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Election News

“There’s also the fact that he can talk about the importance of having two parents and tout the importance of marriage while refusing to allow gay people to marry. Romney is all for families … so long as they’re his “approved” type of families. Gay families don’t count, and as we learned last night he sees single parents as a cause of gun violence. Oh, and families that are on welfare don’t seem to be approved either, so you better not get too poor if you want to be on Romney’s good side. For Romney, the “approved” type of family is the two parent, opposite gender, not-in-poverty family where one parent stays home when the children are small and the lady parent always cook supper. And that’s simply not the reality for my family, or for the vast majority of American families.” Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get Women – Love, Joy, Feminism

“A woman having the right to determine for herself the number and spacing of her children, through access to contraception, sex education and abortion? That doesn’t fit the ideal. A woman saying that her body ishers, and that she has the right not to be physically violated through sexual violence or forced pregnancy? That doesn’t fit the ideal. A woman running for public office against a man, and not pulling any punches? That doesn’t fit the ideal.” Todd Akin’s ‘ladylike’ comment typifies the GOP’s problem with women – The Guardian

Michele Bachmann’s Gay Sister Also Not a Fan of Michele Bachmann – Autostraddle & Even Bachmann’s Stepsister Can’t Believe How Bigoted She Is – Care2

“There is something telling about Romney’s advice to “get married to someone” that’s worth exploring. He didn’t say to marry your beloved, your partner, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your lover, because the whois unimportant. Marriage is a palliative to all social ills: Want to reduce crime? Marry someone! Stuck in poverty? Marry someone!” Is Romney’s Outdated View of Family a Threat to Modern Society? – Role / Reboot

News Across the World

Bangladesh: Violence Against Women Persists in Bangladesh – IPS

Iraq: Fighting female genital mutilation, one Kurdish village at a time – Reuters

Morocco: Surge in number of babies abandoned in Morocco – NGO

Pakistan: Malala Yousafai: Pakistan girl ‘strong’ – doctors – BBC News, Girl Shot by Taliban Arrives in Britain for Treatment – NY Times, Malala Yousufai ‘well-wishers’ spark security alert at U.K. Hospital – National Post, Jolie Backs Malala for Nobel Peace Prie – The News &  Pakistanis debate real enemy: girl-shooting Taliban or drone-firing US – CS Monitor

Tajikistan: “One in five marriages in Tajikistan is affected by infertility. But with male infertility a nearly taboo subject in its traditional society, such problems are more likely to result in a divorce initiated by the man than a medical solution.” Doctor Sets Out to Divorce Infertility from Tajik Cultural Taboos – RFERL

UK: Man jailed for stabbing pregnant woman to death – Asian Image


“We’ve all held on to someone who didn’t deserve to be there before. And most of us still have someone in our lives who continually drains us: Someone who doesn’t add value. Someone who isn’t supportive. Someone who takes and takes and takes without giving back to the relationship. Someone who contributes very little and prevents us from growing. Someone who constantly plays the victim.
But victims become victimizers. And these people are dangerous. They keep us from feeling fulfilled. They keep us from living meaningful lives. Over time, these negative relationships become part of our identity—they define us, they become who we are.” Letting Go of Shitty Relationships – The Minimalists

Happiness and Satisfaction – Tynan


In Case Anyone Was Wondering If Atheists Are Still Disliked… Yes We Are – Friendly Atheist

“For my fundamentalist church, this went beyond the gay-straight divide. Reducing other couples to their biology was an all-hands-on-deck affair (pun not intended). If you were a conservative, evangelical Christian who followed a parent-approved and supervised courtship, saved all physical contact for the wedding altar, promised to make your body a living sacrifice to your particular gender role, and reacted to the mention of birth control as though somebody were offering you bath salts, then, and only then, did you qualify as an exemplar of love. Perfect, Christian love. Everything else was just sex.” Love is what “we” do; sex is what “they” do – the phoenix and olive branch

“I would rather not be described as a “gift” given to my husband. Gifts are possessions. They’re something passed from one person to another. If I give a gift to my daughter, I am giving it into her possession to be owned by her. In other words, speaking of women as gifts for men sets women up as objects rather than people. And more than that, when I give my daughter a gift it’s because I care about her. I generally don’t care about the gift itself except in the value it will have to her. If women are simply “gifts” given by God to man, the implication is that we are man’s possession and that God cares about men first, and women only tangentially. I know this might seem like a nitpick, but words do matter.” CTBHH: Women’s Created Purpose – Love, Joy, Feminism

“The number of non-religious people living in the Republic has increased by 400% over the past 20 years, according to census figures.” Atheism growing in Republic – BBC


“The reality is that so-called pro-life movement is not about saving babies. It’s about regulating sex. That’s why they oppose birth control. That’s why they want to ban abortion even though doing so will simply drive women to have dangerous back alley abortions. That’s why they want to penalize women who take public assistance and then dare to have sex, leaving an exemption for those who become pregnant from rape. It’s not about babies. If it were about babies, they would be making access to birth control widespread and free and creating a comprehensive social safety net so that no woman finds herself with a pregnancy she can’t afford. They would be raising money for research on why half of all zygotes fail to implant and working to prevent miscarriages. It’s not about babies. It’s about controlling women. It’s about making sure they have consequences for having unapproved sex.” How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement – Love, Joy, Feminism

“We need to see that in their own bizarre way, cyber-predators are as much exhibitionists as they are voyeurs. They derive obvious pleasure from violating young girls’ privacy. But as their boasting makes clear, an equally vital turn-on comes when they are recognized for their ability to source and post images that no one else can. It’s “kiss and tell” behavior in which the blackmail of children substitutes for the kissing, but the payoff is the same: other men’s praise.” What Men Can Do To End Cyber-Bullying and Jailbait Porn – Role / Reboot

Gawker’s Violentacrez Expose and How ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Predicted Geek Misogyny – ThinkProgress

“I sympathise with men like Johnny McGirr who are publicly humiliated by air cabin crews enforcing an irrational policy, but their wounded pride is not really the issue here. Much more significant is that policies like these, and the toleration and indulgence of the prejudices behind them, drive a wedge of caution between men and children in our societies. Such attitudes deprive men of rewarding career opportunities, and deprive children of a less gender-rigid future, while at the most immediate level, they deprived a couple of young boys of the chance to have a spontaneous, unscripted chat with the real-life firefighting hero sat next to them on a plane. That, perhaps, is the biggest shame of all.” Discrimination, plane and simple – Heteronormative patriarchy for men

“Fellow women, just because we are oppressed does not mean we cannot also be oppressors because of our age, our race, our sexual orientation, our health, our class, or our weight.
Recognizing ourselves as potential oppressors does not belittle the hurt we may have endured because of our status as Oppressed. Yet, the hurt we’ve endured because of our status as Oppressed does not excuse the hurt we may have caused others because of our own potential to oppress.
We can embody both identities fully.” All of who we are – Sarah Over the Moon

“A feminist believes inequality. A feminist believes that women and minorities should be afforded the same rights and opportunities as men, especially middle-upper class white men. A feminist can be male, female, transsexual, or hermaphrodite. A feminist can be gay, straight, or bisexual. A feminist can be quiet and shy or loud and opinionated. And yes, a feminist can even be feminine. “In the literal sense, lipstick feminists [feminine feminists] believe that it is possible to wear lipstick and still be called a feminist, since feminism is about much more than how you dress.”” The Black Sheep of Feminism – uiwomenscenter

“It seems to me that most Pro-Life people I know really aren’t Pro-Life at all. They are, rather, Anti-Sex. That is, the abortion debate is often just a cover to wage war on the sexual revolution and the Dawn of the Pill. What many Pro-Life people are angry about is the casual sexuality of our age, an era of “abortion on demand.” Pro-Life advocacy, then, is often (consciously or unconsciously) really a way to get sexually promiscuous people to face the “consequences” of sexual activity. The focus on life is often cover for Puritanical worries about sexuality in modern America.” Pro-Life or Anti-Sex? – Experimental Theology

“To me, this tendency seems somewhat paternalistic. It’s like we have lower standards for men’s behaviour here than we do for those in our own Western countries, as we would for a child or someone with an intellectual disability. While we may be being culturally sensitive in our willingness to forgive, perhaps we’re also sending a message that our expectations of behaviour from Timorese men are lower; a message that we feel that they are incapable of the higher standard of behaviour (including respect for women) that we demand at home. And what’s the good in this?” On victim blaming in a cross-cultural context – Adventures in life and living


Susan Sarandon on endometriosis – Project: Endo

Easy Recipe: Chocolate Almond Butter Cups – Balanced Bites

Pumpkin Nut Butters – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Paleo Universal Laws that Define Success – PaleoNonPaleo

Making the perfect kale crisps – the munchie of the millenium – Julie Morris

Beauty & Body Image

“When a girl who runs a thinspo blog uses your fat body’s experience as a reason to starve herself, things just become a little bit clearer.” It Happened to Me: I Found My PIcture on a ThinSpo Blog – xoJane

Five Lessons in Loving Your Body – Adios Barbie

“First, let’s address the idea that Size Acceptance is about justifying fatness. The truth is that it’s about just the opposite. Size Acceptance is a civil rights movement – it’s about the fact that nobody, of any size, needs to justify their body to anyone ever. Size Acceptance practitioners and activists aren’t seeking anyone’s approval – we are demanding our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which include the right to live in the bodies we have without shame, stigma or oppression. We are saying “I stand for myself and others” not “I kneel for your approval”.” And Size Acceptance for All – More of Me to Love

“So think twice, please, before you comment on someone’s weight, particularly someone’s weight loss. It’s likely a good idea to be sure you know the person’s backstory before you judge (positive or negative) any loss or gain in weight. A simple compliment in your eyes can be damaging and have long-term consequences. The cycle of weight loss can become addictive when positive feedback is associated with the loss. When we tell someone, “you look great! Did you lose weight,” we are actually telling them that they didn’t look great with the weight they were before. That somehow, they were “less than” before.” “You look great! Did you lose weight?” – Social shaming in disguise – I wouldn’t have it any other way


Create Your To Be List – The Open Field Network


How Women Can Negotiate – Savvy Sugar

Three golden rules for effective public speaking – Jeff Weiner

How to Get a Job When You’re Young and Inexperienced – The Grindstone

10 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (And 6 You Always Should) – The Daily Muse

4 Surprising Things Your Body Language Is Saying – Care2

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