Link Love (08/11/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: Afghan Woman Kills Daughter-in-law who refuses prostitution – Care2

India: Ban unilateral talaq, says Muslim women’s group – Times of India

Kuwait: Kuwaiti Presenter Yusra Muhammed Affronts the Islamists – Al Akhbar English

Saudi Arabia: Haifa al Manour becomes first female Saudi director – BBC


“And the studies do agree that implicit gender bias is widespread and insidious. It is essentially unconscious prejudice, as illustrated by studies in which experimental subjects receive resumes that are identical except that some have men’s names and some have women’s. Subjects rate the men’s resumes higher: they consider them more experienced and competent, are more likely to hire them, and would pay them more than the women. Similar studies have found the same results for racial minorities.” Think You’re Not Prejudiced? You’re Probably Wrong – Care2


“Of all the aspects of advocating for people with Down syndrome, trying to educate people about the R-word and how it affects those of us in the disabilities community is maybe the most disheartening. You can tell people it’s a hurtful choice of words, you can explain why it is, and there always seem to be those folks who invoke Freedom of Speech, or the silliness of insisting on political correctness. They’ll argue the point with you, they’ll say they “didn’t mean anything by it,” or they “didn’t mean it like that.” You can tell them that, just like there is no appropriate way to use the word “nigger,” there is also no appropriate way to use the word “retard,” and that using it – especially after they’ve been educated about its implications – is making a conscious choice to demonstrate utter disregard for certain fellow human beings. You can tell them that using words like “retarded” and “retard” to describe people or things they find sub par is actually pretty uncreative on their part, given that there are dozens of other words to choose from in the modern lexicon that express what they want to express without degrading an entire sector of society. You can tell them that using such language actually reflects their own ignorance – the very thing they’re using such words to decry. You can tell them that being mean is unChristian.
Doesn’t matter. It all often falls on deaf ears. I’m not really sure what’s at the heart of it. Selfishness? Are people that afraid of feeling like they’re giving up a right that it trumps being a kind and compassionate human being? It’s hard to believe that people actually want to be thought of as mean (except, obviously, Ann Coulter). Do they? Or is it a form of “talking big,” trying to be cool, a big shot? Whatever it is, it’s discouraging, to say the least.” The Power of Words – Life As I Know It

“Anyway, I’m actually writing to thank you – not only for using the words in the first place, but for using them repeatedly, and for refusing to apologize for it while looking America straight in the eyes.  See, if you had just said it the one time, and then copped to how offensive it was and apologized for it like people were harassing you to do, the whole thing would have died a quick death.  It wouldn’t have been anything more than a blip on the radar, soon forgotten.  The way you handled it, though – refusing to apologize, using the same words again, and then defending your use of the words?  Fucking brilliant.  Because by doing so, you’ve actually done all of us in the disabilities community – people with disabilities themselves, parents of children with disabilities, and advocates – a giant favor.  What you’ve done is lent your notoriety celebrity to our cause, putting it on a national stage.  People all over the country are talking about it, whether left- or right-leaning.  It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and news sources big and small.  The conversation we’ve been trying to have for so long about respect and compassion has expanded exponentially thanks to your mouth you.” A Thank You Letter to Ann Coulter – Life As I Know It

“”These companies are exploiting cancer to boost their profits.  They are exploiting the desire to support a good cause and they are exploiting the love people have for dear ones affected by this disease.  It’s disgusting really.” The Darker Side of Pink – Unladylike Musings


“As a female convert, I soon encountered two things: One, an apologetic discourse that claimed that “according to Islam” women had certain rights, that could not be taken away because God had given these rights to them. Two, communities and individuals with leading or influential positions in these communities who were never short of arguments explaining that although in theory a girl or woman might have the right to do or have X, in reality, taking that right away was perfectly justifiable in that circumstance.” When your theological status is a game – A Sober Second Look

“Again, I’m glad Jessica somehow found feminist messages in Harris. However, she could have found these same messages from any feminist source, and without the baggage. And additionally, I and many others who grew up on these books came away with messages so different that they might as well have been the opposite. In fact, they were the opposite. I suppose Jessica’s post teaches us that once in a while it’s possible to read something toxic and somehow, miraculously, come out intact.” Do Joshua Harris’s Books Contain “Valuable Advice”? – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Should we be really trying to be perfect allies? If there’s one thing that intersectionality teaches us, it’s that things are complicated. We don’t get a nice simple world with easy definitions of right and wrong, privileged and marginalised, ally and enemy. If someone wants me to be their perfect ally all the time, then I’m sorry. It’s not going to happen.” Callout culture, tone trolling and being the Perfect Ally – Consider the Tea Cosy

“Nearly all countries in the world believe that same-sex couples are not fit to be parents. At least not legally. Ireland is one of those countries. Same-sex couples can, however, foster a child. Now, correct me if Iʼm wrong, but isnʼt that a little bit ridiculous? If you think about it, the Irish state believes, that same-sex couples can, on a short term basis, provide stable, loving family environments, where a child can be nurtured and educated, with the best interests of the child at heart, just as well as any straight couple.” Adopting an open mind – Gaelick

“And, I’ll level with you: while, in an ideal world, one would want the perpetrator of sexist behavior to Learn and Grow and Repent and make Sincere Apologies,I don’t especially care if someone is still sexist in his heart as long as his behavior changes. It’s the interactions with other people that make the climate that other people have to deal with. Once that part is fixed, we can talk strategy for saving souls.” The point of calling out bad behavior – Adventures in Ethics and Science

“It is common in rape culture to believe that once consent to a sexual relationship is given, there can never be rape in that sexual relationship. This is patently false. If you allow someone to borrow your car once, does that mean that they would be justified in copying the key and assuming they can always have access to your car?” Rape Culture, Victim Blaming, and the Fallacy of Ongoing Consent – Nice Girls Like Sex Too

“My concern is pretty simple: I am afraid that in order to get an abortion you are going to have to prove you were raped or a victim of incest.  That’s a little problematic for a couple of reasons.  The first of these reasons is that there are no laws that can compel a survivor of sexual assault to report her assault, and for good reason.  The kind of stigma associated with sexual assault has proven to be a real deterrent for reporting, and to date the FBI and RAINN have both stated that an alarmingly low number of incidents are reported.  Unless we want to change the laws and say that women must REPORT rape, which goes against a lot of important principles regarding victims’ rights, not to mention the fact that this can drag on the trauma for survivors, then this can’t be the mechanism we use to establish a claim that a woman was raped.” My Real Consern About Limited Abortions – The Radical Idea

“There’s a lot of ways to advertise data plans, I’m sure. Advertising is plainly not my thing, but I’ve seen enough of it to be well aware that there are many creative ways to sell just about anything. Which is why I’m not certain why Meteor decided to do what they did. When you’ve a world of possibilities to choose from, why would it seem like a good idea to mock marginalised groups of people? I can’t say I get it.” Meteoric Mistake – Gaelick


Pumpkin Blueberry Blondies with Raspberry Honey Frosting – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Paleo Apple Tart – Elana’s Pantry

“Another line of evidence suggesting a connection between the gut and skin is the observation that probiotics improve skin conditions.” The gut-skin connection: how altered gut function affects the skin – Chris Kresser

So, Is Organic a Scam? – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

Corporate Curves Report: Dressing to Blend, Rebel or Impress? – Hourglassy

How Do I Teach My Son that His Body Is Beautiful But Not to Whip It Out in Public? – Role / Reboot

Laser Hair – YouBeauty

“The problem is I’m not trying to “get” a man. And most of my body insecurities have had very little to do with the desire to have one. I have not tried to be prettier so that men would ask me out. Men asking me out was good. It was important. I would have been happy with more of it, I’m sure. But my disappointment with my appearance, and the squirming, insistent anxiety that I didn’t look right, I didn’t look good enough—those things felt bigger than men. They felt like they were about what I could accomplish. They felt like they were about me failing as a person. They felt like they were about everything, and everyone. They felt like a prison with bars that inched forward, contorting, rearranging themselves into a tighter, smaller cell box, until sometimes it was just me and a mirror, locked up together for eternity.” The Approval of Men – Eat the Damn Cake


“It takes large volumes of action to build trust in yourself, and very little to break it. I’m constantly aware of that. Whenever I feel the urge to take the easy route on anything, I ask myself if I’ll be damaging my self trust. Often the answer is yes, so I don’t do it. Even if the answer is “probably not”, I don’t chance it. It’s that important.” If Not This One – Tynan

“Choice #2: You can look this person in the eye, pull forth all the love you can muster, and high beam the love on them. You can open your heart, and receive fully the love that they’re trying to give you, even if they don’t “get it” or understand.” how to love your way right through your own personal tragedy – Your Courageous Life


The 3 Kinds of Work (including 2 you should be doing less of) – Tara Gentile

10 Time-Saving Tips for the Morning – DivineCaroline

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