Link Love (2013-06-10)


#481: My parents acquired a friend for me (with a gross, moldy congealed side of stalking) – Captain Awkward

“There are two main types of triggers: contextual triggers and constant triggers. Waking up is a constant trigger, since I do it every single day and want to meditate every day. A contextual trigger is something that happens at an inconsistent frequency. For me, feeling tired during the day is a contextual trigger. Whenever that happens, I drink a glass of water, because I’ve found that sometimes I’m just dehydrated and not actually tired.” Triggers for Automated Habits – Tynan


The Christian Guide to Atheists: Atheists Think Christians Are Stupid – Alise… Write

“Had we had sex before our relationship transitioned into a contract, I would have known that there was no passion, no spark, nothing happening between our bodies. I would never have agreed to marry him because sex is a significant part of a relationship and therefore a significant part of our relationship was failing. With the failure of our sex life, I felt like less of a woman, no longer a sexual creature but more of a plant. Sitting there, day in, day out, wilting while I waited for someone to take care of me.
Without having sex before marriage, I blindly walked up an aisle and committed myself to a man who didn’t know me and gave my long-held virginity to someone with whom I had no more chemistry than a second cousin.” My virginity mistake – Salon


“Traditional masculine attributes have social and economic currency so it’s a no-brainer to want our children to possess them. But similarly, traditional feminine qualities such as compassion, empathy, attention to detail, and communication are worth celebrating, preserving, and encouraging in children of both sexes.
It’s time that equality became a two-way street to the extent that parents encouraging sons to adopt stereotypically feminine attributes and attitudes is considered too normal and dull to provoke headlines.” Why Is It Still a Big Deal When Boys Play With ‘Girl Toys’? – Role / Reboot

A Feminist Approach to Good Loving in 5 Steps – Everyday Feminism

“If it isn’t clear yet, violence against women directly hurts men, too. We are trained to allow our bodies to be tools to perpetuate cycles of violence and contribute to a system that not only remains silent about, but actually celebrates and makes games out of killing women. Living in a culture of violence produces men and boys who can’t express real emotions other than anger, stripping us of the full potential of our humanity.” 10 Ways Men Can End Violence Against Women – The Feminist Wire

I’m the Comic Who Was Fired Because 10 Men Heckled Me to Show My Breasts and Vagina – and I’m Finally Speaking Out – xoJane


12 Things You Should Know About (and Do With) Your Eggs – Crunchy Betty

Flaxseeds for Sensitive Skin – Care2


Frittata – Jenessa’s Dinners

Half Indian Pantry Staples: Ghee – Half Indian Cook

Apple Mug Muffin in 2 Minutes – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Asparagus Benedict – Against All Grain

Beauty & Body Image

The Stupidy of “Natural” Beauty – Eat the Damn Cake

“Despite all this, I do agree with Anna and Teresa. I think that if the average person were to undertake a daily self-portrait project, she would round it out feeling happier and more confident than when she began. We are our own harshest critics, and seeing an alternate presentation of self can quiet that critical voice. Also fear of photography breeds avoidance of photography because so much of what we’re dreading is the act itself. Allowing ourselves to become accustomed to regular photographs makes the process feel less scary and fraught with expectation.” The pros and cons of photography as it ties to body image – Already Pretty

If You Must Think About Weight, Think These 10 Things – Beauty Redefined


“And it got worse. If I couldn’t have the perfect house, I’d live in a cluttered mess. If I couldn’t be the perfect size, I’d stuff my face. If I couldn’t be the fastest and the best and the most perfect and the brightest and the shiniest and the most beautiful, I just wouldn’t do any of it.
So you see, instead of living comfortably in the middle of perfection and failure, I went completely the other direction. Because my world was black and white—either I was successful in everything that I touched or I was an utter failure. I couldn’t live in the grey space. I couldn’t be happy with my effort—with the thrill of just trying something new.” Scared to Try: Moving Beyond the Paralysis of Perfectionism – Tiny Buddha

A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy – Becoming Minimalist

Less Daily Stress: 10 Small Habits that Will Help You – Positivity Blog


  1. I’ve read some of these today, e.g. the one about triggers for automated habits. Made sense, although I found the application had a little too much of a self-conditioning taste … 😛

    The body-weight related link didn’t work on my mobile, but at my computer it does, so I’ll read it now. 🙂

    (Still amazed *how much* you read around!)

    Celina posted this on fb recently, have you seen it? Thought you might like it.


    • Re the link on habits, I thought it was interesting too, but didn’t agree with it either.

      And thank you, sadly I am reading less books, just trying to keep up with everything!

      I had not seen that link, it goes in my queue!


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