Link Love (30/10/2012)

News Across the World

Egypt: “I have noted that many people in the so-called ‘West’ have a primarily negative view of developments in Egypt. In this respect, they are much more pessimistic than most Egyptian women and men. That being said, this fundamental optimism in Egypt cannot hide the fact that most women’s rights activists really did expect more from the revolution.” Neither Winners Nor Losers – Qantara


10 Greatest Nurses of World War I – Top RN to BSN

“When patients are saying they don’t want to be reduced to their anatomy with cutesy slogans like “save the ta-tas”, and that they’re enraged by pink ribbon branding of products known to be cancerous, they’re told the cause is more important than their feelings. When people at higher risk for breast cancer express concerns about the failure of outreach campaigns to reach them or acknowledge their experiences, we’re told we aren’t standing in solidarity with the movement and should be silent in the name of the greater good.” Pinkification: how breast cancer got commodified for profit – Guardian

Why You’re Lazy (and How to Fix It) – Scott H Young

“Almost two thirds of respondents to the survey by St Patrick’s University Hospital said they would not easily accept someone with a mental health problem as a close friend while 42 per cent of people said that undergoing treatment for a mental health problem is a sign of personal failure.” 20 per cent think people with mental health probelms are ‘of below average intelligence’ – The Journal

Three Meaningful Things to Do During Breast Cancer Month – The Full Figured Chest


“Or even if what they were saying was true, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my faith per se. Such things happen due to human misinterpretation, human selfishness, human greed… or perhaps it was really at least partially the fault of that human being themselves. They hadn’t had enough faith, they hadn’t been patient enough, they hadn’t taken the time and trouble to learn their religion for themselves, they had been too weak-willed to stand up for themselves against those who had used it as a weapon against them.” You’re Doing It Wrong, or saving my faith by stepping on others – A Sober Second Look

“Sohrab Ahmari at the Wall Street Journal takes a good hard look at Tariq Ramadan’s new book,Islam and the Arab Awakening, and it isn’t pretty. The man Time and Foreign Policymagazines hailed as one of the greatest intellectuals in the entire world is outing himself as a hysterical conspiracy theorist, one whose theories look asinine not only in the West, but in the Middle East, too.” Tariq Ramadan –


“But the reality is that just like getting in a car does not have to result in a wreck, so too having sex does not have to result in getting pregnant, and just like getting in a wreck does not have to result in bleeding to death on the side of the road while passers by refuse to help because “he knew that was a possibility when he decided to get in a car” or “he wasn’t wearing a seat belt so it really was his fault,” even so becoming pregnant does not have to result in carrying the pregnancy to term because “she knew that was a possibility when she decided to have sex” or “she wasn’t using birth control so it really was her fault.” When you do the thing that makes babies…” – Love, Joy, Feminism

Shocker: Free Birth Control Means Fewer Abortions – Mother Jones

“The ‘boys just prefer x and girls just prefer y’ thing holds no water. Even if it was true that most boys like certain types of toys and most girls like other sorts of toys, what harm would grouping the toys by type rather than gender do? A little boy who is slightly inclined towards a pink doll is unlikely to go to the girls toys section to get it, but he might go to the dolls aisle. Why, in a society where the average person would be opposed to laws or regulations that discriminate based on gender, is there such a strong cultural imperative to enforce gender roles in children?” Why is it okay to be sexist about children? – Incidentally

Some men see women as puzzle boxes. As far as they’re concerned, inside every woman, there’s a tasty Sex Treat™, and there’s some way to get it out. Some combination of words, of behaviors on the man’s part, some situation will pop that box open and the treat will be his!” I am not a Puzzle Box – Faerye

“The sentiment may seem innocuous, but there’s a danger in returning to an ideal where women’s most important identity is relational rather than individual. If we want equality, women with children would be better served calling themselves people first, moms second.” I’m Not a ‘Mother First’ – The Nation

“This is how the Republican party is Gaslighting us, too.  It goes like this: Say one thing, put it into your statement of position and belief in your 2012 platform, and into your legislation, and then deny that it matters, that it was said, that you saw it, or that you ever felt or believed it to be true.” Republicans: “Gaslighting” American Women – Big Think

“But increasingly women are saying no, we aren’t going to use virginity (or sex) as a bartering chip. And when we have sex on our own terms, you don’t get to physically assault us. Sex, ideally, is something that two people do together; a model that Thomas Macauly Millar describes in Yes Means Yes as “the performance model of sex” (his essay is a must-read, but basically: An ideal sexual system would see sex as something like playing music or dancing, where it’s an awesome thing for two people to do together, and coercing or physically forcing someone to do it with you is incredibly bizarre and fucked up).” “Some Girls Rape Easy” – Feministe


Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe – Care2

Tomato-Garlic Butter – Mark’s Daily Apple

Toad’s Top 10 21 Day Suger Detox Staple Foods – Primal Toad

The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another Reason Not to Fear Bacon – Chris Kresser

Beauty & Body Image

“”Only a few claims used on cosmetics are regulated and the government doesn’t review labels before products hit store shelves,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “We’ve given shoppers the straight scoop to help them differentiate between an actual benefit and a marketing term on beauty shelves.”” ShopSmart Decodes Virtually Menaingless Beauty Claims – Daily Herald

“But it got me thinking about the way that so many people try to maintain their sense of superiority/maintain their stereotypes/oppress fat people by creating “thin only clubs.”  They tell us that being an athlete isn’t just about athletics – but you also have to be thin; being stylish isn’t just about style, you also have to be thin; you have to be thin to be beautiful; you have to be thin to be sexy; you have to be thin to like your body and on and on and on.” Thin Only Clubs – Dances With Fat

“Resist the temptation to separate your head from your body. Not literally, but in the way you conceptualize the two. It’s surprisingly easy to start viewing your body as a separate entity from yourself, a distant enemy you are always scheming to diminish or destroy. People will help you by saying things like “You have such a pretty face.” Celebrities will help you by losing weight and telling magazines “I got my body back!” as if their slightly larger body was actually possessed by an alien they valiantly defeated. The reality is your body and your mind and your spirit are so interconnected that you can’t really ever separate them, and in the process of trying, you risk losing yourself.” An Open Letter to the Fat Girl – The Frisky


“But otherwise, no, I do not say I am sorry.  I am not sorry for how I feel, I am not sorry for how I look, I am not sorry for my existence, for my clothes, for my ideas, for my history, for my self, for my presence, for my will, for my dreams, for my life.   I have nothing to apologize for, and you will never see me do so.” Apologize when you should, but never when you shouldn’t – Paleo for Women

How to Change a Belief – Tara Sophia Mohr


People Lie About How Much They Work – The Grindstone

writing advice: tackling national novel writing month – the eclectic editor

How to Ask for Career Advice – Savvy Sugar

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