Love Languages: Quality Time

Time for the second love language, Quality Time. To read more about the other love languages, check out my first post here.

If your loved one keeps nagging you to spend more time with them, there’s a good chance that Quality Time is their primary love language.

For someone, whose primary love language is Quality Time, they need to, above all, spend time with their special someone. Even more so, they don’t need to just spend time being close to each other, they need quality time, where they are engaged with each other. Talking to each other, focused on playing a game together or doing something else together. Not just chilling on the couch watching TV, while the other person happens to be in the same room.

One important part of Quality Time is Quality Conversation, being able to talk about things, and have intimate conversations on a regular basis.

Similarly, if your beloved’s Love Language is Quality Time, it is even more important than normally, that you make an effort to spend time with them, talk with them, as this is how they will feel your love.


  • Spent time together, whether it be talking, playing a game, exercising together.
  • Look into their eyes when you are talking.
  • Take time for intimate, deep conversations.
  • Give them your full attention.
  • Interrupt them.
  • Do other stuff while talking to them.
  • Neglect spending one-on-one time with them for extended periods of time.


  1. Quality time is definitely one of my love languages, but probably not the dominant one (which would be communication – that one also works without spending actual time together). If I really like somebody, spending quality time with him is a gift, because I need *so much* time for my own things … Or probably it means that two people just fit well? When everybody is sitting there with her/his book, or guitar, or at the piano, and you can just be yourself whil being together? That would be my ideal of a relationship.


    • I love that too. Communication/Words is definitely my language number one as well although quality time and touch are huge ones as well.



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