Link Love (27/11/2012)

News Across the World

Congo: ““When you talk about rape in New York or Paris, everyone can always say, ‘Yes, we have rape here too,’” Dr. Denis Mukwege, the founder of Congo’s Panzi Hospital, told Jeb Sharp, a producer at PRI’s “The World,” in 2008. “But it’s not the same thing when a woman is raped by four or five people at the same time, when a woman is raped in front of her husband and children, when a woman is not just raped but then after the rape her genitals are attacked with a gun, a stick, a torch, or a bayonet. That’s not what you see in New York. That’s not what you see in Paris.”” Shocking attitudes point to deep misogyny in Congo – Women Under Siege Project

Egypt: Radical Clerics Seek to Legalise Child Brides – IPS

Ireland: Táinites calls for Referendum on Gay Marriage – Gaelick

Nigeria: African Teens Build Working Pee-Powered Generator – Earthtechling

Pakistan: Swat Jirga Forces Family to Marry Off 6-Year-Old Girl to Settle Feud – RFERL & Last-Minute Reprieve for Pakistani Child Bride – RFERL

UK: Female genital mutilation: asylum seeker fights deportation to the Gambia – The Guardian


“The best color to keep cool in the heat, it turns out, is to wear black. Black absorbs everything coming in from the sun, sure. But black also absorbs energy from the body instead of reflecting it back. Now, the helpfulness of black clothes depends on finding black clothes that are the same thickness and looseness as those summery white clothes. Black clothing also needs a little help from atmospheric conditions. Once it has absorbed heat, it has to have some way to radiate it away. If there’s even a little wind, black clothing is the better choice for those who want to keep cool, like goths who understandably don’t like sweating through their make-up. So find something black to wear this summer.” The Physics that Explain Why You Should Wear Black This Summer – io9

“It’s hard for us to learn our limits. If we know how to create change, that it won’t happen unless someone steps up, and that it needs to happen? It’s immensely difficult to step back and say no when you’re the kind of person who’s used to spending their time stepping forward. Especially when we know that the things that we do spend our time on are no more deserving than those we need to say no to. Especially when we can see the consequences of nothing or not enough being done. How real they are, how they impact people’s lives. How much hurt can be caused.” Because you can’t care about everything: Activist burnout, guilt and love – Consider the Tea Cosy

How to Argue With Your Girlfriend (Without Ruining Everything) – Paging Dr. NerdLove

“The point worth emphasizing here is that conservatives have created a bubble for themselves, and they have difficulty understanding anything outside of that bubble. How could anyone possibly support Obamacare? How could anyone approve of his support for gay marriage? And on and on. I said before the election that it didn’t bother me that I disagreed with those on the other side of the aisle, but what did bother me is that we seemed to exist in two different realities. Two completely different realities.” The Conservative Media Bubble – Love, Joy, Feminism

The Magic of Apprenticeship – A How to Guide – Tim Ferris


“An assertive, forceful response can have the short-term (and very satisfying) effect of disconcerting the harasser, and the long-term effect of creating an environment that makes it more difficult for harassers to harass:
Try all-purpose statements: “Stop harassing. I don’t like it. No one likes it. Show some respect.” Or, “When you do A, it makes me feel B, and I want C.” “When you say, ‘hey sexy’, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I’d prefer just a hello.”
Name the behavior and then make a command: “Your hand is on my thigh. Remove it now.” “Your comments are homophobic/transphobic. Stop it.” “You’re taking pictures of the women on this train without their consent. It’s incredibly disrespectful. Stop right now.”” 7 Steps You Can Take to Address Street Harassment – Everyday Feminism

“Sexual assault of fellow soldiers is the U.S. military’s dirty secret. The 2012 Sundance winning film, The Invisible War, documents the rampant epidemic of sexual assault of soldiers by their own comrades, and the military’s systematic policy of covering up most such cases. The film captures the voices and experiences of women soldiers (as well as some men) in all branches of the armed services – women who were not only assaulted by those pledged to be their ‘brothers in arms’, but unable to seek justice due to the military’s internal handling of such cases. ” The Invisible War: Sexual Assault in the Military – Adios Barbie

A Lesson in Self-Care for Women’s Rights Defenders – Gender Focus

“Anthropomorphising hurricanes helps us master our fear, but must that involve fantasies of violent retribution against women?” Stop calling Sandy a bitch: it was a storm, not a woman to hate – Jill Filipovic – The Guardian

3 Reasons Positive Stereotypes Aren’t That Positive – Everyday Feminism

“I want to start with a reality check. I like talking about material reality, about things that actually happen, rather than conjectures and assumptions. This reality check is about toilets. In a heated twitter outburst, you wrote ‘if she has a penis, she’s not allowed in’, continuing with ‘women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms’.
Roseanne, I honestly wonder, just what do you think I do when I go to the bathroom?”  An Open Letter to Roseanne Barr, From a Feminist Sister – Feminist Ire


Chai-spiced Molasses Custard – Nourished Kitchen

Recipe: Homemade healthy fruit snacks – Thank Your Body

How to Clean While You Cook – Care2

The Only Cure I Need for the Common Cold – Butter Believer

Cholesterol The Unsung Antioxidant – Dimes2Vines

Hormesis: How Certain Kinds of Stress Can Actually be Good for You – Mark’s Daily Apple

Beauty & Body Image

Easy (and Cheap) Wardrobe Saving Tips – Grit & Glamour

Pretty Cool: Seeing Body Diversity Mkaes Us More Comfortable With Diverse Bodies – Jezebel


“Fear will try to tell you otherwise. Fear will try to convince you that this time – this time you’ll really F*ck it up. This time – everything is different, baby. This time won’t be like the rest of times, because this time you will fail and you will mess up everybody else’s life and this time you will die and there will be no way back and you will never be alright again and this time you will hit the ground real, real hard.
But Fear is wrong.” On Failing, Falling – and the One Practice that Will Save You No Matter What – The Freedom Experiment

Are You Too Nice? – You Beauty


How to Deal With Mean Women at Work – The Grindstone

Mythbuster: Women Do Ask for Higher Pay – Forbes

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