21 Day Yoga Challenge, Week 1


Photo Credit: kaibara87 via Compfight cc

So last week in my Summer To-Do and To-Be List I mentioned I would do a 21 Day Yoga Challenge, which began Monday this week. The first 4 days went really well , I did a mix of classes from DoYogaWithMe.com and from Yoga Journal’s videos.

I have really enjoyed the grounding effects; yoga is such an excellent way to slow down, and get out of your head and into your body instead. I also love how my body feels all stretched out and flexible I feel afterwards.

My favourite class so far has been Breath,Balance and Twists as I adore balance exercises and twists.

On the down side, during one of my favourite twists Friday I suddenly experienced really bad pelvic cramps (thanks endometriosis) and had to retire to the couch with a hot water bottle for the rest of the night. Since then I have been a little frightened and only did a few light poses yesterday as I am still struggling with cramps. Will continue with the challenge though!


  1. Sorry for the cramps. I hope you are able to continue with your yoga challenge. 🙂


    • Thank you Susanne, I have continued although doing shorter (20 mins) classes that are rather easy. I figured that it is more about the self discipline of sticking with it, and the practice of it than about any quick physical results.


  2. I hope you’re feeling better now! I know the “normal” cramps, and those tend to be very painful with me. Not fun. 😦

    Happy to hear the yoga challenge has started so well! 🙂


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