Link Love (18/12/2012)

News Across the World

Afghanistan: Fate of Afghan women still tied to arranged matches – RAWA News

Malaysia: “Debate is raging in Malaysia over Muslim female genital mutilation as the country’s health ministry reportedly develops guidelines to reclassify it as a medical practice.” Malaysia storm over female circumcision – ABC News

Pakistan: “Once invoked, ghagh — which means “a call” — can have various outcomes, none of them happy for the woman. She might end up being married against her will, or stay single for life, or see her family drawn into a dangerous, lingering feud.” In Pakistan, Moves to Ban a Tribal Marriage Custom – RFERL

Saudi Arabia: “But it is the workplace that is becoming the leading edge of change. Last year, King Abdullah, who is seen as a cautious reformist when it comes to women’s rights, ordered that no longer would women have to buy underwear from male shop assistants – lingerie shops would be staffed by women. Jewellery shops and those selling abayas – the long black robes that women have to wear in the kingdom – will also go through the same process of hiring women.” Winning the case for women in work: Saudi Arabia’s steps to reform – BBC News

Somalia: ” “War is very difficult for everybody… but it affects women more,” said Mohamed, who was director of women’s education in the Somali government for 15 years in the 1970s and 1980s. “Who runs with the children? It is the women. Who finds the children something to eat? It is the woman. Who hears when the child cries? It is the mother.”” “Queen of Galkayo” educates Somali girls amid war and prejudice – TrustLaw


“I think the world would be a better place if we stuck to one acceptable way of commenting on what is on a fellow adult’s plate. That way is “That looks delicious” + some variation of “Where did you get it/how did you make it/does it taste as good as it looks/smells/Is it like this other thing that is also delicious?“ I’m tired of explaining my medical condition and food choices to “helpful” folks – Captain Awkward

The Neurobiology Behind All of the Ridiculous Things You Do When You’re In Love – Everyday Feminism

5 Ways to Get a Free Education – MintLife Blog

“Psychological research on cognitive fluency shows why easy to understand = more profitable, more pleasurable, more intelligent and safer. 8 Studies Demonstrating the Power of Simplicity – PsyBlog

Transformation and Transcendence: The Power of Female Friendship – The Rumpus


“Many theists love to argue for the necessity of a generic “source of all being” principle and think that this proves there this not only a personal god but the distinct personal god of their own religion. They jump from “something must explain existence itself!” to (wildly anthropomorphically saying) “hey, I know, it’s a person that explains existence!” to “hey, I know that not only did a person do this but it was Larry!” (Or it was Yahweh or Allah, etc.) Clarify What Kinds of Evidence Warrants What Kinds of Belief (Tip 4 of 10 for Reaching Out to Religious People) – Camels With Hammers

“As I think about it, I see three reasons this goes on: first, the idea that men are helpless to control their sexual urges; second, the idea that sexual abuse is just one more sin from which a pastor can easily repent and be forgiven; and third, the authority and respect that goes along with the position of minister in a congregation where obedience is emphasized as a virtue.”

How Sex Offenders Return to the Pulpit – Love, Joy, Feminism

“I don’t believe that most complementarian Christian leaders actually rape women (although, I hear stories all the time that make me question that belief). I don’t believe most of them approve of rape or like rape. Here’s what I believe and what I am claiming: complementarian leaders, despite their personal feelings about rape, need rape to exist and for it to be a serious threat.” Complementarianism’s Ugly Relationship With Rape – Sarah Over the Moon


I’m sorry to be doing this over the phone, your father has forbidden me from seeing you in person.  I’m sorry, he just cannot support your lifestyle anymore, he will not be speaking to you again, he asked me to tell you.
That was my stepmother, the day after Thanksgiving, the day after she discovered I was dating someone.  Someone who was not white.  Someone who was black.  Someone who was sitting in the next room and knew what the phone call was going to be about before it even started.” Racism, homophobia, and how I lost my dad last week – Ashley Miller

“This year has been a bumper year for people in power saying awful, outdated, hurtful and damaging things about rape. Really, just a hell of a year. It looks like Team Say Appalling Shit About Something They Don’t Understand is trying to squeeze a few more in before the calendar flips over. Maybe they’re shooting for a record or something. But on behalf of all decent people everywhere, please stop. Just stop.” “I’m not a gynecologist, but…” – Feministing

How I Survived Domestic Violence – Everyday Feminism

“If you find yourself saying “You’re too sensitive” a lot then it is entirely possible that you are, in fact, being a jerk.
You have exactly zero control over how “sensitive” other people are. But you have one hundred percent control over how much of a jerk you are. You do not have to share absolutely everything that is on your mind.
Not sharing absolutely everything that is on your mind all the time does not make you “not true to yourself” or “a pussy.” It makes you a human being. It makes you a citizen.” Okay, Jen. Here Goes: “Stop Being Mean to Women on the Internet” – Women and Hollywood

How to Cure the Gender Toy Trap at Home – Role / Reboot


Chocolate Cinnamon Truffles – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

“Poop has been all over the news lately. (And no, I’m not talking about the recent election.) I’m referring to fecal transplant, the process of transferring a healthy person’s stool into a sick person’s colon in order to restore the bacterial balance. It sounds bizarre, and even a little crazy, but doctors and scientists all over the country are discovering just how effective fecal transplants can be.” Poop: the cure of the future? – Chris Kresser

10 Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes – Elana’s Pantry

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer – Lifehacker

The Top 6 Ways to Improve Sleep Using Food – The Bulletproof Executive

Best Winter Vegetables and Recipes – Care2

Beauty & Body Image

Gap and Old Navy Make Mom Jeans – Grasping for Objectivity


“What I would advise is this: one mentor isn’t enough. You need to have multiple mentors.” Tara Sophia Mohr: Do You Need a Different Mentor? – Huffington Post

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  1. LK

    I thought the toy article was very interesting. Growing up with boys really did allow me to expand my horizons. The Ghostbuster toys were totally mine and I loved the work bench. I’m the one who can fix stuff around the house now, not my brother. If I have children they will have toys meant for both genders even if I only have one or 2 of the same gender. Its important to not put them into a box so early in life.


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