Link Love (2014-05-11)


“If we are not uncaring monsters, then we might have a point to be listened to. If we do care deeply for the welfare of infants, then there must be a genuine reason why we support abortion rights. If it is possible to respect life and also the right to access abortion? Then they might be wrong.” Anti-Choicers: Why Do They Demonise Us? TW! – Consider the Tea Cosy

“Whenever I express my frustration about this, someone invariably tells me, “But he was just trying to be friendly/strike up a conversation/learn more about the subject.” Stop. What you are telling me is that the fact that a man wants to talk to is more important (and should therefore be given more consideration) than the fact that I want to be left alone. I should dig deeper and find the good intentions behind why this man interrupted me. I should give this man the benefit of a doubt and take the fact that he bothered me as a compliment. The desires of a stranger are more important than mine.” See a Woman Reading? Leave Her Alone. – Gender Focus

5-Year Old Girl Brutally Raped, Family Bribed to Keep Quiet – Care2

“Large public acts of terrorism are very public displays of masculinity, making a statement in the biggest way possible,” says Abby Ferber, a sociologist at the University of Colorado who has studied white supremacist groups and masculinity. In her work, she said, she often encountered a “vulnerability to their sense of masculinity whether it’s their relationship with their father, their culture. And there are a limited number of ways in the culture to show your masculinity.” In the absence of the traditional forms of masculinity — including financial or social power — “you’re more likely to see extreme means. They’re showing that they’re real men, man enough to do something like this.” Why are terrorists so often men? – Salon


Are You Getting Enough Potassium? – Care2

Magnesium Deficiency can Cause Health Problems – Are You Low? – Wellness Mama


Beef Jerky from Ground Beef – Expat Paleo

Dessert… Aussie Style! -Cinnamon Eats

Brownie Chocolate Cheesecake – Cake Cooks Gluten Free

5 Minute Dessert: Paleo Chocolate Cake in a Cup – Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!

Paleo Coconut Cream Pie – Living Healthy With Chocolate

Beauty & Body Image

“A new film about the prejudice of colorism has backing from an unusual source: the cosmetics and personal-care products giant Procter & Gamble. Why is that unusual? Because Procter & Gamble, when it’s not backing films that aim to inspire audiences with the message that black skin is beautiful, sells skin-lightening creams to people of color all over the world.” P&G Backs “Black is Beautiful” Doc, Sells Skin-Lightening Cream – Jezebel

“But like many people — Americans, in particular, I’d argue — I feel conflicted about the less-is-more message.  Yes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my possessions and I need to declutter, but I also like to have a lot of stuff around.  I like options.  One pair of high quality black leather shoes may make logical sense, but then how about the cheaper black leather shoes you can wear in the rain? ” The Quantity vs. Quality Clothing Conundrum – male pattern boldness


“But to me, there’s a power in saying, “I don’t give a shit” that I don’t feel when I say, “I don’t care” or “I’m releasing all attachment to so-and-so’s opinion of me.” When I say I don’t give a shit, there’s a power, a forcefulness, and a rebellious quality that I love.” The Deep Spiritual Practice of Not Giving a Shit – Everyday Feminism

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