Link Love (24/11/2012)

News Across the World

Egypt: Harassing the harassers: Cairo men spray paint perpetrators of street harassment – Amplify

Pakistan: “A couple arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of killing their 15-year-old daughter with acid say they carried out the attack because she looked at a boy.” Pakistan acid attack parents ‘feared dishonour’ – BBC & Russian activists say have freed 12 human slaves from shop – Reuters

Russia: “Two Kazakh women have said they were lured into slavery in Moscow on the promise of a job and held in captivity in a supermarket for 10 years where they were beaten and forced to work.” Kazakh Women Describe Slavery Ordeal in Moscow – RFERL

Sudan: “Somaya Hendousa founded dumped in slums east of Khartoum , severely tortured and her hair shaved confirmed resources close to her family . Hendousa family are in shock after what happened to her and starting police report against NISS member had been threatening Hendousa after she returned to Sudan last week. The resources confirmed that Somaya subjected to racial insults and torture  because she is Darfurian , and her hair shaved , as the NISS members torturing  her told her that Darfurians  does not have this kind of hair it is ( Arab hair ).” Journalist and WHRD hair shaved and tortured – Sudan WHRD’s

USA: Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Schoolbus, Literally – Care2


“Obama’s no right-winger. You might have serious issues with his Supreme Court justices or his moves on immigration or the Bush tax cuts. But you probably would have had similar issues with Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, or Gerald Ford. Obama’s in the same mold as those guys. So don’t despair. Your country didn’t vote for a socialist tonight. It voted for the candidate of traditional Republican moderation. What should gall you, haunt you, and goad you to think about the future of your party is that that candidate wasn’t yours.” Obama, the moderate Republican: What the 2012 election should teach the GOP – Slate Magazine

How to Ask Your Partner for a Change – The Calm Space

“Empathy is incredibly healing and incredibly powerful in life, and especially in politics. The ability or inability of a political candidate to make people feel like they are being understood, that they exist, that what they are facing–good or bad–is something that can be appreciated and understood, can either move a candidate forward, or cause voters to extinguish their passions for that candidate.” Why Mitt Romney Lost: Empathy – The Current Conscience

“You are ok just the way you are. Everyone flips out early in relationships about looking good and doing and saying the right things, but if every day is a new criticism about your clothes, your weight, how you choose to spend your time, your opinions, then you aren’t with the right person and both of you need to be free to find people with whom you are more compatible.  So-called love isn’t worth changing fundamental parts of who you are, and someone who wants you to change to fit their vision doesn’t love you, they love themselves.” What I have learned about the menz – Nicole Cunningham

“When people tell me that online relationships aren’t real relationships, they’re telling me text isn’t a valid way of communicating and expressing my identity. And since that’s pretty much the only way I can do that fully, they’re telling me my identity isn’t valid. When they tell me that an online community will never be real and that participation in a church online doesn’t make you a real member of the church, they’re telling me I can never be part of their community. Because this is me at my fullest. If you meet me in person, I promise you I will not be able to express myself this well. I will stutter if I talk at all, I will stand on the edge not knowing what to do, and I will be ignored by most and possibly forced into the spotlight by some who are trying to help, where I will flounder and finally choke out a few syllables before I go back to the corner and try not to cry or have an anxiety attack.” Autism & Me – Part 3 of 3 – Delphinian

“Listen, I know we haven’t been getting along lately. While you haven’t said anything, I’m getting the idea that you’re a little upset by my failure to get you impregnated. I think it’s about time that you and me had a little chat and cleared the air.” Letter to my Uterus – Consider the Tea Cosy


“There was a time when different viewpoints were accepted and respected and did not serve as a litmus test to determine who was a “real” Christian. A time when many evangelicals thought that the United States Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision might be considered a good and compassionate ruling as it overturned the varied restrictive abortion laws of the states that so often drove desperate women to seek out illegal, unsafe, “back-alley” abortions. Instead, declared the court, the constitutional guarantee of privacy leaves it up to a woman, her doctor, and her own moral agency to make decisions about terminating a pregnancy.” When Evangelicals Were Open to Differing Views on Abortion – Christian Feminism Today

“In 1968, Christianity Today published a special issue on contraception and abortion, encapsulating the consensus among evangelical thinkers at the time. In the leading article, professor Bruce Waltke, of the famously conservative Dallas Theological Seminary, explained the Bible plainly teaches that life begins at birth:
“God does not regard the fetus as a soul, no matter how far gestation has progressed. The Law plainly exacts: ‘If a man kills any human life he will be put to death’ (Lev. 24:17). But according to Exodus 21:22–24, the destruction of the fetus is not a capital offense… Clearly, then, in contrast to the mother, the fetus is not reckoned as a soul.”
The magazine Christian Life agreed, insisting, “The Bible definitely pinpoints a difference in the value of a fetus and an adult.” And the Southern Baptist Convention passed a 1971 resolution affirming abortion should be legal not only to protect the life of the mother, but to protect her emotional health as well.” My Take: When evangelicals were pro-choice – CNN

“To the Christians’ God by the way, it’s just as bad to believe in the wrong God as no God at all. The idea of other Gods is of course ridiculous to Christians. Supernatural poppycock. As if there was ever a Zeus; stupid, ancient, unenlightened superstition. And even if there are other Gods (which of course there aren’t) then the Christians’ God is the best. Hardest, smartest…just better. He would laugh at Zeus and call him a Greek bender. (I doubt that God is racist and homophobic but the Bible isn’t clear. Some bits go on about love and equality and others say you shouldn’t trust certain types and that laying down with a man as you would with a woman is punishable by death and is a bit sick and evil.)” A holiday message from Ricky Gervais: ‘Why I’m a good Christian’ – Wired

Teresa MacBain: From Methodist Minister to Atheist Advocate – Friendly Atheist

“People like Miller are always saying that feminists want women to be treated “like men.” The reality is that I and other feminists want women to be treated like people. Like individuals. Part of what is going on here is that men treat other men like individuals, but they treat women as “the other.” Men frequently see each other as individuals first, but see women by their gender first. If a man messes up at his job, he will be individually blamed for it; if a woman messes up her job, it will be blamed on her gender. So I suppose that yes, we want to be treated like men, but we only inasmuch as men treat each other as individuals.” I Don’t Want To Be Anyone’s Special Little Princess – Love, Joy, Feminism

A Big Welcome to New Atheists – Rosa Rubicondior


“In my world, you don’t get to call yourself “pro-life” and be against common-sense gun control — like banning public access to the kind of semiautomatic assault rifle, designed for warfare, that was used recently in a Colorado theater. You don’t get to call yourself “pro-life” and want to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency, which ensures clean air and clean water, prevents childhood asthma, preserves biodiversity and combats climate change that could disrupt every life on the planet. You don’t get to call yourself “pro-life” and oppose programs like Head Start that provide basic education, health and nutrition for the most disadvantaged children. You can call yourself a “pro-conception-to-birth, indifferent-to-life conservative.” I will never refer to someone who pickets Planned Parenthood but lobbies against common-sense gun laws as “pro-life.”” Why I Am Pro-Life – NY Times

Want equal pay? Many woman still not speaking up when it comes to salary – The Globe and Mail

“”If a woman has her credit card stolen, her maximum liability under federal law is $50. Yet on your theory, if she is raped, she must endure not only the trauma of assault, but also accept economic costs of potentially many thousands of dollars. Must that burden also fall on her alone? When we used to draft men into the Army, we gave them veterans’ benefits afterward. If the state now intends to conscript women into involuntary childbearing, surely those women deserve at least an equally generous deal?”” Let’s get real about abortions – CNN

“The thing about NFP is that you really do have to practice it perfectly. If you break the rules when you use NFP you will get pregnant. After all, the rules of NFP are this: figure out when you’re fertile, and don’t have sex during that time. If you break the rules, you are having sex when you are fertile – a perfect recipe for getting pregnant. In contrast, if you skip using a condom once there’s is a decent chance you’ll be okay, since you only ovulate during a certain period of the month. Similarly, if you miss just one pill, you’ll probably be fine. But if you break the rules of NFP, even just once? The chances are pretty high that you’ll end up pregnant.” Okay Then, Let’s Talk About Natural Family Planning – Love, Joy, Feminism

“So “yes” has come to mean “if the other person doesn’t say no (violently or screaming), it’s okay”. The problem with this definition is that it reduces the power of the second person involved.
If one person is ready to go and the other person is frozen in fear and/or says “no” in a small voice, it’s still rape.” Only “Yes” Means Yes: “Why Sometimes What You Think Is Consensual Sex Is Actually Rape – Everyday Feminism


Homemade Bouillon (Portable Soup) – Nourished Kitchen

Raw Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (aka better brownie bites) – Homemade Mommy

Affordable Eco-Friendly Clothing – Savvy Sugar

The Squatty Potty Makes Me Feel Skinny – Care2

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

A full-length mirror is an important tool in a stylish woman’s arsenal – Already Pretty

“The week of October 20, while walking past the Drake Hotel, one of your employees handed me a card that said I should wear this unibrow in order to get 50% off the price of admission to yourexhibit “Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting.” I am glad that Frida Kahlo’s work is here in Toronto and that you are eager to have people come see it, but I can’t help but think this unibrow stunt isn’t how Kahlo would have wished to be remembered.” An Open Letter to the AGO About Frida Kahlo’s Unibrow – Shameless Magazine

Petite, Regular or Tall Sizes – YouLookFab

“I laughed when I started getting these emails, but then I realized that Groupon has simply made the same mistake so many others have made, which is conflating “achieving the cultural standard of beauty” with “healthy.”  The obvious example is fat-shaming, how many people do it under the guise of “health concerns” when what they really mean is “ew, fat is gross,” but I also thought a lot about how thin people often hear about how good they look, even though that thinness may be the result of an eating disorder or illness.  I also thought a lot about how clear skin has become another synonym for good health, even though healthy people have acne all the time.  Those are just the obvious examples; I’m sure you all can think of countless more.” Healthy Living: I do not think this means what Groupon thinks it means – Fit and Feminist


“Next time you feel a bit overwhelmed with something, ask yourself what kind of success rate you really need. If it’s a low success rate, then you may be able to put failure in perspective. In some cases it’s absolutely expected that you’ll have a long string of failures before you get that one critical success. If that applies to your situation, you can view your failures as the steps leading up to that one ultimate success that you need.” A Low Success Rate – Tynan

Take Ownership of Your Life – Michael Hyatt


Seven Valuable Sales Principles for Long Term Success – Women In Sales

3 Communication Mistakes You’re Making at Work – The Daily Muse

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