Link Love (28/01/2013)


“Published figures suggest that, in Australia, producing wheat and other grains results in:


Some Humans Are More Equal than Others: Joshua Harris on Male Authority and Female Submission – Sarah Over the Moon


“But the truth is, no one is ever owed sex – not when they’re nice, not when they’re domineering, not when they’re manipulative, not when they’re attractive, and definitely not just because they’re a man.” How Male Sexual Entitlement Hurts Everyone – Everyday Feminism

6 Gender Stereotypes Around the World – Care2

“What frustrates me is that some days I genuinely can’t tell whether I am satisfied after cleaning our apartment because I like the feeling of a clean apartment, or because I like feeling like a successful homemaker. I love to cook, but not when it’s a chore. I enjoy hosting parties, but I hate feeling like it’s my job to stay in the kitchen and keep out of everyone’s way. And sometimes I’m honestly not sure if I hate doing laundry, or if I just hate the idea that a wife should do her husband’s laundry, because that’s how it was in my home growing up and in my grandparents’ homes when my parents were growing up.” I Hate Doing His Laundry… Or Do I? – Role / Reboot

The Girls’ Guide to Calling Out Sexism Without Being Attacked – Forbes

“My only “crime” was being a woman within physical reach of a man who chose, in that moment, to assault me.
Assault is assault. Rape is rape. There’s no justification for it, and no excuse. All discussions of rape and sexual assault ought to begin — and end — there.” Walking While Female – Carolyn Edgar


The Best Cheap Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality – Wise Bread

Homemade #Vicks Vapor shower disks” – Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity

My No ‘Poo Adventure – Prenatal Coach

Homemade Fabric Softener – WiseBread


I’ll Make You Banana Pancakes, Pretend Like It’s the Weekend Now… – Against All Grain

Continuous Brew Kombucha – Nourished Kitchen

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies – CupcakesOMG!

Chocolate Ice Cream – sugar and dairy free  – Living Healthy With Chocolate

Recipe: Nori Chips – Chris Kresser

Homemade SOAKED Almond Flour & Almond Butter – NeoHomesteading

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