Link Love (01/12/2012)

News Across the World

Iran: Iran aims for baby boom, but are Iranians in the mood? – Al Arabiya

Kenya: “Kenya’s government plans to ban bride-price payments, legalise polygamy and consider couples co-habiting for more than six months to be legally married.” Kenyan bid to ban bride-price payments – BBC

Morocco: “Moroccan children as young as eight, recruited as domestic workers, are frequently beaten, verbally abused and sometimes refused adequate food by their employers, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.” Morocco child workers frequently abused – HRW

Pakistan: Family Planning Skips Millions in Pakistan – IPS

Syria: Syrian women find new roles at home and on front line – Reuters

Turkey: “Turkey has a high-profile pilot project to ward off domestic assault. Safety advocates say it won’t work as long as victims continue to be routinely disbelieved and mistreated.” Turkey’s ‘Panic Buttons’ Turn Off Safety Advocates – Womens eNews


“Our methodology is heavily invested in scenario-based adrenal stress operant conditioning. Which in layman’s terms means that we replicate real attacks as closely as is safely possible, and that our students practice their skills in something approximating the state they would be in should they need to apply our training. This includes verbal elements in the scenarios. And striking full power while being flooded with adrenaline. And also means that I wear maybe fifty pounds of specially designed armor that allows me to safely take those full power blows.” Simulated Assault: My Life as a Self-Defense Instructor – The Good Men Project

“In real life, too, I find a lot of value in working from other people’s weaknesses, especially societal weaknesses. As urbanization continues along with population growth, standing out from the crowd becomes more and more difficult. Even if you are exceptional, your impression can drown amongst the sea of other people everyone is meeting. The solution, or part of it anyway, is to identify what society at large is bad at, and excel at it. By doing so, you become even more distinct as the field increases.” Exploiting Societal Weaknesses – Tynan

The Cost, in Dollars, of Raising a Child – NY Times


30+ Examples of Christian Privilege  – Everyday Feminism


“It’s far less common for us to worry about men, including our own sons, and what gender boxes and harmful behaviors they’re taught, simply because they’re male.
But they are. Boys as young as 4 year old are told to “be a man!”, usually in response to them crying or showing fear.
And as they grow up, they’re bombarded with messages that say to be a “manly” man, they need to:
Be big and strong
Be physically aggressive and ready to fight
Show no emotions – especially fear or pain but anger is just fine
Feel entitled to objectify women and sexually pursue women regardless of whether or not she’s interested” 6 Ways to Talk to Your Son About Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity – Everyday Feminism

“What you fail to understand is that the use of hate speech, threats and bullying to terrify and intimidate people into silence or away from certain topics is a far bigger threat to free speech than any legal sanction.
Imagine this is not the internet but a public square. One woman stands on a soapbox and expresses an idea. She is instantly surrounded by an army of 5,000 angry people yelling the worst kind of abuse at her in an attempt to shut her up. Yes, there’s a free speech issue there. But not the one you think.” This is what online harassment looks like – New Statesman

“These attitudes have led many gay men to feel curiously comfortable critiquing and touching women’s bodies at whim. What’s unique about this is not the male sense of ownership to women’s bodies—that is somewhat common. What’s curious is the minimization of these acts by gay men and many women because the male perpetuating the act is or is perceived to be gay.”  Gay Men’s Sexism and Women’s Bodies – The Current Conscience

When you make personal attacks, you’re saying that what they have to say is unimportant and what you have to say is more important. You’re discounting the full range of their experiences and placing your struggle ahead of their own.” Oppression Olympics: The Games We Shouldn’t Be Playing – Everyday Feminism

“In a summary of the study’s findings, the researchers reported that they found a lack of aspirational female role models in all three media categories, and cited five main observations: female characters are sidelined, women are stereotyped and sexualized, a clear employment imbalance exists, women on TV come up against a glass ceiling, and there are not enough female characters working in STEM fields.” Women in the Media: Female TV and Film Characters Still Sidelines and Sexualized, Study Finds – Huffington Post

Because women make less than men, not because they’re biologically risk-averse” Why Women Don’t Take Risks With Their Money – The Atlantic


Almond Meal Muffins (yes, gluten free) – Love & Wild Honey

Homemade Marshmallow Recipe (GAPS, Paleo, SCD) – The Mommypotamus

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), And What We Can Do About It – Everyday Feminism

“Relaxation sessions, meditation and cognitive behaviour therapy were among the techniques found to help sufferers of psoriasis, eczema, acne and the pigment disorder vitiligo, according to experts at the University of Sheffield.” Skin disease hope through psychotherapy – The Telegraph

Bacon: Health Food or Devil in Delicious Disguise? – Balanced Bites

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