Link Love (09/02/2013)


“You don’t congratulate yourself for the outcome because it’s not in your direct control like process is. Kids in school are rewarded for grades more than effort, so they often cheat or blow through homework and get the answers right without really understanding the underlying principles. If you focus on losing weight and not eating healthy foods, you will reward yourself for doing unhealthy things that lead to weight loss. If you only reward yourself on process, you’ll eventually get there, and you’ll do it in a healthy and sustainable way.” Training Yourself – Tylan

Artists’ Hell (plus: how to escape it & become an Art Ninja), Part 2 – Consider the Tea Cosy

“I shouldn’t be able to read most of the books on my shelf. I never took a single classical history class and I cheated through most of Economics 001. Still, the loci of my library are Greek History and Applied Economics. And though they often are beyond me educationally, I’m able to comprehend them because of some equalizing tricks. Reading to lead or learn requires that you treat your brain like the muscle that it is–lifting the subjects with the most tension and weight. For me, that means pushing ahead into subjects you’re not familiar with and wresting with them until you can–shying away from the “easy read.”” Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level” – Ryan Holiday

The Most Successful Techniques for Rising Early – Zen Habits

“It wasn’t just their attention that was enhanced, though, doodling also benefited memory. Afterwards participants were given a surprise memory test, after being specifically told they didn’t have to remember anything. Once again doodlers performed better, in fact almost 30% better.” Can Doodling Improve Memory and Concentration? – PsyBlog

How Your Myers-Briggs Personality Affects Your Money – Savvy Sugar


“Saying feminists don’t care about having children is one thing. A lot of feminists may chose not to have children, which is fine by me. However, the implication that a someone who believes that women deserve every opportunity that a man gets suddenly hates her children is just vile. Selfish? Family-destroying whores? I’m the one who thinks that your daughter has as much a right to happiness and independence as your son. I am the one who doesn’t think someone’s gender dictates her role in society. I am the one who thinks that a battered woman should be able to leave her husband. I am the one who thinks that a teenager who gets raped and impregnated shouldn’t be forced to marry her rapist. Are those anti-family values? Does that mean I hate children, in your eyes? If so, I’m perfectly fine with that.” Dissecting a Conversation Between the Two Most Misoginistic Christian Radio Hosts You’ve Ever Heard – Friendly Atheist

“This week, female Christian bloggers have been speaking out about virginity, and doing so powerfully, explaining how Christian teachings on virginity damaged them or twisted their sense of self and arguing for a new, more compassionate, more whole approach. And these bloggers are not just progressive Christian bloggers, either. They’re more mainstream than that, and still they’re challenging purity culture and its emphasis on virginity. And the response in their comments sections has been almost overwhelmingly positive. Dare I hope that change is possible?” Christian Bloggers Pushing Back on Virginity – Love, Joy, Feminism

Why I Raise My Children Without God – CNN


““Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane,” King declared in a 1966 speech. He hoped that in revealing the inequalities in treatment options for people of different races, genders and class, the disparities could be overcome. The fact that aiding the sick and dying – without either forcing them into poverty or outright denying care – is still up for debate is nothing short of a tragedy.” Beyond Race: 8 Other Important Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Care2

“We might not call it a Burqa, we might not prescribe the clothing that is classified as ‘respectable’ but we are expected to dress a certain way to be perceived a certain way in society — specifically for the same reasons cited in discussions about the burqa: so that men are not ‘tempted’ by us, so that they can feel comfortable in our presence, or can safely decide that, yes, we are respectable human beings.” The Surprising Similarities Between Burqas and Short Skirts – F-Bomb

How Can We Raise Confident Girls? – Stepfanie’s Desk

“Instead of defensively hijacking another discussion with “this happens to men too”. Why not join the discussion and give your experiences or discuss the rates of abuse against men? Why not write your own post about violence against men? Why not donate to Amen? Why not open a proper discourse about violence perpetrated against men and let these men who are unable to speak know that you are there to support them?” Stop hijacking legitimate didscussions – Red Wine and Brie

“Dads who have egalitarian ideas about gender — and who walk the talk by doing household chores themselves — have daughters with higher workplace ambitions than less egalitarian fathers do, new research finds.” Father’s Sexism May Curb Daughters’ Work Ambitions, Research Suggests – Huffington Post

“Hollywood just can’t seem to tell the truth about Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a fierce defender of human rights. Historian Peter Dreier steps in to set the record straight.” Eleanor: The Radical Roosevelt – YES! Magazine


How to Clean a Shower – Clean My Space

Stinky Skin Care: three (stinky) remedies that WORK – Cave Girl Eats

8 Dirty Little Paleo Secrets – PaleoNonPaleo

Are supplements really necessary? – Chris Kresser


Italian Baked Eggs (Oefs En Cocotte) – Against All Grain

Chocolate Coconut Cakes – Livin Paleo

French Toast – TGI Paleo

Chocolate Avocado Parfait – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Paleo Vanilla Custard Tarts – Carmen Eat Joy

Paleo Dark Chocolate Cranberry LARA Bars – Tessa the Domestic Diva

Beauty & Body Image

“It is an external marker that you have chosen to signify your level of readiness. It is the thingthat you tell yourself, once you have gotten here, then you will be good, you will be lovable, you will be worth celebrating.” Loving All of Your Parts – Mara Glatzel

“That said, I’ve read commentary on the image that has also struck a chord, specifically Lisa Wade’s spot-on post at Sociological Images about how Judgments pinpoints the constantly shifting boundaries of acceptable womanhood, and then relates that to something women are mocked for: all those darn clothes (you know women!). “[W]omen constantly risk getting it wrong, or getting it wrong to someone. … . Indeed, this is why women have so many clothes! We need an all-purpose black skirt that does old fashioned, another one to do proper, and a third to do flirty….” Wade’s main point is an excellent one, as it neatly sums up not only what’s fantastic about the image but why women do generally tend to have more clothes than men.” Permission to Flirt – The Beheld

The History of the Flapper, Part 1: A Call for Freedom – Threaded


6 Strategies for Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward in Creating a Life You Love – Everyday Feminism

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