Writer’s Wednesday: As a Decade Fades by Joshua Fields Millburn

As a Decade Fades is a collection of shattered glimpses into the life of a broken man, Jody Grafton. We see little bits and pieces of his life, as his career as a singer-songwriter is falling apart and he himself tries to make sense of his life as he approaches thirty.

There were parts of this book that I absolutely loved, there is a lot of beauty, as well as a lot of rawness. Ultimately, however, I found it hard to care about the protagonist. Although most of his mistakes were made in his youth, I found myself caring much more for Jody as a young boy and man, than I did for the older, but also more cold and cynical man. Ironically though, I did love “his” song lyrics, and I found myself wishing there was an actual album.


People don’t know how to love the ones they love until they disappear from their lives.

And yet they never found what they were looking for, and so their search continued— a target without a bullseye.

Sometimes the easiest things in life are the hardest and most frustrating things to understand.

It’s lonely at the top, but it’s crowded and miserable at the bottom.

Don’t give me your heart, I can’t even be trusted with my own, was the song he sang in his head but not aloud.

“You can’t get around what you have to go through,”

He knew his sorry couldn’t fix her broken heart. If you’re careless with something for long enough, it breaks.

People often avoid the truth for fear of destroying the illusions they’ve built.

— all of which questions he dismissed casually, because women are complex, insecure creatures. And so was he.

Those three words hurt infinitely more than all the punches combined; he wanted nothing but to be loved. But perhaps to hate someone this much you have to love them immensely. For a moment he understood how battered wives could repeatedly return to their husbands.

Sometimes we have to get everything we ever wanted before we realize that everything we wanted is not what we wanted at all.

“Sometimes love is sad. Sometimes it drops your heart from a great height and it shatters into a million tiny shards, and those shards are sharp and painful.”

“I look at it like this: love wins, but love also ends, and when it ends it’s painful. So winning— at least a part of winning— is painful.”



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