I Believe (a Personal Manifesto)


I believe, that each and every one of us is capable of so much more than we think.

I believe in speaking up for the things you believe in.

I believe that love knows no limits.

I believe in loving deeply and passionately every day.

I believe in opening up, rather than closing in.

I believe that people are often better than we give them credit for.

I believe in trusting those around me.

I believe in letting go of control and perfectionism, even as I struggle to do so.

I believe in truly seeing those around me.

I believe in taking responsibility for our own lives.

I believe in creating the life you want to live.

I believe in helping those less fortunate.

I believe in helping those marginalized by society.

I believe in questioning common sense, common beliefs and common ways of doing things to find out what is right for me.

I believe that what is right for me, might not be right for you.

I believe in soaking up the sun.

I believe in letting people in, even after you’ve been hurt.

I believe in giving people permission to break your heart.

I believe in trusting your own strength to deal with whatever may be.

I believe “this too shall pass”, and so,

I believe in enjoying moments of beauty, that much more intensely, and,

I believe in the importance of remembering that even at the worst, things do get better.

I believe in allowing yourself to treasure and remember those bitter-sweet moments of what was, and what will never be.

I believe that everything changes – and that is okay.

I believe in taking chances.

I believe, that “life rewards people who move in the direction of greatest courage.” – Franklin Veaux



  1. nice post!


  2. I think what you described here is an attitude towards life and people you should go for, and more people should do. I also believe in this, but at the same time I see it’s a commitment-affording and often challenging way to live your life. Many people, unfortunately, are stuck with their settled ways of thinking and behaving, even if they are dysfunctional and unhelpful. I’ve often experienced that people tend to rather hurt others to avoid being hurt themselves, or are intolerant and unempathic in order to just pertain their ways of doing and looking at things. I think living by the standards you wrote down above can get the best out of yourself and others, but it also exposes you to disappointment and probably even pain, because at least some points afford that others are committed to the same standards. I don’t want to sound negative, this is just what I’ve experienced – people have their own psycho-logics and time scales of development, and they don’t always coincide with yours – but I’d rather live this way than another, because otherwise I’d limit my potential and that of others. I like to think big, and I want to be authentic and feel honest and real. This sometimes conflicts with what’s around me. If you meet people who are like that as well, however, this is the most wonderful experience. Others will just be ignorant and exploit your benevolence. So I really appreciate this attitude, but it also affords that you take good care of yourself, otherwise you might end up drained and resignated.


    • This is a really great point Kath, and something that I do have very much in mind. I wanted something very positive, and yes, to a certain degree idealistic up there. For example, when I say I believe love knows no limits, that is true. And I don’t believe we control who we love. But I do believe that just because you love someone that doesn’t mean they should be in your life if they have shown themselves to not be worthy of your trust and love.
      I guess, a lot of these things are my set point, where I start from. I start from a position of trust, and I start from a position of seeing the best in people, and choosing to connect with them. But if you show yourself not worthy of that trust, I do have boundaries that means I will not have you in my life.
      But I realized, over the past 3-6 months as I have been working with different things from my past, that I had chosen not to let people in, because I was frightened that they would use what they knew about me against me. And I came to the realization that never letting people in, is really hurtful in the end, because if no one really knows you, they can’t be there for you either. And yes, letting people in, is taking chances and running risks, but I realized that I am an incredibly strong person. I have been through something like that before, I have come out stronger, I know how to protect myself and deal with it should someone be not worthy of my trust, but I am choosing to take that risk. And trusting that I can deal with the after math. (If you saw the link in the line about giving people permission to break your heart it is a really great article. By this, I do not mean “please go ahead and break my heart”, rather, it is the realization that whenever we let someone close enough, you run the risk of something going wrong (even if it is not their fault). You run the risk of having your heart broken. But you can also realize that it is worth it, and that life isn’t really worth living, in my opinion, if you do not dare to truly connect with people.) Does this make sense?


      • Absolutely, and I like it very much! 🙂



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