Languages of Love: Words of Affirmation

I am going to be going through each of the five love languages, the order isn’t important, there’s no love language that is “better”, more “important” or “appropriate” than another language. Also keep in mind, that most of us will enjoy any of the five love languages, but usually there’s one or a couple that are more important for us to feel loved. To read more about the five love language check out my first post here: The 5 Languages of Love

Words of Affirmation, compliments, declarations of love. Most of us like to be complimented, or to be told that we are loved, but for someone whose primary language of love is Words of Affirmation, this is completely fundamental and necessary.

It is not a question of ego-boosting, but a matter of being acknowledged for what you have done. Wanting the other person to “see” you and verbally recognise you for what you are.

Similar to how a person’s love language can show you what they need, it can also show you what it’s important that you avoid. For a person whose primary love language is Word of Affirmation, the worst thing you can do is criticise them unnecessarily, or jokingly put them down.


  • Tell them how much and why you love them.
  • Tell them when they’ve done something well, or look especially good.
  • Recognise the effort they’ve made.
  • Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Criticise them.
  • Joke about leaving them, their looks, their personality.



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