Link Love (08/12/2012)

News Across the World

Indonesia: The day I saw 248 girls suffering female genital mutilation – The Observer

Iraq: Center offers training courses to help Iraqi widows – Al Arabiya

Russia: Freed ‘Slaves’ In Moscow Face Deportation, Their Captors Off the Hook – RFERL

Saudi Arabia: Electronic tracking: new constraint for Saudi women – AFP

Syria: “United Nations officials said that most of the marriages are brokered and that many are not consensual. The results, they said, include increasing numbers of child brides and marriages that, in some cases, end in abandonment or forced prostitution. U.N. and Jordanian relief agencies estimate that some 500 underage Syrians have been wed this year.” In a Jordan camp, outsiders seek Syrian brides – The Washington Post

Worldwide: UN takes step closer toward official ban on FGM – TrustLaw


Confessions of a Book Nerd: How to Read More than One Book at a Time -HopefulLeigh

“I think it’s time we proposed some new rules. Copying shamelessly from the Captain, I think the world would be a better place if we:

  • stuck to one acceptable way of commenting on a person’s hijab clothes. That way is “I really like that thing you’re wearing” + some variation of “That colour/style really suits you” and “Where did you get it?. 
    • Only commented on a person’s clothes in appropriate situations. With people who are receptive to having their clothes talked about. By us.
  • Stopped commenting on how much or how little someone wears.
  • Stopped appropriating clothing styles with specific meanings for another culture(s).
  • Stopped assigning clothes a moral value or making assumptions about people’s morals based on what they are wearing.

Can we do that? Like, from right now, can we quit appropriating, quit assigning moral values to clothes, quit fetishising entire freakin’ religions and cultures, and if we have to comment on someone’s hijab, stick to something like “Oh, I like that scarf you’re wearing today, that colour really suits you”? Can we, like, do that now maybe?” Food. Clothes. Hijabs. New Rules. – Consider the Tea Cosy

Forget Brain Age: Researchers Develop Software that Makes You Smarter – Wired

“In the same way that offloading work to your subconscious helps you make decisions and opinions faster, I’ve found that implementing protocols has helped me take action faster, and has been a key component of my recent increase in productivity.” Protocols – Tynan


“Third is the classic agnostic fallacy – we “simply have no data, one way or the other.” Wrong. We have a ton of data disproving a ton of religious beliefs. The only way you get to “we have no data” is by reference to a vague, squishy idea of “a higher power” which doesn’t necessarily do much of anything. Any time you get more specific than that, chances are there is some evidence against your belief. But that also ignores a central idea behind all reasonable thought – belief without evidence is unjustified. If we have no data for or against a proposition, the reasonable thing to do is to disbelieve it. The strength of a belief should be proportional to the strength of the evidence. If there is no evidence, there should be no belief, and anyone who has a belief is being unreasonable.” Charlie Jane Anders Should Read More Atheists – Atheist, Polyamorous, Sceptics

“And calling religious people stupid is also a sure fire way to make them not listen to you, and to do so with a reasonable moral justification. Don’t give them this out. Even if you hypocritically and anti-rationally do not care about the objective falsehood of your charge that religious people are generally an especially stupid set of people, you should learn that it is a counter-productive tactic to do so, one which loses you the moral and intellectual high ground. So do not do it. Instead relentlessly, factually, and if possible dispassionately, just rattle off all the fallacies and absurdities and inconsistencies and immoralities that their beliefs logically entail. Educate them in the vital tools of critical thought and explain why exceptions cannot be made in the use of these tools in the case of religious beliefs. Make them incapable of avoiding the cold hard facts and logical implications of their ideas.” Don’t Call Religious People Stupid (Tip 1 of 10 for Reaching Out to Religious Believers) – Camels With Hammers


“Have you ever felt:

  • Insecure because your body wasn’t big enough, strong enough, or slim enough?
  • Pressured to be tough, aggressive and competitive beyond your comfort zone?
  • Ashamed of your interest in cooking, fashion, dance, or some other activity because you were told it made you “gay” or “a girl”?
  • Offended by media representations of helpless adult men who cannot feed, clothe, or bathe themselves without the help of a woman?
  • Burdened by expectations to objectify women, have sex with many women and be sexually aggressive?
  • Helpless when dealing with feelings of sadness, hurt, and shame because you were taught to believe that emotions show weakness and that “real men help themselves”?
  • Confused at how to be sensitive and kind but still be sexually desirable?
  • Alone when you suffered an injury but had to “handle it”?
  • Afraid of being called a “sissy,” “wimp,” “f*g,” “p*ssy,” or “b**ch,”?
  • Ambivalent about what it means to be a “real man”?

If even one or two of these is true, then you need feminism.” Why Men Need Feminism Too – Everyday Feminism

“There are hurting women overseas. There are hurting women here. They aren’t backward, and we aren’t forward
We’ve all got a lot of work to do.” We have it “so good” – Sarah Over the Moon

“Hi everybody! I’m here to talk about menstrual cramps. When I’ve seen other people do this, quite a few have started with a TMI warning and often an additional note that men probably will want to skip it. And you know, maybe they will, so I thought I’d say it up front. But I’m also going to say that right now that really pisses me off, because I kind of feel like the reason it’s a sort of taboo discussion topic is related to other issues of controlling and shaming women’s sexuality. It is not scary or gross (well ok, it is a bit, but so are a lot of things we discuss much more openly), it is a part of life and it is ok to talk about it.” Personal Rant Space – Delphinian

“But the idea behind making sure abortion is safe and legal goes far beyond making sure rape victims don’t have to have their rapists’  baby if they would prefer to avoid doing so.  It is the simple idea that a woman should have the same rights to make decisions about her body as a man.” Can We Stop saying Horrible Things About Rape – Grail Diary

“I have always believed that Black women need a different type of feminism to counterbalance the challenges they face. Unlike White women, Black women have both White and Black patriarchy to contend with. I find the level of vitriol levied at 15 year old Ms Dollar very distasteful. She was demonised as a liar, unruly and deserving of the physical abuse she suffered. My father raised two daughters without raising a fist or a shoe.” The cost of Black Patriarchy – Black Woman White Dress

The Beautiful Daughter: How My Korean Mother Gave me the Courage to Transition – Everyday Feminism


Seven steps I take to keep my adult acne at bay – Already Pretty

Alcohol and Gut Flora – You Might Want to Lay off This Season – The Primal Parent

“Lactose intolerance is one of the most common food intolerances, affecting up to 65% of the world’s adult population. (1) Many people choose to completely cut out dairy as a way to avoid the gastrointestinal symptoms that frequently come along with eating dairy foods. But is true lactose intolerance really the cause of their digestive distress, or are many people prematurely eliminating dairy because of a perceived inability to digest milk products? And is it possible to cure lactose intolerance, even as an adult?” How to cure lactose intolerance – Chris Kresser

Make a Fluffier Omelet with a Pinch of Baking Soda – LifeHacker

What Foods to Buy Organic – Mark’s Daily Apple


“It was as though I was wrapped up in a down comforter, far far from the compliments and love. Unable to hold on to the warmth of basking in the love that I so rightfully deserved, just for being alive. Or, sometimes, as though there was a cement wall between me and my partners, rejecting any kindness that came my way.
I had bought into the idea that I was flawed. That I, unlike those around me, deserved a life of crippling self-doubt and heartache.” “Do You Love Me?” + How About Now? – Mara Glatzel

“The idea behind today’s hack is simple.  The more areas in which we take care of ourselves, the easier it becomes to do so in others.  If we sleep or rest more, we feel more energized and can exercise or do chores.  If we take great care of our skin, that might translate to great care of our hair, or our teeth.   If we exercise or do yoga, we might feel good enough in our bodies to forego sugary snacks.   It goes just as quickly in the other direction.   The more and more we slip in good health, in self-love, or in taking care of ourselves in one realm– for example, in sleep quality or in exercise– the less and less willing we feel to go the extra mile for the rest.” Food & Love Hack Friday: Clean Your Space, Clean Your Mind – Paleo for Women

“Whatever your Big Dream is, whatever you feel like needs to be done, it’s your Self’s path.  You can’t shake the call, and you need to do it.  It’s not vain, it’s not proud, it’s not arrogant – it’s just you. And you need to stop being ashamed of that.” Stop being ashamed of your dreams – Elle Di


The CIO As Revenue Rainmaker: 7 Excellent Examples – Forbes

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