Link Love (20/10/2012)

News Across the World

Kyrgyzstan: “In the first eight months of this year, according to statistics provided by the Interior Ministry, criminal proceedings were initiated in 10 cases of bride kidnapping (“ala kachuu”) across Kyrgyzstan. By contrast, in the same period Kyrgyz courts heard 666 cases of livestock theft. There are no reliable figures, but human rights activists believe thousands of women are kidnapped and forced into marriage each year in Kyrgyzstan. The figure could be as high as 75 percent in some rural areas.” Courts Tackle Sheep Theft, Ignore Bride Kidnapping – Eurasianet

Netherlands: “She can’t tell her parents. They would keep her at home and force her to marry. She has gone to the police, but they have refused to intervene. For Fatima, a Moroccan-Dutch 19-year-old university student, life has become terrible.” Dutch-Muslim girl says faces daily assault over faith – Bikya Masr

Saudi Arabia: IKEA airbrushes women out of catalogue distributed in Saudi Arabia – Feministing


Things to Ban Instead of Commonly Banned Books – The Hairpin

“To the outside observer, I might just be sitting, staring, not doing anything.  This is where the classic, dreaded questions always come up for introverts.  “What are you thinking about?” or “Why are you so quiet?”  What am I thinking about???  Look back at that first paragraph.  I couldn’t possibly begin to explain the conversations I’m having, or why I’m having them.  They just happen.  My usual response to that question is a lie:  “Oh, nothing much.”  And why am I so quiet???  It’s because I’m having conversations with myself.  To you, I may seem quiet.  In my head it’s noisier than Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  But I don’t really want to include you in my internal conversations.  So my response to that question, while not really a lie, comes across as more mysterious:  “I just have a lot on my mind.”  I’m not pouting or worrying.  For me, an introvert, having a lot on my mind is normal.” Introverts: What’s Really On Our Minds – Brave Introvert

The Hustler’s MBA – Tynan

Grammar: Is “whom” history? – The Economist


“That’s right. If you let trans* people’s genders be recognised without forcing them to get divorced first, you’re going to have a situation where perfectly normal het couples, through a magical process probably involving radioactive spiders, start morphing into gay marrieds. Before your very eyes! WHO WILL BE SAFE? YOUR OWN NEIGHBOURS COULD TURN INTO THE GAYS AT ANY MOMENT.” Recognition Not Pathologisation: How bad could it be? – Flying Tea Cosy

Rude Men and Rape Culture – Unladylike Musings

“Modesty is just another form of objectification.
It’s just another form of the patriarchy attempting to reduce women to their body parts.
It is not about respecting women. It is not about protecting women. It is not about teaching them to value themselves. It is ENTIRELY based in preserving male privilege and propagating the pathetic myth that men can’t control themselves and women, therefore, are responsible for men’s thoughts.” Modesty: The Insidious Objectification – Sometimes Magical

Why Are People Still Baffled by my Choice to Keep my Last Name – Role / Reboot

“Y’see, one of the issues of male privilege as it applies to fandom is the instinctive defensive reaction to any criticism that maybe, just maybe, shit’s a little fucked up, yo.  Nobody wants to acknowledge that a one-sided (and one-dimensional) portrayal of women is the dominant paradigm in gaming; the vast majority of female characters are sexual objects. If a girl wants to see herself represented in video games, she better get used to the idea of being the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. If she wants to see herself as a main character, then it’s time to get ready for a parade of candyfloss costumes where nipple slips are only prevented by violating the laws of physics. The number of games with competent female protagonists who wear more than the Victoria’s Secret Angels are few and far between.” Nerds and Male Privilege – The Good Men Project

Masturbating on a Woman in the Subway, no Longer a Serious Crime in NY – Care2


Top 5 Reasons to Drink a Cup of Tea – Care2

The Birth Control Series: The IUD – Paleo for Women

“Yoga, when compared to other forms of relatively low impact physical activity (such as walking) appears to reduce anxiety and assuage the symptoms of depression. In one study, there was no significant difference in outcomes between treating stress and anxiety with yoga versus cognitive behavioral therapy.” This is Your Brain on Yoga – Psychology Today

Is Organic Food a Scam? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

“So, I sat there in traffic and let the memories ransack my sweet thoughts of my athletic daughter and the sense of self-worth and power sports would help her develop. I started running the analytics in my mind. What variables were missing in my own development? How can I ensure that I enter those variables back into my daughter’s development? Where in all those hours on the playing field did I learn that my body served someone else’s pleasure and needs? Where did I learn to discard all the awesome power that I felt in sport for the total lack of power I felt in sex?” Sports Are Not a Cure-All For A Young Girl’s Self-worth – Role / Reboot

Bras Matter: Shoulder and Back Pain – Braless in Brasil

“It would be a mistake, however, to think that fine is always used with wholehearted approval. Even fairly early on, fine could be used as a double-edged sword. For all the elegance implied with fine, the word can also reek of She thinks she’s all that.” Thoughts on a Word: Fine – The Beheld


What to Do if You Can’t Afford Coaching – Create as Folk

“When you listen to people for a living, it will not be long before you’ll see that the EXACT. SAME. LIES. penetrate everyone’s process of trying to change. The content is not important. I could be talking with someone who is reeling from her husband’s affair or someone who is trying to get a business off the ground, and the lies don’t change.” these are the lies you tell, to avoid needing to change – Your Courageous Life

Tuesday Tips: 18 Ways to Shine Your Brightest – Jessica Mullen

5 Mistakes I Continue to Make in my Marriage – The Happiness Project

7 Ways to Meditate Without Sitting – Primal Toad


The Six Lessons I Live By – Ari Emanuel

How to be Happier at Work: 10 Tips –

Do you trust yourself to grow your business? – Make Your Mark

How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes, Part 1 – Michael Hyatt


  1. Very nice article about introverts 🙂

    I’m also thinking about keeping my last name in case I should marry (not on the horizon though 😉 ) because I’ll probably have publications until then. But I guess I’ll decide that based upon whether I like my or the other name better, LOL.


    • Yes, I really enjoyed the article about introverts as well!

      I’m pretty certain I’ll keep my last name, although I’m open to take another name as a middle name (if I like it).
      Incidentally my last name is actually my dad’s mother’s last name, which he chose to take instead of his dad’s when he was a young man.


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