Link Love (03/11/2012)


“Here’s something else I can tell you: you don’t really know how you’d deal with a situation until you’re face to face with it.  Oh sure, you can sit there and say, “I’d NEVER put up with a man hitting me.  The first time he laid a hand on me, I’d be outta there!”  It’s very easy to say that – to believe it – when that situation is only hypothetical.  When it actually happens, though, it’s a whole different story.  You tell yourself all kinds of things to try to rationalize the situation.” On Being Battered – Life As I Know It

Slang: Guys – The Economist

“If you’re looking for straightforward advice, Cheryl Strayed—a.k.a. Dear Sugar, whose much loved columns from the Web site The Rumpus have been collected in a new book, “Tiny Beautiful Things,” is not the person to turn to. She will call you a “warrior” or even a “sweet arrogant beautiful crazy talented tortured rising star glowbug,” which may or may not make you feel better. She will offer you anecdotes—some harrowing, some charming—from her own life, but she is unlikely to tell you what to do. And this is precisely what makes her columns so appealing. Strayed is the Internet’s greatest relief from itself. The Internet is like an overly garrulous friend—entertaining and inattentive, carrying on regardless of who’s around. Strayed, in turn, has made a career from listening. Her column recognizes that giving advice is often futile. Instead, she offers her empathy.” On Dear Sugar and the  History of the Advice Column – The New Yorker

Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs – Tim Ferris

“Between bills, gas and your social life, an extra 20 bucks may not seem like it can have any significant impact on your life, but Creditscore.netbegs to differ, especially if you’re a female. The infographic the website put together explains why microloans, even as small as $20, can help women entrepreneurs in developing countries change their lives, and in turn, maybe the world.” Small Loans Help Women – The Grindstone


“And this is where Fred’s quote comes in. Evangelicals and fundamentalists claim that they are simply following the Bible and holding it to be inerrant, but because there is disagreement on what the Bible actually says, Fred suggests that what they are really doing is holding their own interpretations as inerrant. And in doing that, they are holding themselves as inerrant.” Do you mean the Bible is inerrant, or that you are inerrant? – Love, Joy, Feminism


“I worry now — a lot more than I did before. When I’m not praying that my daughters will grow up to be strong, confident women, I’m begging that (if they choose to marry) they’ll find someone who will respect them, care for them, walk with them — and will never, ever lay an abusive hand on them.
I’m more suspicious now. While it’s pleasing to be told that my daughters are adorable, I’m wary when others comment that they’ll be “gorgeous” when they grow up. It’s impossible for me not to suspect that their tiny bodies are being sexually appraised. It’s even more jarring when a stranger touches my babies. Smiles and a “how-do-ya-do” are friendly. But intimate pats and tickles can reek of insidious, evil intent.” hope for international day of the girl – wood turtle

“This myth—that being LGBTQ is a choice which people willfully  make because they want to indulge in sin—was believable to so many for so long in part because almost no one came out.” National Coming Out Day , or why coming out matters to me – A Sober Second Look

7 Self-Protection Tips for Women – Care2

“Bear in mind that following these recommendations will not make you a good guy. They will just hopefully make you be not so much of a creeper. These are preventative measures, in other words, and should be viewed as such.” An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping – Whatever

“Outside of the sexual violence advocacy world there is GLARING IGNORANCE.  This ignorance lends itself to providers, supervisors, and social workers having very obvious disdain for sexual abuse survivors, because they see the symptoms and don’t link it to the root cause.  This leads to incompetence when working with this specific population.  It leads to an exasperation with behaviors instead of a seeking to understand and work with it, and it also leads to people making comments about hating to work with “borderlines” and commenting about not liking girls.  Which in turn leads to people trying to “finaggle” program requirements because these “types” of girls are not valued, not wanted, and essentially pushed aside because they are challenging as hell.” Bias – Rooted In Being


Still, the research appears to say that, contrary to what the latest study would have you believe, organic produce tends to be more nutritious, particularly if you count something like a plant pigment with antioxidant qualities or a flavonoid as a “nutrient.”I definitely do, but I can see why someone who lives and dies by a standard nutritional database would overlook them. Vitamins and minerals are vital and all, but they aren’t everything.” Does Organic Produce Have More Nutrients? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Why Fish Oils Are the Most Important Supplement – Poliquin Blog

10 Delicious Ways to Eat More Kale – No Meat Athlete

Random Thoughts on Migraine Headaches, Oxytocin, and Mind-Reading – Animal Pharm

5 Yoga Poses That Give You Great Skin – Care2

Beauty & Body Image

Such an important and inspirational post: “It is so rarely talked about and mostly avoided to maintain some macho complex. Well guess what, F$#K THAT! I am a man, I HAD body issues, I WAS bulimic, I HAVE emotions and I am going to SHARE them with the world. I want to share this with you in the hopes that this may reach even just one person. I’ll know then that I did my job.
I spent so many years of my life feeling inadequate. Throughout my life I believed the only way people would value me was if I gave every ounce of myself. Problem was, I would often come across as an egotistical asshole while I tried too hard to hide my secret. I was misjudged because I was too busy crying on the inside to be myself and ask for help.” Dear Bulimia: You fought hard but I WON – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

“It dawned on me that I wanted to be the perfect mom and perfect employee and I’m not. I’m OK with that. At least, I’m trying to be. Sure, the particulars of an important conversation may keep me awake at night and a typo may set off a stream of self-berating, internal dialogue. But this assumption that every part of our life, from work to kids to our homes, must remain impeccable dooms us to constant disappointment. Isn’t it time we kicked the perfectionism habit?” Kicking the Perfectionism Habit – Women 2.0


“And on some days you may feel like just giving up.
Giving up on your new habit of working out or eating healthier. Giving up on your blog or business because you haven’t had the results you expected or wanted. Giving up on feeling better about yourself. Giving up on dating because you can’t seem to find the right person or maybe even have a good date at all.
Winding up in those situations are part of making positive changes in life. But what you do when you feel like giving up will determine a lot about where your life will go.” Don’t Give Up – The Positivity Blog


17 Reasons New Graduates Make Great Employees – Wise Bread

5 Keys to a Strong Career Plan – Reid Hoffman

Hobbies That Will Make Your Career Better – The Grindstone

The Secrets to Staying Healthy in the Office This Year – The Daily Muse

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