Link Love (18/11/2012)

News Across the World

Bangladesh: Bangladesh charity puts women in the driving seat – AFP

Chechnya: Taliban recruits for the burkha brigade… but don’t worry, it doesn’t look like they can hit much – Mail Online

Egypt: Sexual harassment: an Egyptian boy’s favourite Eid activity, say activists – Al Bawaba

Indonesia: Facebook used to kidnap, traffic Indonesian girls – The Associated Press

Iraq: “A new study confirms what many Iraqi doctors have been saying for years – that there is a virtual epidemic of rare congenital birth defects in cities that suffered bombing and artillery and small arms fire in the U.S.-led attacks and occupations of the country.” Severe Birth Defects Soar in Post-War Iraq – IPS

Pakistan: Violence against women: ‘Sexual violence increasing in K-P’ – The Express Tribune


Pinkwashing: Avon Claims to Fight Breast Cancer, So Why Are Its Products Full of Carcinogens – Ecouterre, I Hate Breast Cancer “Awareness” Month – xoJane, Why I’m Resistant to All Things Pink in October – Role / Reboot, The Darker Side of Pink: Part 2 – Unladylike Musings, I walked into my new favorite coffee shop today – The Dinoia Family & Pinkification: how breast cancer awareness got commodified for profit – Guardian

“I still believe in the importance of civility. What I’ve learned is that civility is less about dismissing the importance of ideological difference, and more about how we engage with our political opposites. Papering over disagreements suggests that they aren’t substantive; saying “politics is never worth losing a friendship” implies that abortion rights or gay marriage are trivial issues. The current election isn’t the Tottenham-Arsenal North London derby, filled with tribal loyalties rooted in differences without distinctions. People’s lives will be dramatically affected by the outcome of next week’s vote—to ask them to pretend otherwise for the sake of harmony dangerously trivializes what’s at stake.” Why It’s OK To End A Friendship Over Political Differences – Role / Reboot

How Memory Works: 10 Things Most People Get Wrong – PsyBlog

“There was nothing magic about those sessions, even though what happened could often feel magical. But those conversations don’t have to take place only inside clinics. I wish both men and women would realize that slowing down and being present is the key to discovering what their bodies need and that communicating openly about this process creates intimacy. Everyone is afraid of being inexperienced and inadequate in the bedroom.” I was a sex surrogate – Salon

5 Reasons to Choose Traditional Books Over E-Books – Wise Bread


This was me as a child: “Of course, demon anxiety wasn’t just a one-day-a-year thing. There were nights I could barely go to sleep I was so scared of demons. I was taught that God had put a “hedge of protection” around our house, but I also heard my parents talking about how that “hedge of protection” could be compromised by things like rock music with sinful lyrics. This concerned me greatly. Was a sinful thought enough? What about disobedience to my parents, would that let demons in? These were questions I pondered most frequently when I was in bed at night, and the house was dark and quiet. Every little noise made me jump. One night I was sure I heard a demon moving around the room, and, my eyes held tight shut in terror, I eventually fell asleep out of pure exhaustion only to wake in the morning and find it had been the cat.” Fear and the Fundamentalist Child – Love, Joy, Feminism

Pastors: If You Don’t Vote ‘Biblically’, You’re Going to Bring on Another Holocaust – Friendly Atheist

“I understand. This is a hard pill to swallow. You’re weak and you probably can’t avoid falling into these categories, so it is my hope that science will soon give us the halal robot wives of our dreams. Until then, if you work hard at avoiding these qualities, you’ll be engaged to the brother of your own dreams in no time. Just remember — your best qualities are being passive and pumping babies out. Even though Islam doesn’t really say that — anywhere, ever.” This is why you’re single, Muslim ladies – Muslimah Media Watch

Politically Coerced by Faith – emily has books


4 Things Millennial Women Should Fear More Than Aging – Forbes

“If you believe that poverty is the domain of the comfortably poor, black, unemployed, unmotivated and uneducated among us, you have been sadly misled. Prepare to be astonished by numbers that tell a very different story.” Lies of Plutocracy: Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor – Everyday Feminism

Top Ten Myths about Transgender People – Adios Barbie

“Pretty disturbing, huh? Blackface is about so much more than a white person painting their skin darker. It echoes back as a tool used to enforce and maintain white supremacy, in a context where POC lived with brutal, dehumanising oppression. It served to mock the victims of institutional and physical violence and intimidation, making figures of fun out of POC at the same time as their human rights were being crushed. It’s, quite frankly, utterly horrible.” Blackface Follow-up 1. Why it really is That Bad: a history of blackface – Consider the Tea Cosy

School District: Sexually Abused 12-Year-Old “Negligent” – Make Me a Sammich

“While actually sexist, of course, hipster sexism is different from what Quart defines as “Classic Sexism.” A hipster sexist calls you a bitch and tells you to shut up but in a funny way, while a classic sexist tells you your rape was God’s will without a hint of irony. Both are douchebags, but the hipster sexist is a douchebag in enlightened clothing (see also: the nice guy™the hipster racist). Hipster sexism hinges on the assumption that “no one thinks this way anymore” and therefore it’s funny, like making a joke about horses and buggies or something. It allows for sexist comments under the guise of being sooo far above them, and it’s a lot harder to call out than non-ironic, old-fashioned sexism. (Ah, those were the days. JK I am being ironic! See?)” “Hipster Sexism”: Just as Bad as Regular Old Sexism, or Worse? – Bitch Media


Healthy Probiotic Marshmallows – Wellness Mama

Raspberry Almond Muffins – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

7 Poewrful Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen – Care2

Managing Your Mitochondria – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

Could Wearing Makeup Make You Better at Everything? – Wild Beauty

“I want to be braver. I want to be more selfish about my stories. And I want to write a character who is short and fat and mixed race, with fine hair and thin lips and a wide, snub nose, and eyes that cut through you. An elderly, stunning woman. A woman who you can’t figure out if she’s beautiful or not, and you stop trying almost immediately, because she’s too interesting for you even to waste time on it. Women who are full of surprises. Who look surprising. You didn’t think they would be starring. You didn’t expect them to be so fascinating. You didn’t expect people to fall madly in love with them. To want to be them.” the girl someone should write a book about – Eat the Damn Cake

Lessons I learned from the Louvre on Boobs and Body Image – Braless in Brasil

“How often does someone compliment us + we dismiss it.
Run away from it.
Duck + dodge as if it were an arrow headed straight for our head?” Damn, you’re hot – Danielle Dowling

How to Do an At-Home Blow-Out – Savvy Sugar


“Among a few other things, I was scared of you. The reader. And, when you read this, you’ll think, “Me? But … but I’m so nice!” But, see, I cannot know that, because “you” to me are about 15000 people. And each of you has your own version of reality. Each of you has opinions and preferences and desires that I cannot know.
And I was scared, because I was trying, desperately, to please you. And I was failing, miserably. Because through that desire – that true and honest desire – to please you, I was losing myself.
Every word I wrote was followed, immediately, by any one of these thoughts: “Will this make anyone mad? Will people stop reading Crunchy Betty because of that word? What kind of angry comments can I foresee as a result of this sentence? How many Facebook page fights will result from posting this link? How many things have I gotten wrong that someone is going to point out? Where am I not being thoughtful to EVERY PERSON in the world by sharing this idea? Am I being the example to everyone else that I need to be in order to show the “goodness” of “being crunchy?” Where am I wrong? Where am I wrong? Oh, good grief, WHERE AM I WRONG?”” Making Friends With Reality and Zooey Deschanel – Crunchy Betty

Overwhelmed? 9 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home Feeling Serene and Organized – The Happiness Project

“There used to be this side of me that questioned every action I took, every word I spoke, every thought I had. I believed everything that occurred in—and around—my life was because of my actions, especially when it came to how other people felt about me. I thought I was in total control of other people’s emotions—if they were happy or sad or angry or discontent. I eventually realized I was not in control of how others felt—not 100% in control anyway.” Overcoming Self-Doubt – The Minimalists

“So for this reason I advocate indignance.  No, I don’t believe simmering in a rage and blaming others is going to get us anywhere.  But when we have a negative thought about ourselves, indignancy arms us with pride and righteousness.  ”No!  I’m tired of letting you into my brain!  You’re not a part of me, advertising agency, and I won’t let you control me.  You’ve done enough!   Now get outta my way!”  Being indignant gives us fire, and power, and sometimes we need that moving forward.  Sometimes we need to not just be wholly self-loving but also fierce beings standing up for ourselves in the face of monstrosities.” Get Indignant – Paleo for Women


3 Destructive Work Habits that Can Drain the Energy Right Out of You – Positivity Blog

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