Link Love (25/01/2013)

News Across the World

Chad: “Day-to-day, Chadian women are beaten, humiliated and crushed beneath the weight of traditions. However, women were not predestined to be their husbands’ punch-bags, says Kagbe Rachel. Chadian women must be treated with dignity and respect. ” “Kind sirs, stop beating your wives!” – openDemocracy

Pakistan: “Most of the dead belonged to Pakistan’s minority Shia Hazara community, numbering less than 600,000 in a population of 180 million. The Sunni militant group Lashkar-e- Jhangvi (LeJ) with links to Tehrik-e-Taliban, and banned in 2001 by the Pakistan government, claimed it carried out the carnage.” A Hundred Killed, A Community Cornered – IPS

Yemen: Pink taxis for Yemen – ready or not – RNW


“Nowhere, in Piper’s entire clarification, is the abused woman given the room or space to be a victim and to own the disenfranchisement and damage that abuse entails. Even when he is beating her, a woman’s heart and mind must be working toward the well-being of her husband, not herself. She must seek civil authorities (ie, the police) in a case of domestic abuse not because the abuse is prima facie wrong and she needs to escape, but because her husband is failing to correctly use his authority and seeking outside help is a last resort for the woman who cannot help her husband to be put back on the straight and narrow.” John Piper, Spousal Abuse, and Empowerment – Dianna E. Anderson: Faith and Feminism


“I don’t consider myself a misogynist, but then I’m pretty sure most misogynists don’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t hate the living shit out of all women, they just don’t know that they do.” Michael J Dolan: I Was A Misogynist Comedian – The Skinny

“Many sociologists, including Beth Quinn have argued that other men are often the intended audience of sexist gestures and comments and that harassment has much more to do with keeping women in their place than with sexual attraction. Logically, gang rape is explained more by men’s “need” to perform gender for other men than it is explained by any kind of “irresistible” sexual desire.
If a person in a large group thinks they can get away with a behavior, they are more likely to do it if it is a behavior that appeals to them and is, on some level, already condoned.
Sexual attacks—particularly of women—are, on some level, condoned by society. We’re told, sometimes explicitly, that women “ask for it” by being alone, wearing short skirts, dressing “sexy,” partying, drinking, having loose hair, wearing tight clothes, wearing impractical heels, hanging out with the “wrong” people. Wrong place, wrong time, bad choices. ” The Psychology of Gang Rape – Role / Reboot

“Another huge factor in the existence and popularity of the “gray area” myth is that it lets rapists off the hook. If a lack of clarity around consent is normalized, rape can be excused as an accident —merely a misunderstanding.” Navigating Consent: Debating the “Grey Area” Myth – Everyday Feminism

“But he warned: “There are people who say, ‘I lived under apartheid but I didn’t support it.’ I think we are looking in some communities at a form of denialism down the road. Denialism is a big danger in the future.”” ‘I benefited from aparthed’ T-shirt sparks South African race row – The Guardian

“If you tell me that I do not merit the same legal rights as you do, it does not matter in the slightest how softly you phrase it. It does not matter how friendly your tone is, how polite and how much you assure me that you are rather in favour of me as a person. You have still told me that you see me as fundamentally inferior to you. Even if you state that that is not what you mean at all. It is what your views mean. You don’t get to have those views and also have my courtesy, my affability, my friendliness or my reasonableness. Because there is a difference between you and me, and it is not simply our opinions. Your opinions directly harm me. You hurt me. You hurt people who I love.” A Terribly Polite Homophobe – Consider the Tea Cosy

Calls for Men to Be Blindfolded in Public
In response to claims that men are unable to restrain themselves from committing rape if they see women in skimpy clothing, members of law enforcement agencies around the country have called for men to blindfold themselves when they are in places where they might encounter a female wearing a tank top or a short skirt.” What If We Responded to Sexual Assault by Limiting Men’s Freedom Like We Limit Women’s? – Wronging Rights


Keep a Snake Plant in Your Bedroom to Improve the Air Quality While You Sleep – Lifehacker

8 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Load – Mark’s Daily Apple


Not-A-Grain Bars (GlutenFree ‘Cereal’ Breakfast Bars) – Against All Grain

Cultured Veggies for Flu Prevention – Nourished Kitchen

Paleo Almond Honey Granola – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Minestrone-Inspired Soup with Quick Chicken Stock – Mark’s Daily Apple

Paleo Vanilla Donuts (grain sugar nut free) – L. Michelle

Baked Apple Crisp – Pure and Simple


“The things that make me unique also make me a big fish in a small pond of people who share some of those differences. And in a small pond, it’s easy to keep my feet, because there are no currents trying to force me in a direction I might not want to go.” How to Find Your Unique Strength – Think Simple Now

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