Ire

March for Choice Roundup – Consider the Tea Cosy

Why am I pro-choice?

Because no one has the right to take away a woman’s bodily sovereignty and to violate her bodily integrity.

We don’t force anyone to be life-support for another human against their will, i.e., we don’t force people to become organ donors against their will.

That is the very short version, for more in-depth reading (and I regularly feature links to articles concerning abortion issues in my Link Loves) :

Abortion is a right. At any and all times. – The Fatal Feminist

Sometimes “Pro-Life” Means Getting an Abortion – Role / Reboot

I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me – Role / Reboot

On a side note, if you are going to be against abortions, I hope at the very least, you do everything you can to support sex-education at school, free contraception for all and plenty of support to the women who choose to go through with the pregnancy.

New (old) Friends

I was also lucky enough to finally get a chance to meet the lovely Aoife (aka the Flying Tea Cosy), who blogs at Consider the Tea Cosy (a blog I began reading over a year ago), she also introduced me to the wonderful Ariel, as well as loads of other wonderful people I got to hang out with after the march.



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