My Love Language(s)

So I’ve finally finished writing about all five love languages, which, just to remind you, are: Words of AffirmationQuality TimeReceiving GiftsActs of Service and Physical Touch.

I told you at the beginning, I didn’t want to tell you straight away what my love languages are, got some good guesses though, and some were also correct.

They have actually changed slightly, I did the test just before I started writing about them, and then again yesterday.

In the first test, I got Words of Affirmation (12/12) as number one, then Quality Time (8/12) & Physical Touch (7/12) as number two and three, whereas I only got a few points in Acts of Service and none in Receiving Gifts.

Well, in the new one, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch were actually dead even (10/12 each), and with Quality Time at (7/12), so the priorities have shifted a bit I suppose.

I’m very much a words girl though, I crave compliments, especially personal compliments that show that the other person really “gets” me and knows me. I’m also much more likely to truly accept a personal compliment, than a generic “you’re pretty”.

Accepting compliments is something I’ve had to work on actually, even though it’s my primary love language. I’m getting better at it though, which is also making me happier 🙂

Having Words of Affirmation as my primary love language also means that words are the fastest and quickest way to bring me down – even when it’s a lack of words.

Physical Touch is my number two, and I’m sure my friends aren’t surprised about this, I’m always hugging them, touching arms when talking and stuff like that, it’s just ingrained  in me.

Quality Time, well, that sort of speaks for itself, it’s important to me to spend time with the people I love. When that is said though, if for some reason you can’t spent time with me, writing me a personal message saying how sorry you are, and how you wish you could etc. etc., would almost make up for it 🙂

So, what’s your love language? Please tell me what you thought of this series, you know I love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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  1. I think Words of Affirmation and Quality Time are my most important ones. Also Little Services. Regarding Physical Touch, it depends on the other person! Gifts not too much 🙂


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