Writer’s Wednesday: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

endersgameA few weeks ago I read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I had been told I absolutely must read it – and it was even bought for me.

I must say it was much better than I expected, it has become a classic for a reason. The book is science fiction, set a few hundred years from now in a future where people live in perpetual fear of “the buggers” who once almost destroyed humanity. This fear has kept a fragile peace on earth between the different countries, as everyone are focused on preparing for a – hopefully – last fight against the buggers.

To improve their chances against the buggers, all kids are watched and the most suitable are sent to special military training schools.

Ender is one of these gifted kids – potentially the most gifted of all. Passing through the system quicker than anyone before him – partly because of his talents, partly because he must.

It is hard to explain Ender’s Game, to do it full justice. I highly recommend it. It is a rather short book, but very thought-provoking and enjoyable.

“The sister is our weak link. He really loves her.”
“I know. She can undo it all, from the start. He won’t want to leave her.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Persuade him that he wants to come with us more than he wants to stay with her.”
“How will you do that?”
“I’ll lie to him.”
“And if that doesn’t work?”
“Then I’ll tell the truth. We’re allowed to do that in emergencies. We can’t plan for everything, you know.”


Sorry about the lack of reviews and posts in general lately. Things have been hectic. I’ve still been reading though, and you can follow my readings and the reviews I don’t post here on my Goodreads Profile.



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