Link Love (04/12/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: ” Afghanistan has launched a new literacy programme that enables Afghan women deprived of a basic education during decades of war to learn to read and write using a mobile phone.” Afghan women learn literacy through mobile phones – AFP

Bangladesh: Street Children of Bangladesh Vulnerable to Abuse – Global Voices

Egypt: “The Egyptian women’s rights campaigner is still trying to hold to account soldiers who left her with a fractured skull after she tried to stop them beating another woman in Tahrir Square” Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman – The Guardian

Iran: “Lawmakers in Iran are preparing to consider legislation that may drastically alter an adult woman’s ability to obtain a passport and travel outside the country.” Iran Deputies to Mull Draft Law Restricting Women’s Right to Travel – RFERL

Libya: “The video – quickly taken down – showed the rape of a young female student from Benghazi University. Women’s groups and activists in Libya say the crime would have remained hidden had the video not been posted. Now the groups are demanding justice and that the perpetrators are brought to trial. They are also calling for a broader discussion about how rape victims are treated.” Libyan activists welcome YouTube rape video – RNW

Morocco: “In a poor but fertile corner of southern Morocco, illiterate Berber women are tapping the surge in global demand for argan oil, a “miracle” product they grind from a special nut, that is helping to lift them out of poverty.” Morocco’s ‘liquid gold’ enriches Berber women – AFP


“It’s pretty stunning. The number of people doing harm to other human beings changed tenfold depending on whether there was a peer nearby speaking up against that harm, or a peer going along with it.” One Voice – Tara Sophia Mohr

Opting Out of Parenthood, With Finances in Mind – NY Times

“The Obama administration’s unstinting financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel is a key enabling force in the conflict” Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza – The Guardian

Goal-Setting: The 90-Day Challenge – Michael Hyatt


“The terms Nice Guy™ and nice guy syndrome are used to describe men who view themselves as prototypical “nice guys,” but whose “nice deeds” are in reality only motivated by attempts to passively please women into a relationship and/or sex.” Nice guy syndrome – Geek Feminism Wiki

“Icelandic feminist, Hildur Lilliendahl, was recently temporarily blocked from posting content on Facebook, for the fourth time. The blocking began when she started collecting abusive public comments from men about women and/or feminists from around the web. Hildur published these comments on Facebook, in an album called “Men who hate women.” The material Facebook termed “abusive” were screenshots of hateful, misogynist comments. Hildur was reported for re-posting other people’s comments, most recently resulting in a 30-day block. Facebook warned her that she must “stop violating the community standards of Facebook.” Keep in mind, this was after she re-posted a public status from a man with these kind words about her…”  Does Facebook Hate All Women – Or Just Feminists? – elephant journal

“Because I was also taught, that to assume that a man is a rapist just because he’s stopping you doing something you are showing clearly that you want to do, is hysterical, man-hating, hairy-pitted feminism which is a Bad Thing.
And so once again, his boundary-breaking behaviour, didn’t really bother or alarm me as I didn’t perceive it as boundary-breaking, I perceived it as normal.
Women’s boundaries are constantly being broken by men and we are told all the time, that if we make a fuss about it, we are unreasonable, unfriendly, rude, hysterical, difficult, confrontational – all negatives, all things we should strive not to be.” How I Became a Rape Victim – Everyday Feminism

Ebert Gives Chauvinistic Editor Two Thumbs Down for Boycotting Movie Reviews for Female Films Like Snow White and the Huntsman – The Grindstone

“Growing up, girls are encouraged to be and rewarded for being pleasers. Be polite, stay out of the way, help out around the house, smile when you’re told to, don’t interrupt the grown-ups talking. Boys get these manners lessons too, I hope, but they are often simultaneously being rewarded for speaking up. Being loud, intrusive, aggressive, ambitious, and self-promoting are acceptable, if annoying, male traits. By adolescence, boys know that they’re rock stars and they stop apologizing for it. Studies show that men who are disliked in the workplace, or thought arrogant, still get raises and promotions. For women, however, being disliked in the office is both personally and professionally damaging.” Why Women Need to Stop Apologizing for Everything – Role / Reboot

Assault has a pricetag – Gaelick

Women’s Reproductive Rights

“Anti-abortion is not pro-life
I might just start identifying as pro-life. I am pro-life. I believe passionately in defending the rights of women to our own lives. Both to the choice to live as we see fit, and to the right to continue living. I care deeply about preventing unnecessary pain and suffering. I never want a woman to die a preventable, agonising death.
I believe in the rights of children- all children- to be brought up by families who cherish them and for whom they are a joy. I want to live in a world where everyone who becomes a parent wants to do so, and where every child knows that their parents freely chose to have them.
I believe in the rights of living people. Not potential people. Potential people may have their time, but those who matter most are those who exist here and now. People with thoughts and dreams, friends and loved ones. People in communities. People who can feel fear and pain and love and hope. These are the people who matter most, because right here and now these are the people who are people. There was a time when they were not. But now they are.
Anti-abortion is not pro-life.” Anti-abortion is not pro-life – Consider the Tea Cosy

“Reread that abstract a couple of times if you need to. It’s very clear and says pretty much everything that needs to be said. Catholic hospitals in the U.S. follow Catholic doctrine in the way they practice medicine, and as part of that they generally refuse to conduct a medically necessary abortion as long as a fetal heartbeat remains – which is exactly what was done in Savita’s case. They get around the fact that they are (I think) legally required to carry out an abortion if it is necessary to save a mother’s life by engaging in philosophical conversations about exactly what actually constitutes a threat to a woman’s life, and these hospitals actually have ethical committees that make the final calls rather than doctors.” Could Savita’s Death Have Happened in the U.S.? – Love, Joy, Feminism

“They’re poorer. They’re less likely to leave abusive relationships. Their health suffers. In other words, women who don’t want to continue pregnancies probably know their own lives better than politicians.” Here’s what happens when women are refused abortions – Feministe & What happens to women denied abortions? – IO9

“Several readers responded to those who said people just shouldn’t have sex before marriage by pointing out that married women don’t automatically want children, and asked whether married women who don’t want to have kids should just be celibate. A number of Catholic commenters responded by stating that that idea was ridiculous, because there was always Natural Family Planning. So I wrote a postcritiquing Natural Family Planning. Do you know what I was told in the comments of that post? That Natural Family Planning involves being “open to the gift of life” (i.e. pregnancy).
Well guess what? I am married but I am not currently “open to the gift of life.”” On Married Women and Separating Sex from Procreation – Love, Joy, Feminism

“We need to be ashamed, and then we need to change this. We need to change it NOW. Not next year. Now. Because in our hospitals today there are women suffering through miscarriages. There are women at risk of septicaemia. If we are to call ourselves a civilised country, we act now. We legislate for X, and we make that legislation rock-solid. And today, tomorrow, next year, ten years and a hundred years from now, when we talk about abortion we do not listen to a Church that would have women die. We listen to Savita’s pain, to the grief of her loved ones, to our deep and abiding sense of shame, and we do the right thing.” Love and Shame in the Wake of Savita – Consider the Tea Cosy

“I’m trying to imagine the situation suggested here. Here is the scenario. You are eight weeks pregnant and have just been diagnosed with cancer. They’ve caught it early, and if you get chemotherapy now you can probably kick it right away and not have any long term consequences. You are told that you may not have an abortion. Your consequences are either to get chemotherapy and live, but give birth to a baby with brain damage, malformations, and quite possibly cancer, or to wait seven months until your pregnancy is over and then have chemotherapy, even though that may be too late for you. That, quite simply, is the choice these groups are offering women when they glibly state that abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life.” “Abortion Never Saves a Woman’s Life” #Savita – Love, Joy, Feminism


Bacon Bomb – Primal on a Dime

Cheesy Meatballs – Domestic Diva

Common Factors That Prevent Good Sleep – Mark’s Daily Apple

In Defense of he E.U. Perfume Regulations – Scents of Self

A Preventative Approach to Seasonal Depression – Effervescence

Beauty & Body Image

“Families take pride in the beauty of their little girls. There’s something instinctual and helpless about it. A basic, primal appreciation of the strength of our genes and the desirability of our line. I don’t think there’s something wrong with telling a little girl she’s pretty– with being proud of her for it. I don’t think we can help it. But we should remind ourselves that there is more to the story. That she is more than just pretty. That her sister is listening.” Families: Stop Deciding Who Is the Beauty – Eat the Damn Cake

Teen boys also risking their health in pursuit of unattainable bodies – Feministing

Why I shop for clothes online (and you should too!) – Boosaurus

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