Link Love (2013-03-19)


“The essence of Japanese aesthetic is a concept called ‘MA’ (pronounced “maah”) — the pure, and indeed essential, void between all “things.”” When Less is More: Concept of Japanese “MA” – WAWAZA

“But just like so many other mental processes, the act of comparing often goes unchecked and unconscious.  Because of that, those who want to take advantage of us, especially those who want to sell us stuff, can use it against us.” Comparison – A Speed Bump on the Road to Happiness & Simple Living – SMART Living 365

“It’s really hard for me to judge people by their own goals, but I think it’s an important thing to do. I see someone chomping down on McDonalds, sitting behind a desk, playing solitaire on their computer, and my first thought is that they’re screwing up their lives. And, according to my goals, they are screwing up their lives. But who knows what their goals are? Maybe they’re living exactly in line with their goals.” Whose Goals? – Tynan


“It is easy to see how using rape as a plot device in this way functions to erase women, as characters, from films and drama. Yet, the use of rape as a plot device also works in other harmful ways. Firstly, it can contribute to the sensationalization of violence against women. Violence against women is sensationalized when it is used to shock, horrify, and/or intrigue the audience.” Using Rape as a Plot Device  – The F Word

“Women’s lives now seem too small for them; their career ambitions, their visions of the blissful home and family, and yes, their effortlessly perfect bodies, add up to a new mystique. Enraptured by this version, as I wrote in my first book, a generation of girls was told that they could be anything, but heard that they had to be everything.” Confront the Superwoman Mystique – NY Times

“Newsflash Nathan Graziano: Not everything women do is done with men in mind. Just because you find someone sexy, doesn’t mean she’s being sexy for you. Just because someone is wearing something you find sexy, doesn’t mean she is wearing that something for you. Your argument that women must be wearing yoga pants in part to appeal to man’s reptilian brains is based on one thing: “Sweats are comfortable too.” So a woman who chooses yoga pants over sweats is choosing the option that happens to be more appealing to men, so that must be her M.O. But maybe they’re more appealing to her because they fit better. Yoga pants are certainly more flattering, but women like to look good for themselves too, you know. Yoga pants are also a little more “put together” and less sloppy looking than sweats. I personally prefer yoga pants over sweats because they don’t get baggy at the knee after I’ve worn them for three days straight. I hate it when sweats get stretched out and baggy in the knee. Yoga pants are made not to do that.” The Soapbox: Women Wear Yoga Pants Because They Are Comfortable, Not Because They Apparently Give You a Boner – The Frisky

No more free passes to famous men who abuse women – Washington Post

“Apparently those are the only two relevant categories for women at the academy awards: those whose breasts we have seen and enjoyed and those whose breasts we haven’t. Maybe that has something to do with why only one woman has ever won Best Director.” My Boobs and I are Outraged – Gender Focus

“Good work, University of North Carolina! It’s worth noting, too, that the student didn’t even use her alleged rapist’s name; she just detailed her struggle with reporting the rape and stalking she experienced, and how UNC’s honor code wasn’t all that helpful.” Student speaks about her sexual assault, is threatened with expulsion – Feministe


Spinach Brownies Revisited (Now It’s Nut-Free!) – The Paleo Mom

Beauty & Body Image

“The beautiful women we watch in movies seem to be reassuring us that they are, like us, unhappy with the way they look. Maybe this establishes them as delightfully “normal.” Or, at the very least, we appreciate their humility. As though it would be conceited for these women who are praised by the world for their beauty to actually believe that they are beautiful.” Why can’t women think they’re pretty? -Daily Life

The History of the Flapper, Part 4: Emboldened by the Bob – Threaded


Zen Mind in the Middle of Chaos & Stress – Zen Habits

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