I’ve been working at my job in Ireland for almost 3 months (come 4th of December), and today I was given the opportunity to go up for the progression board.

The board is part job interview, part oral exam, and needs to be passed in order to be promoted to the next level.

I have been working really hard, both to get to the level where I could have my name put down for the board, and then to prepare for the board itself.

And the hard work has paid off. I aced the board, and was told during my feedback that my interview was excellent, and that I answered all of the questions perfectly

It’ll take up to 6 weeks for my new contract to come through, I still don’t know for sure which team I’ll be on, and I can’t start foundation for the new role until January 14 anyway.

But none of that matters, cause I’m absolutely thrilled. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work for a huge international company, with great training and development opportunities, as well as brilliant, wonderful and incredibly supportive colleagues.

So anyways, this was just a short update to share my joy (and I’ll be honest, pride in my hard work) with you. Tomorrow I’ll be heading home to Denmark for 5 days, for the first time since I moved to Ireland.

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  1. Congrats! What do you do?


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