Love Languages: Acts of Service

The fourth love language is Acts of Service. You can read more about the other love languages in my first post.

If your primary love language is Acts of Service, you feel loved and treasured, when your beloved make’s sure the house is tidy, helps you run errands, or helps you with something else, that is important to you.

As with the third love language, Receiving Gifts, it’s important that the things you do, aren’t random things, or things that are important to you, but rather the things that are important to your beloved. If s/he really loves that the kitchen is always tidy and clean, washing their car for them, won’t make them feel loved, and vice versa.

Having Acts of Service as your primary love language, doesn’t mean you expect your partner to wait on you hand and foot, but more so, that you feel loved and taken care of, when they do certain things for you.


  • Pay attention to which things are important to your beloved, and focus on those areas, whether it be cooking, cleaning, tidying, running errands etc.
  • Go the extra mile to do some of those things, especially if they have been requested of you.
  • Pay special attention to the things, that you don’t care about, but your partner does.
  • Think it’s enough to use one of the other love languages to show your love.
  • Ignore the things you consider unimportant.
  • Forget the little every-day things that count the most, such as a shiny sink, or a bed that’s made.



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